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I.Alt-Tab Guide
III.Basic Info
IV.Skills/Skills build
V.Item build
VI. Game Walkthrough/Strategy
VII.Allies And Counter

I.Alt-Tab Guide

Skill build

1. Burrowstrike
2. Sand Storm
3. Burrowstrike
4. Sand Storm
5. Burrowstrike
6. Epicenter
7. Burrowstrike
8. Sand Storm
9. Sand Storm
10. Caustic Finale
11. Epicenter
12. Caustic Finale
13. Caustic Finale
14. Caustic Finale
15. Stats
16. Epicenter
17-25. Stats

Item build


This is my first time writing a guide.Sand king is one of the most versatile hero, he can be tank,ganker initiator and support. You can pretty much get any item on sand king.You can easily first blood enemy when u are level 6, just burrowstrike and ulti them.The guide is not make to be use for competitive build.

III.Basic Info

Ganker: From level 6 onwards he can possibly kill hero alone, and his ganking power peaks mid game when he Dagger.You should try to rune control as much as possible

Tank: Sandking is one of the few hero with 2 escape mechanism.So if u go tank with this kind of hero it is impossible for the enemy to kill sandking. If u go this build sandking is also a good gem carrier


Level 1 - Burrowstrike
Level 2 - Sand Storm
Level 3 - Burrowstrike
Level 4 - Sand Storm
Level 5 - Burrowstrike
Level 6 - Epicenter
Level 7 - Burrowstrike
Level 8 - Sand Storm
Level 9 - Sand Storm
Level 10 - Caustic Finale
Level 11 - Epicenter
Level 12 - Caustic Finale
Level 13 - Caustic Finale
Level 14 - Caustic Finale
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Epicenter
Level 17-25 Stats

Take burrow strike at level 1 as it can help u escape and stun.sandstorm is to max because for each level u add the cooldown decrease by 10 second.I prefer adding stats since sand king is a ganging hero he does not need the farm.If the enemy has pushing hero like broodmother, adding caustic finale might not be a bad choice

V.Item build

Core Items

Bottle is a must for almost all mid hero
Dagger is needed for your epic shift blink combo
Arcane boots for solving your low mana problems
Extension Items

Agha for increasing your ulti damage
Shiva for increasing your armor and slow enemy hero attack speed.It also give you some int to solve your mana problems
Veil of discord.Increase you and your team overall nuke power
Luxury Extensions

Heart.Just go this item for more hp and damage.If you are using sandking u should not be playing till late game.Heart is a good item if you reach late game.
Blademail one of the best item in late game for non carrier. U are the initiator just blink in and Epicenter they will just have to hit u, u just on blademail and deal return damage to them.
Hex the enemy.Enuf said
Assualt CuirassIs a good item to go after heart.If you has high hp getting armor is better then getting more hp.It also increase your team raxing ability since it decrease the building armor by 5.
Situational Items

Heaven Halbred.If enemy carry is owning your team
Ethereal Blade.This item is useless for sandking but it can help u increase your magic damage.You can also target enemy unit into ethereal form.This is a good item so stop a carry from damaging
Gem.Get this if there are invi unit in enemy team only if you go for tank build.
Mekansm.Heal your own team.Get this if u are support or your team is losing
BKBLet sandking maximise his epicenter damage
Rejected Items

Refresher.You does not have enough mana to cast that and you wont get to cast 2 ulti in a teamfight
BattlefuryYou are not a farmer
armletGet it if you want to troll
SNYGet it if you want to troll

VI. Game Walkthrough/Strategy

Early Game

Try to last hit to get a fast bottleWhen u reach level 3 just spam burrow strike and get rune.Try go get kill if possible.Once you have reached level 6 your mana is around 325, you will now start your hero killing by hitting the hero with Burrow strike(Click behind the hero.This will make sure u cast your ulti be4 the enemy stun you). Once the opponent got stunned activate immediately epicenter.Always remember to carry a tp scroll.It can help u get alot of free kill by tping to help your team or gang with your team.conserve your mana your shift blink combo need at least 400 mana.
Mid Game

Mid Game
Mid game is when Sand King shine the most. With constant ganging the enemy would not be able to take a team fight with your shift blink combo.If they enemy is decent they will try to get pipe.Try to shift blink ulti and shift stun the pipe user.So u can stun him before he use pipe.Try to get dagger asap. Don't use not to use Epicenter to get a single target unless special circumstances.

Late Game
Try to initiate the enemy instead of getting initiate. If u get initiate sandking is probably useless since he can't channel it's ulti.Try not to die in late game, Just end the game fast as sand king is not that fun in the late game.

VII.Allies And Counter

Good Allies
Hero that can help u land ur ulti

This is me playing ganging build.Make some mistake in early game

Sandking is one of the hardest hero to play imo.If you master this hero you can basically play all the hero in dota
Comment/feedback is appreciated.
Thanks for reading my guide.

Crixalis the Sand King
Author: HowToKick
Map Vers.: 6.74C

Sand King

Solo mid Sand King

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