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A Guide to Slithice, Naga Siren



First, I am dissatisfied with the current and only published guide about Slithice, Naga Siren.

Hence, this holiday I will present this guide right now.

I repeated, this guide, YES, when this guide is written no marine life is harmed, excluded fried seafood I ate right now.

Next, do not attempt to follow whatever details and trivialities on this guide seriously to competitive game play, period. You will ended failing in humiliation. Right now, competitive game plays are having competition of "I fucked you with over 9000 damage,” "I am a pro OMGWTFBBQ Team killer", "and AoE spell rock, single target spells are for pussies" and so on. Fact well to mention is any side has more AoE-orientated will triumph the game.

This hero is very dependent on illusions mastery that would prefer to stay out of AoE nuke.

But that doesn't mean that this hero is bad, very detrimental. In fact, Slithice is the most versatile heroes contrasted to other late game carry. Hence, I presented you this guide, specifically written by me, to conduct step-by-step tutorial to this awesome heroes. If you wanted to eat sushi, think again.

After that, this guide can be read at your own discretion. I guaranteed, no fist would be flying out of screen and slammed into your face if you read and rate a Thumb Down. After all, suit yourself with this guide but invoked it with your own style of choice.

Lastly, Slithice is a cross-reference to famed culture of Disney Mermaid, with different twist of tale to chronicle. After all, Mermaid would sing out a song to charm the victim to their seduction, but Slithice jinxed them to sleep otherwise.

Finally, enjoy this guide and familiar yourself with this hero.



Introduction: Why I composed this guide

This hero had been my passed time favourite, and is remaining as my favourite hero as ever. She is much a threat throughout the game, whether in early and or in late game, she fulfilled her duty very well, executing every single offensive and defensive tactics with nearly perfection. As I spoke, there is not much I can do but to watch this awesome hero retired from scene, dwelling in place far away. On occasion, I would bump into this hero in one or two times.

This hero had almost no connection with Icefrog because, as far as I know she never being hit by a single nerf stick. Never!

I am not satisfied with the current and only published guide regarded this hero. Moreover, the guide looked like cheap to me as if author lack dedication to write the guide. Hence, I plotted to produce a guide of my own to let people understand the profile of this hero, let people know very well about this hero, and more!!

Hence, I write this guide to make clear of this hero, as there is never being used in many of the game, accept on some occasion, a naga siren is played but with retarded build, killing the hero potential and humiliated her in the most unimaginable faggotry.

Of course, please, read this guide in detail. Root canal of hell holes to those unappreciated people.


Hero Testimony

Naga Siren has a handy net that can pin down a target Slithice had a handy disable for long durations, but they are still able to attack and cast so it is best not to underestimate them as helpless. This is why Slithice uses Mirror Images to both confuse and outnumber her disabled enemies, Slithice is an illusion master each able to consistently land Critical Strikes. The Siren's Song has been known to put to sleep even the greatest of warriors at an instant Slithice is a powerful initiator, a supportive combatant, from long ranges, and for lengthy durations. This ability allows her to get out of trouble rather easily, or setup her own. It also provides a window of opportunity to take down structures, as sleeping guards have never proven useful.

To summarize these:
1. Slithice had a handy disable.
2. Slithice is an illusion master.
3. Slithice is a powerful initiator, a supportive combatant.


Background Tale

Slithice was always a vagabond among the Naga, roaming beyond the boundaries of the sea in search of new things. During her adventures she met and fell in love with a young Orc training to be a Blademaster. Though he was inexperienced he taught her many Orcish fighting tactics employed by seasoned warriors. During their courtship as she was learning how to make traps from a local raider, a swarm of Scourge came and invaded, and her love was killed before her very eyes. She used her Naga magics to put the evil to sleep and fled, and now gives her all to the Sentinel, in the name of her love.


Up-close Slithice's profile

21+2.321+2.7518 + 1.65
Affiliation Sentinel
Attack Animation 0.5 / 0.5
Damage 56 - 58
Casting Animation 0.5 / 0.7
Armour 6
Base Attack Time 1.7
Movespeed 320
Missile Speed Instant
Attack Range 100 (melee)
Sight Range 1800 / 800
Mirror Image
Ability Type Active
Targeting Type Instant
Ability Hotkey R
Ability Type Active
Targeting Type Unit
Ability Hotkey E
Critical Strike
Ability Type Passive
Targeting Type N/A
Ability Hotkey C
Song of the Siren
Ability Type Active
Targeting Type Instant
Ability Hotkey G

As we look at Slithice in detail, we could end that Slithice had awesome stat gain of 6.70, surpassing many of the hero.

Her initial stat is typical amongst other hero, 21 starting strength, 21 starting agility and 18 starting intelligence. This provided her with adequate starting stat to start the game.

