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Warning: This guide contains crude humor and suggestive themes that may not be appropriate for all ages of viewers.

aka SexDeath on Fins
or The Merchantman of Death

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Hello, it's dtnmang. Some of you may ask me why I haven't continued my Morphling guide from where I left off but rather started a new Slardar guide, well, it's because I have been inactive from dota for quite a time (high school senior year anybody?). And when I came back, new versions have been introduced, and with a lot of changes in dota, I do no longer wish to continue my work on the Morphling guide.
And I have decided to start a new guide on Slardar, one of my favorite heroes atm. I intend to provide information through this guide for your reader's future encounters using Slardar against opponents of equal or better skill. If you are fighting opponents of drastically lower skill (preferably in pubs), then most of the contents of this guide are neglectable. Heck, in low-level pubs you can even win with a 6-Vanguard Puck.

If you are a newcomer, then information on Slardar's skills can be viewed here,
Slithereen Guard - DotA Hero Details
Otherwise, I am saving your time by not copy-pasta'ing the whole page here, forcing you to scroll down and watch it all over again. Now let's move on to Hero Skills Analysis.

Hero Skills Analysis
- Sprint: One of the most stable MS-increasing skill, at level 4 in increases Slardar's MS by 40% for 25 seconds (504 with Treads) at the cost of taking 10% extra damage. This is what makes Slardar a feared chaser, as few Strength heroes possess such a powerful mobility skill. Use it when you're attempting a quick gank/chasing down enemies/escaping. Just don't use it when enemies are already focusing you.
- Slithereen Crush: Slardar's bread and butter skill. AoE is acceptable, and also slows enemies by 20% after the stun. Has a low cooldown and when coupled with his other skills, few heroes can evade the wrath of the Slithereen Guard.
- Bash: One of the good thing about this skill is, even though the damage is ignored by Magic Immunity, the stun isn't. So with a 25% chance, you can effectively render an enemy with BKB useless for 1 second. Sometimes a lucky hit can make a difference between victory and defeat - think of Bashing an enemy Sand King channeling Epicenter.
- Amplify Damage: Spammable, due to its low mana cost and cooldown. Also makes all invisibility mechanism useless for 30 seconds.

Slardar's Ups
- Powerful hand-to-hand combat; insane physical damage dealer.
- Impressive constitution; bulky enough to survive prolonged battles.
- Acceptable difficulty; a newbie-friendly hero.

Slardar's Downs
- DPS oriented; most likely to suffer in the early game phase.
- Single-targeted; laughable AoE capability.
- Weakness of range; not built for engagement over distances.

If you are interested in Slardar, you may also be interested in:
- Ulfsaar, the Ursa Warrior

What is Slardar's place in the competitive scene?
If you're looking for a physical-DPS hero for your team's hero lineup, then Slardar is the right place. He is arguably one of the best carry heroes right now, with the ability to dish out incredible amounts of physical damage yet harder to kill than most con, due to him a Strength hero. Slardar has often appeared in the lineup of well-known teams, and occasionally in the -cm ban list as well.

Skill build
(I will write the skills in their corresponding hotkeys to save time, if you have absolutely no idea what they are then refer to the Hero Skills page no I will not be that mean, R=Slithereen Crush, T=Sprint, B=Bash, G=Amplify Damage, U=Stats)
1R 2T 3R 4B 5R 6G 7R 8+9+10T 11G 12+13+14B 15U 16 G from 17 and on U

...And to answer some of your FAQs regarding to this build
Q: I've read somewhere you should never take Bash before 11.
A: I agree on the part that Bash is a shitty unreliable pathetic excuse for a damage passive, but having a bit luck with 10% is still better.

Q: How strong is Amplify Damage?
A: 1 point of armor equals 6% of Maximum HP into Effective HP. So a -15 armor debuff equals losing 90% of Maximum HP from your Effective HP. If you are still having no idea of how strong this skill is, then let's take an example:

- A Bone Fletcher with 1200 HP and 10 armor has an EHP of 1200 + 10*6%*1200 = 1920.
Your Slardar has 150 damage. You will kill Bone Fletcher in approximately 13 hits.
- A Bone Fletcher with 1200 HP and 10 armor, carrying a -15 armor Amplify Damage debuff, has an EHP of 1200 + 10*6%*1200 - 15*6%*1200 = 840.
Your Slardar has 150 damage. You will kill Bone Fletcher in approximately 6 hits.

Q: Can I max Bash and Stats first, like Traxex maxing Aura and Stats?
A: Yes, but only if you don't mind being called a retard.

