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III.Skill Build
IV.Item Build
A.Starting Items
B.Core Items
C.Possible Extension Items
D.Situational Items
E.Luxury Items
F.Rejected Items

Don't read this guide, if you don't have War3keys.

Music : (lol)

I. Introduction

Background Story

A renegade wizard who delved deeper in studying demonic arts, this old aged archmagus was sentenced to damnation by the Dalaran council. As a last resort of escaping death, he performed a forbidden ritual and sold his soul to Archimonde's bidding. Without trace of compassion and with a twisted mind, he seeks retribution to his comrades. He commands earth to stagger those who hinders his path with sharp spikes or siphons their will out. Never hesitating to transmogrify others to impunity nor doubtful of ripping his enemy inward out with his fatal touch, Lion like a predator loves doing it all over again.

Role in game.

Lion it's a support hero, and a heavy ganker. But this guide tells you how you can play Lion, as a Semi-carry in a pub game.


No mana problems
High damage nukes
Low spell cooldowns
Very, Very long disables
Very effective early-mid game
Easy lanning phase

Low Health
Easily pwned by magic immune heroes (bkb/repel/rage)
Not so effective late game if not used properly
Requires a lot of skills late game
Requires a lot of money

II. Spells


The Demon Witch releases his demonic magics into the ground in order to thrust solidified rock spikes along a straight path. This sends all his enemies into the air, only to take damage on their painful impact with the ground.

Level 1:
Mana cost 100, Cooldown 12 seconds, Casting range 500, Area of effect 125, Stun Duration 0.5 seconds, Damage: 60
Level 2:
Mana cost 120, Cooldown 12 seconds, Casting range 500, Area of effect 125, Stun Duration 1 seconds, Damage: 130
Level 3:
Mana cost 145, Cooldown 12 seconds, Casting range 500, Area of effect 125, Stun Duration 1.5 seconds, Damage: 200
Level 4:
Mana cost 170, Cooldown 12 seconds, Casting range 500, Area of effect 125, Stun Duration 2 seconds, Damage: 260

Damage type: Magical
Distance traveled: 700


Transforms an enemy unit into a random critter, disabling special abilities.

Level 1: Mana cost 110, Cooldown 13 seconds, Casting range 500, duration 1.25 seconds
Level 2: Mana cost 140, Cooldown 13 seconds, Casting range 500, duration 2 seconds
Level 3: Mana cost 170, Cooldown 13 seconds, Casting range 500, duration 2.75 seconds
Level 4: Mana cost 200, Cooldown 13 seconds, Casting range 500, duration 3.5 seconds


If the target is an illusion, it will be instantly destroyed.
The hexed target will have a base movespeed of 100.
Hex disables damage block and evasion.

Mana Drain

Absorbs the magical energies of a target enemy unit by taking mana from it every second.

Level 1: Mana cost 10, Cooldown 25 seconds, Casting range 600, Duration 4 seconds, 20 mana drained/second
Level 2: Mana cost 10, Cooldown 20 seconds, Casting range 650, Duration 4 seconds, 40 mana drained/second
Level 3: Mana cost 10, Cooldown 15 seconds, Casting range 700, Duration 4 seconds, 60 mana drained/second
Level 4: Mana cost 10, Cooldown 10 seconds, Casting range 750, Duration 4 seconds, 100 mana drained/second


Illusions which are being Mana Drained will be destroyed after 1 second.
Can continue to drain as long as the target is within 800 range from Lion.

Finger of Death

Level 1: Mana cost 200, Cooldown 150 seconds, Casting Range 700, Deals 500 damage to a single target
Level 2: Mana cost 420, Cooldown 90 seconds, Casting Range 700, Deals 650 damage to a single target
Level 3: Mana cost 650, Cooldown 55 seconds, Casting Range 700, Deals 850 damage to a single target


Damage type: magical
Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter

Usage of the skills.

Imapele. Low damage nuke, but also low mana cost at low levels... Great for laning phase, and for the big duration stun.
Voodoo. High manacost spell, but very, very usefull.
Mana Drain. Allows you to spam impale and voodoo. Very usefull spell. Because of it, Lion won't have problems with mana.
Finger of Death. High mana cost nuke, but HIGH DAMAGE. The cooldown on lvl 16 makes it usable every team battle.

III. Skill Build

Many people will be like: Why maxing mana drain by 14? 2 levels in mana drain it's enought to gain enought mana.

My answer: Yes, it's enought.. but sometimes your enemies will have heroes like morphling, where you really want to drain his mana while he is hexed, so he can't waveform away.. + You're not wasting so much time mana draining when you need it...

This will allow you to spam impale in the lanning phase, and always have enought mana for the costy ultimate...