Slithice has 2.3 of strength gain, which is a gift to Slithice because most agility hero then to be squishy in nature. This bonus gives her ample amount of HP. A 2.75 agility gain is what made her a potential carry. Though minor compared to other agility hero, a farmed Slithice is a scary late gamer. To comply with game balance, Slithice achieved only 1.65 intelligence gains. On a basic, Slithice would have mana problem but not a severe one. As game dragged on, this flaw will disappear.

Slithice has initial armour of 6, which is too good to be ignored as this benefited Slithice to be harassed constantly by lane opponent.

Slithice has a movement speed of 320. Again, Slithice has initial movement speed to circumvent or hunt down a retreating target.

Slithice's base damage is 56-58, more than awesome starting damage, giving her devastating last hit ability whiles dishing good amount of damage to enemy.

Also we compared Slithice of level 1 with level 25.

As you can see, Slithice had good initial HP to start up and awesomely closed to 2k of hp at level 25 without item. Her final level armour value look promising, with total value of 17, she is definitely has the best armoury on her shoulder. Her attack is somewhat high in her final level.

I plotted a rating graph based on her stat to show her role and what she excelled at.

~A thousand gratitude to Averrios for this delicate template.

Hence, Slithice is mostly excelled at late game carry, being able to defeat other single target carries and still had a good early game.

Her stat granted her decent survivability and her mirror image endowed to absorb various instances of single-target damages if an enemy is befuddled.

Her web allowed long duration immobilizes and pinned down a unit effectively, bless an easy kill.

Slithice's ultimate, Song of the Siren, which makes setting up team fight tipped to the favour of her side, improving happenstance of triumph in team fight.

Slithice's is not a spell spammer as her damage output is mainly from physical damage; hence, Slithice's is not a caster.


Slithice's skill set integration - Understanding Potential

Before we entered this section, please click the spoiler to take a quiz i made. : Evil:


Right, below is Slithice's Skill Set.

Mirror Image
Ability Type Active
Targeting Type Instant
Ability Hotkey R
Confuses the enemy by summoning copies of Slithice, which can deal damage. Images take extra damage.
LevelMana CostCooldownCasting rangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
17040 secondsN/AN/A30 secondsN/ACreates 3 illusion, they deal 30% damage and take 600% damage
28040 secondsN/AN/A30 secondsN/ACreates 3 illusion, they deal 35% damage and take 500% damage
39040 secondsN/AN/A30 secondsN/ACreates 3 illusion, they deal 40% damage and take 400% damage
410040 secondsN/AN/A30 secondsN/ACreates 3 illusion, they deal 45% damage and take 300% damage
  • During the casting, Slithice is invulnerable. This can be used to avoid spell and attack damage.
  • Upon cast most effects will be removed from Slithice.
  • If Slithice is targeted with an attack or skill before the attacker is in range and she uses Mirror Image the attacker will hit the real Slithice.

Slithice after summoned illusions

This will be your bread and butter skill, each would deal considerable amount of damage and increased your DPS by 90%/105%/120%/135% respectively.

As well as hard-core physical damage machine, illusion provided method of deception, as well as to be used in defensive purpose, such as escaping from scene by distracting the enemy. After all, this skill is made to be versatile. You can even play a mind game with enemies and trick them into wasting important spell, lower down their threat to as minimum as possible.

The only fundamental flaw about this goody is easy to counter condition, such as AoE damaging spell and attack. This counter is what Slithice dislike the most.

Slithice during phase out, became invulnerable for 0.5 seconds.

Before Slithice summoned her illusion, she would undergo sudden phase out that rendered her invulnerable for approximately 0.5 seconds, this is crucial because every damage took often decided her fate, survive or be killed. Downside is this required time precision to make use of Mirror Image to counter damage, as you had to calculate seconds before damage obliterated you outright. Plus, this is not a reliable blocking mechanism as if the method is prehistoric if you had the high latency during match.

Notice that Slithice's illusions posed the same passive skill that Slithice had, a single trustworthy critical with high chance of succession to be triggered. This almost double up her illusions threat by almost two times, maybe even more dangerous when acquired the right accessories.

Slithice's illusion had a collision size of 8, adequate to contrive illusion blocking once her disable is tossed aside. Yes, you had to work a fast finger about this, because this is burdensome to execute and onerous to manipulate as illusions as well as yours will be under control simultaneously, hard to cancel out control.

You are going to require a lot of practice to do this, but if you managed to master it, I certified, nobody will ever escape alive, save from opposition backup and easy-utilize-escaping-skill heroes.

This is simply a matter of shift-que and utilization of fog to make effective mobile barricades.

First, summon your illusion. Afterward, assign your hero to immobilize target and attack. While doing this, command your illusion to move forward and stabled your target.