Item build
1. Early game
Buy yourself whatever fits 653 gold from this list of items: Gauntlet of Strength, Circlet of Nobility, Ironwood Branch, Healing Salve, Tango, and occasionally Quelling Blade, Stout Shield.
Slardar is best started in the side lane with a babysitter so you can quickly run into the side shop and buy Power Treads & Magic Stick if necessary.

2. Mid game
Mid game is where the choice of items for Slardar will become dramatically larger. Though I will not try to force anybody to using a specific build/list of item, I will give some analysis on the choices so you can find yourself what fits the most.
- BKB (immediately after Treads)
A much recommended item for DPS-oriented heroes, this item grants survivability (through HP and the Avatar ability) and considerable damage. Slardar will definitely turn into a killing machine once he completes BKB, as with it, few will be able to evade Slardar's wrath. Also, BKB + TP is an almost guaranteed escape.
- Helm of the Dominator (after completing BKB)
Why this? Slardar is a DPS hero, and HotD (especially Satanic if upgraded later) grants him the ability to stay in battle as long as he keeps hitting.
Why after BKB? Let me get this straight. If your game requires a BKB, then it must not be delayed, even HotD. If you don't intend to jungle, then getting HotD early on is almost useless, as your damage/attack speed is not yet sufficient to make Lifesteal hits count.
*This actually came from my personal experience in a scrim, which I got HotD before BKB, leading me to have no protection against enemy disables, and as a result I died many times (while not being able to land enough hits to leech life!) - my BKB was delayed for another 20 minutes, where as had I built BKB first, I would have got them both much sooner.*
What about MoM? A common misconception that I often see in Slardar players is that they tend to get MoM. No, Berserk from MoM and Sprint does not stack. Whichever is activated later will override the other; and honestly, you don't have to take 30% extra damage while you could have taken only 10%. Not to mention MoM's MS bonus is inferior compared to Sprint's.

There are also a few items which you could get in lieu of HotD:
- Sange/Sange and Yasha
No, you do not get them because of Maim, since Bash has already provided enough stopping power and chance. You get them because of the bonuses in STR (and AGI) they provide. And yes, Sprinting with Yasha do make you hit 522.
- Stygian Desolator
Provides insane (I mean really insane) physical damage but honestly, I think you are paying too much (4400) only to get a bit of overkill. -15 and -21 armor doesn't make much of a difference if you've already shredded the enemy armor into negative value (which is often the case with Level 3 Amplify Damage).

3. Late game
Finally, you've made it to late game. The choice of item for you has also been narrowed down to 2 kinds: Damage and Survivability. You can get these following items:
- Messerschmidt's Reaver: 25 Strength = 25 Damage, which is very useful either you are getting for Heart or Satanic (provided you've already had HotD).
- Hyperstone: Personally, I would get this over anything in late game. You would already be dealing insane physical damage with -15 armor and Bash, so investing in Attack Speed would definitely pay off. Even if you may not be able to complete Cuirass, a Hyperstone will still do its part well.
- Buriza or MKB?: Buriza > MKB anyday, since Slardar's already had Bash. And red number popping on a guy with -15 armor really hurts. Crystalys is also a good and cheap DPS item.

4. Optional/Situational Items
Your item build will vary depends on the game flow, and the following ones (some are "for fun") will help you suit your game better. Just keep in mind that when you are getting them, you are delaying your core items.
- Blink Dagger (mid game)
Makes no foe escapable, and good for surprise attacks (e.g., blink in & disable the enemy initiators/important heroes)
- Vanguard (early to pre-mid game)
It's just too hard to survive, isn't it?
- Blademail (post-mid to late game)
If they can't stop hitting you.
- Armlet of Mordiggian (mid game)
Just pay attention to your HP, ok?
- Lothar's Edge (post-mid game)
Slardar the Slithereen Ninja
- Vladmir's Offering (post-mid to late game)
When you've got SnY/Desolator and still want lifesteal.
- Maelstrom/Mjollnir (mid game)
I have sex with pubbers using this.

5. Some items which I will strongly discourage
- Battle Fury: This item synergizes with nothing Slardar has.
- Basher: Cranium Basher does not stack with Slardar's Bash. Comprende?
- Linken's Sphere: BKB provides enough protection from magic attacks, and Slardar doesn't need the +INT bonus from Linken's Sphere anyway.

Slardar the Slithereen Guard
Author: dtnmang
Map Vers.: Up to 6.65



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