IV. Item Build

A.Starting Items

If no one buys a chicken,

B.Core Items

IMO, you should always get bottle on lion.., actually rush bottle. Gives you mana regen, HP regen and the huge capability of effective ganking.

Allows you to run away easily, to save your allies easily, and also catch your enemies with your force staff, impale, voodoo combo...

Best boots for lion. Arcane boots not needed, Phase boots gives no HP + attack which you don't really need, Boots of Travel are too expensive. Buy tp scrolls

C.Possible Extension Items

With this item, You got INFINITE mana regen.. + PERMANENT DISABLE. If you use Impale, voodoo, Guinsoo, until he comes out of this combo, your impale will be off cooldown and you can use it again.

The only misc items you need, even with that, these are optional

D.Luxury Items

Belive me, with soo much disable power, saving power, chasing power, EVERYONE will focus you. You'll have HARD life until you get this item, if you play the semi-carry style.

Gives you, even more survability + nice stats. You can replace it with BKB (situational items)

Lion lacks armor. Very, very, very good item.

E.Situational Items

If they got at least 3 stuns/disables, You can replace either linken, either Hearth of Tarasq with this.

You can use this item, instead of Hearth of Tarasq, but I don't see why.. that 150 damage + 5 seconds less on cooldown isn't that good


If you really wanna have fun of your enemies o.O

If you go ethereal blade, go this.

Never tried it and it's not really needed but it might work fine.

If you farm AWFULL.. even with that, mekansm it's better..

You'll get focused, so your dagger will always be disabled.. so that's why I prefer force staff.. + with force staff you can also save your allies.

F.Rejected Items

You need more mana regen? umadbro?

Don't touch this.

Any other orb effect:

V. Gameplay

You can easily solo. So the best thing to do, it's going solo mid.
Your base damage it's kinda low, but try getting some last hits... At lvl 2 skill voodoo in case you get ganked.
At lvl 3, lvl up impale, and SPAM IT.
If there are 2 low HP creeps the ideal situation it's to nuke them while getting your enemy stunned. From lvl 3-4, Just harras your enemies with your nuke and your psyhical damage. At this point you should have your bottle. At lvl 5, get your opponent so low so he will have to head to base. At this point you should have like 25 creep kills, so buy boots, rune scout and go ganking.

How can you gank? Choose the most pushed lane, so you can gank them easily. Stun the lowest hp opponent. Your allies will do enought damage to kill him, so you can voodoo the second opponent, which will die for sure, because 5 seconds later you will have another impale. If you run out of mana, just use your bottle. Buy a tp scroll and head middle.. You should be lvl 6. Harras your opponent until he gets to around 400 hp. Than be sure that you got enought mana for the Impale, Finger combo. You'll get a kill for sure, unless he gets support from other players (Srsly, TP support in Pubs? umadbro?)

Than just farm till you get like lvl 9, and start ganking again. So that's about it, harrass the solo mid, and gank like mad with your runes.. At this moment, just RUSH forcestaff for higher mana pool, higher base damage, escape mecanism. At this level the game should be yours. Just finish your treads/ some nulls or you can even rush Hex...

Even if something goes wrong, you can still come back, since Lion it's a tide turning hero, at higher levels..

VI. LateGame

Everyone late game will focus you. Some people might have BKB's.
If someone bkb and he's focusing you, force staff out, until their BKB runs out and than come back into the battle.. If you can get Hearth of Tarasq at the point they got their BKB's everything will be soo easy for you late game...

REMEMBER: You are a disabler... You'll just stun, voodoo, and nuke your enemies.. You can still do like 3-4 hits, but don't risk. If you're dead, your allies will have big problems..

VII. Friends/Foes


Every disabler.

Helpfull friend early game:

Her aura helps you alot..


EVERY CARRY Yes, you'll basicly save your team in every game, but later on, you'll still get out DPSed, so a carry like morphling, spectre.... Will help you alot..


High mana pool = more mana to burn.

Impale versus Impale, Mana drain versus Mana burn, Voodoo versus Silence, Nuke versus something you can't see... Yeah, pretty much your counter.

EVERY Manaburner.. Exept ezalor (impale, ultimate=dead, since low HP pool)

This guy it's a walking BKB even at early levels..

Ruins your combo.. but at least you can still use items...

Basicly, all the stunners, and all the heroes which got a combo like baratrhum, pudge, can beat you at 1v1...

Worse than silencer.. HEAVY tank, + if he ulties you, you're screwed. Since you can't even use items

VIII. Replays

No replays yet. Lemme play lion again first so I can save the replay e.e

Until that I got a vid showing how effective Lion's perma disable combo is.

Lion the Demon Witch
Author: Roshkatul
Map Vers.: 6.72f

A guide to Pub Lion

Semi-carry Lion. Phew Phew

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