Watch out for the illusion, as if the enemy attempted to run, do not neglect your illusions. They can be good inhibitions to block the enemy. Once a block is set up, you can command your illusion to detain greatly your target with illusion, while you continued to thrust the target due to shift-que.

Your illusions are destructive. They had enough power to obliterate a camp if you had a critical strike maxed because the effect is effective. This is what makes Slithice a good jungler.

Slithice during jungling

The picture below shows the area where Slithice scattered her images. It is approximately 150 range of radius from Slithice initial position.

Slithice's Image Scatter Radius

If you are extremely lucky, you will be accelerate150 ranges ahead whether you are fleeing or chasing.

On a typical basic, Slithice summoned image to kill.

Here is a brief situation happened all the time.

Leoric is being subdued by Slithice and is being attacked.

A dead Leoric. What an easy kill!

This shows that normally we used illusion to execute any opposition heroes. On early-mid, this combo usually able to take down virtually any hero except for die hard ravager a.k.a tanker with high HP or is a AoE with high damage to give images buttseck magic to disappears.

Slithice's images are used to push a lane effectively, obliterated a structure like butter.

Slithice ganked and killed an hero outright in lane!

She head straight to tower, using image mastery.

Tower is no match for highly advanced image assault.

Roshan is the exception. You cannot attack roshan with illusions as the illusions would be vanquished before they ever lay a hand on Roshan.

Hence, in conclusion, Mirror Image is what defined Slithice as Naga Siren. With such highly awesome spells, she is a scary late gamer, fast pusher, great farmer and good ganker.

Ability Type Active
Targeting Type Unit
Ability Hotkey E
Entraps an enemy unit in a net, rendering the unit unable to move.
LevelMana CostCooldownCasting rangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
17514 seconds620N/A2 secondsEnemy UnitsImmobilizes the enemy
28514 seconds620N/A3 secondsEnemy UnitsImmobilizes the enemy
39514 seconds620N/A4 secondsEnemy UnitsImmobilizes the enemy
410514 seconds620N/A5 secondsEnemy UnitsImmobilizes the enemy
  • Works on magic immune units.
  • Interrupts channelling spells.
  • A few spells, including Blink, will also be disabled when Ensnared.
  • Ensnare sets the movement speed of the affected unit to zero.
  • Ensnare dispels non-combat consumables.

A straightforward disable, no vacillate about it.

This is your main disable skill, so abuse it as advantageous as possible. As the disable duration is 2-5 seconds in total, the bull's-eye would be helpless fool. I think this is the best movement speed disable, ever.

BS is being pinned down by Slithice web.

Obviously death is invertible.

Do not dismiss that ensnare is used to gank. You can twist your web in your favour as defensive purpose too.

If you jungle at early game, you need every kind of protection against creep damage. See how you can use your web to choke point jungling.

An ogre is pinned down by Slithice's web. Hence the ogre behind is unable to get in and does a few hits to Slithice. This protected Slithice as she received only 1 damage source.

Once a hero had been pinned down, his movement speed would be set to zero. Hence, movement speed against duration of ensnare is graphed as shown below.

This show that Ensnares is a movement-speed-penalized skills.

Use your Ensnare in juking can determined between survival and instant decapitation. It allowed you to gain temporarily magnified survival rate.

Ensnare will be thrown at unit near an aperture of juking spot to barricade the entrance, allowed a three second or even more times to maneuverer or teleport out safety.

An example of the situation is this.

Notice that Tidehunter had been barred to enter inside to kill me because a creep had been pinned down by Ensnare. This act will increased her chance of survivability.

This is not limited to creep, you can use hero as barricade too.

Use fog as your advantage when you are juking. Sometime enemy may not know that you are teleporting out of danger.

A creep had been pinned down.

See? Beyond that creep is dense forest, enough to produce stealth to you.

FUN FACT!! If you tossed a web at a hero with invisibility spell, do note that when he/she is pinned down, you can still see he/she even WHEN HE/SHE IS INVISIBLE!! If you targeted right you do not even need to purchase a gem in the entire game.

I can still see Clinkz even when his invisibility mode is activated.

In team fight, ensnare can be used to disable channelling spell. Just simply stay back when team fight started. Do not be MEAT SHIELD!! You will absolutely be massacred. Just come in by the second waves and use your ensnare on the channelling hero.

Summarize that, Ensnare is a useful disable with many features to be exploited.

Critical Strike
Ability Type Passive
Targeting Type N/A
Ability Hotkey C
Gives a chance to deal 1.5 times damage on an attack.
LevelMana CostCooldownCasting rangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AEnemy Units15% chance
2N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AEnemy Units25% chance
3N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AEnemy Units35% chance
4N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AEnemy Units45% chance

Ahhh! Good old critical strike! Who doesn't love this?

In this guide, we should level only once instead because due to Slithice of being squishy and unable to stand against AoE monster. Hence, stat is more beneficial to her images.

But, wait, 15%? Is that enough?

I think this is absolutely enough. If you had maxed stat after one level of critical strike, her images will precede the critical strike instead. Plus, images gained benefit from stat and hence increased DPS output.

We will be using formula below to determine average DPS.

Hence data is given based on formulae shown above.

On the graph below, Average DPS against corresponding stat gain and critical strike level is plotted.

So we can make a deduction of Stat is far more superior than the critical strike itself.

Song of the Siren
Ability Type Active
Targeting Type Instant
Ability Hotkey G
Slithice sings a tempting song. Enemy units near her are put to sleep.
LevelMana CostCooldownCasting rangeArea of EffectDurationAllowed TargetsEffects
1200120 secondsN/A10006 secondsEnemy UnitsSleeps the targets
2200120 secondsN/A15007 secondsEnemy UnitsSleeps the targets
3200120 secondsN/A20008 secondsEnemy UnitsSleeps the targets
  • Gives vision around all affected units.
  • Does not work on invisible units.
  • Sleeping units are invulnerable until the end of the spell.

This is probably one of the most imbalanced AoE disable. Mercurial, extreme large duration, extreme long range, this packed what an EXTREME good disable should have. In addition, it cost only 200 mana and a mere 120 seconds of cool down.

The main drawback is that Song of the Siren does not affect invisible units and made the enemies invulnerable during the duration of spell.

A level three Song of the Siren had an extreme range of 2000 and it even effect units in fog of war.

The radius of AoE effect of Song of Siren

This skill is flexible. You can use it to gank, to escape or even set up team fight and push without repellence.

On some scenario, you will be ganked and you wanted to run but what if there are four heroes hot on your tails, greedy for fresh strip of delicious fillet? Here, we can make use of Song of the Siren to emigrate.

After Slithice casted Song of the Siren, enemies were put to sleep.

Since sleeping enemies posted no harm, Slithice can teleport safety without interruption.

On reverse, you can use Song of the Siren to set up a team fight. Beware that this required timing precision as nobody wanted to waste precious AoE spell on an invulnerable target. Clear communication is essential to establish good combo of incantation.

Please be remember that if there is invisible hero, you do not wanted to use Song of the Siren as this is a futile act because Song of the Siren will not effected invisible unit.

Song of the Siren will neutralized any presence threats on your lane, disarming the defence so you can bulldoze down any structure with ease.

When I am attacking tower, enemies arrived to aid in defence.

After casting Song of the Siren, tower collapsed easily without interruption.

In conclusion, Song of the Siren is a powerful spell, capable of neutralizing any possible threats in duration of time, allowing valuable safety time to do what Slithice accomplished her allies to do, crumbling down key structure and initiates a good team battle.


Slithice's critic's point of view

I already gathered some critic to speak out opinion about Slithice and it was a positive one.

Psych0.ftw Great hero, for pros ofc
XLightOfHeavenX burns mana at a blink of an eye with diffu
EcchiKing One of the better carries of the game. Build a Diffusal asap and shes set for the rest of the game. 2x Bracers, Threads, Diffusal(2), Manta, HoT.
k2r one of the scariest 1v1 heroes you'll ever encounter. easily capable of making most heroes helplessly begging for mercy while she rips them apart by outnumbering and raining crits on them. not to mention drain all their mana away faster than anti-mag...
Musodken This hero has been overlooked and needs to be looked at again by icefrog. her base 320 movement speed and crits, snare, and images makes her a hero killing, fast moving, disabling horror to fight. And for that reason it is imba for her to also have...
SkyHawk_911 Best 1v1 Carry hero but easily Countered by AOE nukes very imba even easily wipe out Void,Troll,Motred,Slardar,Lycan,Panda,SK in Late game if she has good items
Renegade12 Hard to lane with because of the Ensnare. If youre caught off guard, you're Dead
th3xfactor23 VERY GOOD ANY PART OF THE GAME, perfect hero .. has a killing tool and an escape mechanism .. D
sigeA Her ulti is what makes her almost unkillable.
naditha even faceless void cant beat her this is one of my favourite hero thanks to her ulti and first skill
D-REZ finding an illusion rune, having morph, manta, diffusal and boots her illusions can pretty much beat the whole team down
hyun3010 Nice ult, not terrible laning, some ganking possibilities...One of the nicest carries, in my opinion.
lancelotd amazing hero..very balanced and useful in most games. Diffusal Blade on her is a real good choice


Pros and Cons

After set of analysis and review, we can list down Slithice's pros and con.

[+]One of the best carries in game.
Illusion highly susceptible to AoE damaging spells. [-]
[+]Supreme imitation factor
Melee [-]
[+]Capable of long duration disable
Completely relies on physical damage [-]
[+]Dangerous Pusher  
[+]Good initial starting stat  
[+]High stats gain  
[+]Highest chance to land critical strike  
[+]Great initiator  
[+]High movement speed  


Step-by-Step Walkthrough

On early game, we will discuss what you should do throughout the phase of the game. Recommended item will be debated after this section.

Early Game

Skill Build 
2.Mirror Image
4.Mirror Image
6.Song of the Siren

Based on the skills set, We will get a level of Ensnare to prevent a first blood attempt by Ensnare a key hero. On a common scenario, a carry hero would prefer to cling with a stunner and disabler. After you managed to clash them in lane, stunner and the carry would beat you down.

Now, set your rationality to function. Who do I cast ensnare in order for me to elude? The solution? Depend.

Assumes that you had Morphing and Vengeful Spirit as your laning opponents, Vengeful Spirit will disable you and follow up by Morphing’s Waveform will kill you.

Definitely, you do not conjure your web on Morphing because he can casts waveform to surge forward and damage you. While you jinx Morphing with Ensnare Vengeful Spirit would move closer and lands another stun on you.

The only option is to cast Ensnare on Vengeful Spirit to eliminate her chance to land another stun on you.

Hence, you should watch out who had the most dangerous disable that will seal your chance of survival. This is strictly not limited to carry-stunner lane opponent scenario. You can apply this to virtually any lane opponent combo with one principle: Ensnare the most jeopardous hero!

Now, decided which lane you would embark to start a game.

On the minimaps, triple-laning map is the layout, bifurcated by a running river placing diagonally in the map.

I would recommend you to choose a lane branded in green arrow. On this short lane, creep-waves would clash nearer to tower. On psychological theories, your lane-opponent would not dare to move deeper to your tower range to last hit and harass you because they understand the consequence that they would be greeted with creep agro and turret fire. Hence, this gives you propitiousness to farm, while retaining safe distance from lane opponent.

On a long lane betokened by red arrows near the edge of maps, you can choose this if green-marked lane is occupied and not available. You can still do well in this lane but you will be more susceptible to gank. Thus, you should be denying as many creeps as possible to drag back the creep clash point, closer to your territory.

Do not go to a mid-solo! On a basic ranged lane controller would harass you greatly or some noticeable melee lane controllers like Kunkka. On top with that, they will try to deny any creeps entering your tower range. Moreover, constant rune whoring allow enemy to have constant dominance on you. This is why you should not solo mid.

Select your lane partner, if your lane partner is not a chuckle-headed.

You should prefer to lane with an offensive lane controller, babysitter, and healer. The reason is it just takes a single web to start a gank and some heal to farm safety.

If any carry demanded that you lane with him/her, opened all chat and type "GTFO.” Laning with another carry is simply not an option for you because both of you will simply competitive to profit as much farm as yours and his/her fondness. This neglected another under-farmed lane partner, whether you or his/her.

On the first level, you would be farming and taking last hit if you follow the game flows properly.

If you had an easy lane, farm like a Jew. Greedy for gold! Set your motivation to farm as much as possible. On the other hand, if you are facing supreme lane opponent, just stay back and leech EXP. You can get the loss by prosperity later on.

Once you reached the second level, summon your illusion and send one to the nearby rune spawn. Using your image as a ward is a viable act and aided your mid solo allies to rune whoring. Afterward, send two of your lane opponent and issued a command to violate them.

This annoyed your opponent and they will maneuverer out of creeps range while hit-and-run the attacking mirage. They just cannot stand of being stabbed without doing anything. Simultaneously, you earned a few free times last hit and denying.

Advance to the third level, as you acquired the second level of Ensnare, gank your lane opponent right now. You need the advantage of your allies stun to move on summoning your images, as this had to be done synchronously.

Using fog of war is viable in normal and standard public game, but in serious high-level game, wards are often being purchased to ward such specific spot, which giving lane opponent warning and sign of incoming gank.

Let your lane opponent to disable the enemies while you are summoning image at the same time. Afterward, move on by immobilize the targeted opposition. Proceed to beat the target down. If this combo is not as lethal as expected, another disable followed up should finish the "object-in-cross hair.”

If condition permitted, make sure you aimed for the last hit, as the 200 bonus gold is invaluable to you.

Make sure you control the spam of Mirror Image, as your manapool is not that fantastic. It is a plus if you had the backup manapool such as Crystal Maiden's brilliant aura and Keeper of the Light's Chakra Magic.

In level four to level 5, you should be able to rack down some kill and proceed to your first core item or two. After you have been built up, you can now goes to jungle to take down a few neutral camps as your source of income. Remember, you are on solo neutral camps hence your EXP would be bumping in no time.

Alternatively, you can stay put to your lane and farm like the old day.

After you reached the sixth level mark and acquired Song of the Siren, you are virtually invincible, I repeat! You would be runaway safety in a gank impossible to escape when you had Song of the Siren in disposal.

Feel free to cast Song of the Siren to save your lane partner if undergo heavy injuries. A level one Song of Siren had incredible duration of six seconds, more than doubled any other long duration disables combined. With this cool spell, your team's survivability chance is almost 100%.

Once you broke into level 7, your early game ended now.

Early-Mid Game

Skill Build 
7.Mirror Image
8.Mirror Image
11.Song of the Siren

Yes, another early game scenario but is gank-orientated. On this level you should be cautious about farming because gank come when you least expecting it.

Keep a TP scroll all the times. You need this to survive throughout the game. Not even a competitive player would regard TP scroll as burden. Hence, TP scroll is a very importance factor.

We would maximize Mirror Image for maximum DPS output and increases gank success.

Use your images to ward a specific spot if you are going to farm in lane because the opposition is now a daredevil, determined to hunt you down regardless of their lives. Hence, you require every early warning of the incoming gank to warn you.

No dying! I repeated, no dying on this hero! It just get worse when an opposition carry butchered you constantly, earning more gold and experience than you and proceed to own the entire game.

On level nine, stat is taken. You might ask, WTF, stat. NOOB!

A level of stat provided 2 damage, 0.29 armour values, 26 mana, 38 HP, 2% increase attack speed, increase regeneration, and mana regeneration, which is more than you asked for.

I know these values are not as much as your desire, but holding an enemy in place for a long time poses risk too. Even if disabled, an ensnared hero would take pleasure in crushing you and proceed to beat you down once duration is over. Hence, you need the extra stat of survivability.

Once stat eased the trouble, feel free to take a level 4 ensnare at level 10. Right now, you would be able to take damage from retaliating ensnared hero.

After a level 2 Song of the Siren has been acquired, begin to devise a push to flatten the first lane tower or second if your side had just going to a mad-push-frenzy mode.

Wait until two opposition heroes appeared to defend the tower then cast your ultimate. A 7 seconds valuable time to obliterate a tower is not a joke, as the advantage is very ridiculous to enemy.

Mid Game

Skill Build 
12.Critical Strike
16.Song of the Siren

First, you need to plan with your teammates to coordinate their attack against stacked-up enemy forces. Notify your initiator to take into position and ready to unleash their lethal combo of spell.

Next, use your Song of the Siren when heroes advanced. The long ranges of spell enable Slithice to put enemies to sleep even at far away. Afterward, let your initiator to do their mops down; slaughtering every single opposition. You would go in seconds, using your Diffusal Blade to purge and killing heroes. Diffusal Blade is an absolute core.

Why not using ensnare? Ensnare is too precious to waste on your personal greed. You would use Diffusal blade to slow down an enemy and attack while your Ensnare can hampered a hero with channelling spell. Cast ensnare down on an opposition hero channelling spell, and end their reign for the last the team fight.

Take down another tower once team fight end. You wanted to pay back what your opposition did to massacre your fallen comrade ( Allied Heroes K.I.A aka Kill in Action ).

Late Game

Skill Build 
17.Critical Strike
18.Critical Strike
19.Critical Strike

Oooo...late game.

Late game is what you shine the most. You summoned image, right clicking the opposition supporter and squishy hero. After conjured Ensnare, proceed to click and own.

If you are fed, you will now have two luxuries at your inventory.

Other carries may still be perilous but your multiple-imaging heroes would still pose lethal threats and lethal annihilation to the opposition.

Repeat what you did in throughout the game but with priorities of taking carries hero down to your knee.

You would be feared by most of the carries hero due to your potential of 300 average damages for every 1.5 second, quadrupled by your image. Slithice had a high chance activation of successive critical strike.

Very Late Game

Skill Build 

You are either too fun thrashing down noob heroes or determined to make the opposition heroes rage quit. What a troll!!


Arm Stock on Discuss

Item is one of the most crucial element in Dota. A good item will ensure a good game while terrible combination of accessories affects your game play.

Slithice is no exception to this basic knowledge.

What item should you select on her?

Starting Game Build

With 603 starting gold, you should purchase the following item.

To be serious, I cannot justify how important these items are. These starting item build worked effectively at early game, provide ample of stats and affordable healing to lane in safety.

Quelling Blade should be obtained to aid in last hitting. You need every amount of gold you can amass to be a feared carry in late game. Combined with your high initial attack power, last hit should not be a problem unless the lane opponents deny allied creeps like mad.

Of course, here comes tango of essifation. Although cheap, tango can be a better substitute than a ring of health, capable of regenerating average 7 HP per second. During laning you would be receiving several of damage source include hero projectiles, spells, creeps or even turret fire.

4 Ironwood Branches? You mad?

This is not a crazy build but a build that fit Slithice very well. A moderate bonus damage but is adequate due to Slithice's high base damage, cheap armour boost. Yet again, Slithice has high initial armour. There should be no problem in handling a lane. Strength boost is welcome due to fact Slithice must not die while Intelligence boost ensures Slithice has enough mana to gank as spells level rose, so do the manacost.

Below is for player randomed Slithice.

So 853 starting gold? What a bonus.


Why head for Magic Wand Directly? Differ from 603 starting gold build, we will trade an ironwood branch for instant replenishment of HP, and Mana for each charge Slithice collected. As a fact, Slithice does not have a fantastic manapool. It is essential to acquire this item for possibly unlimited source of replenishment. Drawback is slow replenishment output: 15 HP - 15 Mana replenished per charge.

Primary Core Accessories

To strengthen up our illusions, we will proceed to build stats item. A direct damage bonus will not benefit images, as direct damage bonus does not transfer to images. Hence, stats are asset to images.

To sum up, this is what Slithice's primary core accessories look like.

A Strength Power Tread will be obtained for Slithice, as Slithice is still vulnerable to gank. Power Tread provides a total of 152 HP and able to sustain Slithice up to three direct physical attacks.

Be decisive! Don not let Power Tread control you by retain in Strength Attribute only, You control Power Tread by using Power Tread with flexibility. If you just need a few more mana, morph into Intelligence Power Tread without hesitation. Otherwise, if you can sure about farming safely in lane, morph to Agility for greater last hit abilities.

Wraith Band grants 9 damage which improves your DPS and a +3 all attributes is definitely a plus. Moreover, Wraith Band provides overall survivability better than Poor Man Shield, which gives 6 agility only.

As obvious as it seen, Magic Wand has been used for more than 9000 games, competitively and publicly. Moreover, Magic Wand has been recommended to all 105 heroes of the Defence of the Ancient. If I am a critic, I will definitely rate this item as consumer's choice and all Dota heroes should buy this.

The reason is Magic Wand gives instant replenishment charge if opponent's spell casters weave spells and so on. Slithice has to be used to instant replenishment sometime because the ratio of Slithice's manapool and her spell’s manacost is just horrible.

What makes Slithice to be afraid of is a Naga Siren armed with a Diffusal Blade. Give free astounding stats raise of +22 agility and +6 intelligence, Diffusal Blade will be upgrade to all Slithice's images. A manaburn attack is gifted to you and your images, make killing enemies and mages even easier than before, while sapping the precious mana from target. This is a great counter to annoying supporter such as Omniknight and Shadow Priest and such. As these heroes have mana, they will use spells to wreak havoc on your team.

Aside of manaburn, diffusal blade grants you a total of 8 charge to purge the target, hamper your target's movement speed until he/she stays truly dead. This is great because sometimes ensnare does not always available to you when you need it the most.

In the team fight, use diffusal blade's slow instead of casting ensnare because ensnare can be jinxed at channelling opponent hero to stop his/her channelling spell.

Last but not at least, a Yasha. A 12% increased movement speed is what you desire the most since it is particularly annoying when your ensnare and purge the target but the target survived. AS your disables are mid-range spells, you need to chase up with fleeing target as soon as possible to conjure another round of disable.

Aside from this goodies, +16 increased agility is better than nothing is and helps to power up your images. The attack speed bonus is a waste, as illusions do not gain direct attack speed.

I cannot actually stress how important this roll of paper is. It is required for you to carry it all around to avoid gank, defend tower and countergank. This is definitely necessary all the times.

Luxuries because too much gold to burn

These items will just make you GOD-TIER.

Any agility hero with a butterfly is a scary one because it is what truly defines a carry. Engineered to provide +30 agility, +30 extra damage, +30 IAS, and more 30% evasion, Butterfly is a complete overhaul to an agility hero. Butterfly is essentially a speed booster, a subsidiary product from Haste cooperation, a luxury that hasten everything Slithice does, and attacks.

Butterfly gave you everything: bonus agility, bonus damage, bonus IAS and bonus evasion. This is damn too good to neglect because you will feel completely different: more energetic than before, more dangerous, and more powerful. Agility heroes deserve to own a Butterfly and Slithice is no exception.

A Heart of Tarrasque is obtained because it gives awesome survivability and a fast out-of-combat regen. Your illusions will not benefit from the additional hit point but they will benefit from the extra strength provided. It fit Slithice well because her illusions take extra damage from any damage source and it is vital to keep these illusions alive throughout the mass murdering and killing. Give tremendous strength to keep Slithice and her illusions alive to archive fullest potential. Out-of-combat regeneration meaning that you will never need to head back to fountain jelly cramped again.

Upgrade your Yasha into Manta Style, which added a component consisted of Ultimate Orb that provides +10 to all stats. This crude weapon gives you the ability to spam another two illusions at your command. Armed with 5 illusions, you are unstoppable. To top up with that, this weapon give you +22 agility which is more than you need and +10 to strength and intelligence, increases survivability and of course eases mana problem later on.

Boot of Travel is awesome on Slithice. Not only a combined Boot of Travel and 12% bonus movement speed of Yasha/Manta Style, you basically has over 450 movement speed ( 451 movement speed to be exact ) that to be considered as rapid fast, make you able to outrun a lot of heroes except for some extremely high movement speed one. In addition, the teleport ability is too good to ignore, as you would be using it to push a lane in large scale.

We will retain Diffusal Blade as luxury but upgrade it into its second’s level. As the game progress, so must the power of mana burn increases.

Radiance is one of the controversial item that can be applied to Slithice. It is incredible hard to farm at early stage of the game, it does not work on slept units, but its immolation makes it great farming tool. Nevertheless, Radiance worked really wonders in the team fight, being able to damage everyone around Radiance wielder for 40 damages per second. An extended period of exposure will result in fatality or badly wounded enemies.

Why on Slithice? Do not forget that while Slithice served as late game carry, Slithice can be used effectively at pushing, making her one of the mid-high tier pushing heroes because her illusions can take down tower really well. Hence, to succeed in pushing, Radiance can be an option.

Situational Item

If you think you not doing well with luxuries above because situation may chances sometimes, forget about getting a and go for item below.

Get this only if you are constantly being disabled without even capable of activate your illusions morph. The stat helped to. The spell block would still be good but here is a catch: Reduce your DPS.

Same as Linken Sphere, but on much more severe conditions. If you are, being disabled more than often enough this will save you.

I hope you will not be desperate enough to purchase this item. It is quite a viable item actually but if messing up the sequence like summon images first then go blink to the centre of team fight, you could be in deep trouble.

Rejected Item

Oh, wow! A Dagon for kill stealing. Note: You are not a hard-core caster. To be exact Slithice is 0/10 at caster at all. Why will you get a magic nuke on physical damage hero anyway?

For god sake, if you look at your skill set there should be a passive skill called "critical strike.” If you already got a critical strike why need these?

Man, you already had a reliable disable why still go on chance-based slow.

OK, what you going to do about that 30% extra damage taken?

If you buy this, you deserved to be flamed. First, when you ensnared a target, yes you want to use this spell after you pinned down the target. After that, the target is free from ensnare instantly and...

Great, think what you did before then.

These items can isolate you from your images, making enemies clear of who is real Slithice. In addition, neither these item provide a good stat at all to images.

Oh god! Illusions does not benefit from cleave and extra damage.

Give infinite mana to images...wait WHAT? Images do not need mana.

Just tell me what are you smoking to suggest this item?


Perfect Allies

Hard-to-Aim Disabler

These heroes would love you for the extensive duration of pinning a certain hero down, giving them to launch their disable without the effort to make an accurate aim.


You can freely whack down the ensnared hero without fear of being disabled.

Massive-spell-array caster

Your ensnare ensure target under the mercy of this guy.

Initiator / Area of Effect Monster

You eliminated their requirement of dagger, making initiation far easier than ever.


They give you heals which will help you to stay alive.


Devilishness Counter and Bad Enemy


They can be your worst enemies. A silenced Slithice is as good as a walking sushi.


These heroes take pleasure in obliterating your illusions with just some couple of attacks.

Orb Walker

These faggot do not like you to farm well and they constantly toss enchanted attack on you, more than you can bear.

Ethereal Transition Caster
Pagan is your disable's worst nightmare. A good Pagan will render your disable useless by casting decrepify on the ensnared heroes.



Typical Pub Slithice

Sonic_Stream's pub game of Slithice

This is one of my Slithice game play. Unfortunately, game does not go so well hence I keep on getting stat instead of upgrading Song of the Siren as I felt that level 1 is adequate.

Competitive Replay of Slithice

ADC vs. #4

I gather one of the competitive replay. SCYTHE.hyhy plays Slithice and I must say how well he used teleport scroll to farm and gank. In my opinion, he should work out more about survivability.

For those who wanted to watch streaming online here is it.



First, I would like to thank Averrios for his inspiration on the guide design and template. If not for his innovative and radical improvement on graphical guide, I do not think this guide would be as interesting as it seem.

In addition, I would like to express gratitude to member who give comment about it and helped me improve the guide.

Guide Finished

Slithice the Naga Siren
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Slithice, the illusions serpent

Serpent illusion assault

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