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+Solo Rosh guide

This is my 2nd misc guide, and it's on Roshing.

Intro to Roshan:

Roshan is the strongest neutral creep in dota, it has poor armor but that is backed up by monster hp. He is so strong that sometimes it takes a whole entire team to kill it. But there are heros that can take down Roshan with eaz like Ursa, and enjoy Aegis, exp, and gold all for themselves.

Basic things you need to know about Roshan:

-Never attack Roshan when hes out of his little lair
-Never run away from Roshan until the last sec because he can stun you with his mighty stun.
-If the enemy comes up and trie to steal the aegis, destroy it or claim it.
-Keep Roshing if you see 1 enemy, running away when Roshan is at 1hp is a bad idea.
-Tell your teammates to keep enemys busy while you Rosh
-NEVER use images or summons on Roshan, with the exception of some summons like Treants.
-If the enemy's whole team shows up, RUN!
-Buy at least 1 tanking item to make you take less dmg from Roshan
-Rosh will block your spells with his shield
-Roshan will claim Aegis 10 mins after killed, so try to take advantage of the Aegis while Roshan is mia
-Roshan will drop a cheese the 3rd, 4th, 5th... time he respawns.
If you die to Roshan, then signal ur team to finish the job for ya, a Roshan with 1hp is basically free aegis
-Never use an air unit against Rosh, but if you want to take 200dmg+/sec, then be my guest.

Pros and Cons of solo Roshing:


-You can gain more exp and gold
-You don't have to fight over aegis
-your team can keep your enemy busy while you Rosh
-It's harder for the enemy to tell if the other team is Roshing


-Your teammates might be noobs and steal aegis
-The enemy's whole team might show up...
-You might get killed by Roshan...

Roshan's stats:

Starting stats

Level: 30 (1789 experience)
HP: 7500
HP regen: 20
Mana: 2000 (starts at 600)
Mana regen: 10
Ground attack - Damage: 65-65
Air attack - Damage: 190-198(Only used when attacking flying units)
Armor: 3
Mspd: 270
BAT: 1
Type: Ancient
Bounty: 105-600

Every 5 minutes (starting at first lane creep spawn) Roshan gets stronger, gaining: +500 hp, +10 damage and +0.5 armor (given by an aura). He will reach his maximum strength at the 45 minutes mark, which is:

HP: 12000
Ground attack - Damage: 155-155
Air attack - Damage: 280-288
Armor: 8


Spell Block:

Roshan will block one targeted spell every 15 seconds.


Roshan has a 15% chance to deal 50 bonus damage and stun for 1.65second on an attack.


Roshan can slam the ground and slow near by units and deal 70dmg, only works if there are more than 3 units near him!

Ancient classification/Illusion shield
Images that attack Roshan will DIE, summons can't attack Roshan, but some summons like Treants can still atk Roshan.

Devotion Aura

Increases Rosh's armor by 3-6.

Items dropped on death :

Aegis-Provides Reincarnation.
Cheese-Restores 2500hp and 1000 mana.

*Note: Roshan has a protective area, you can only attack Roshan in that area. (Don't expect to lure Roshan to your tower and start owning him)
*Note: Roshan will reclaim Aegis
*Note: Rosh ASAP to make sure the other team don't Rosh first

Heros that can Rosh in general:

Basically, anyone one on your team that can do high dmh, ot tank ver well can kill Roshan pretty quick.

Heros that can solo Rosh:

In order for one to solo Rosh, one must have 2 things:

1.The ability to do dmg to Rosh
2.The ability to tank Rosh's atks

These 2 things are required because if you don't have the ability to tank Rosh, then you die pretty quickly, and if you don't have the ability to do shit to Rosh, then it'll take a long time to kill Rosh.

We all know everyone (even Techies) can solo Rosh at late game, but some heros can take on Rosh very early on.(I hope green font won't hurt your eyes!)


Why can these heros solo Rosh very well?

Axe can easily turn Rosh's atk to nothing and counter attack with his spins, if he needs extra armor then he can use Call. If you're going to solo Rosh with Axe in early game, then buy a Vanguard and at least 1 shield. Reminder: Axe sometimes can't take out Rosh with his spins.

Suggested Rosh level: 11+ (Vanguard, shield, and maybe ring required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Sometimes (Depends on how many times you spin)

Sven can Rosh with ease as long as he have: warcry, Ulti, and some kind of Lifesteal. It usually takes about 1-4 min at level 7, and about 1 min at higer levels.

Suggested Rosh level: 10+ (Lifesteal, ulti, and Cry required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Hell ya!

Sk is probably one of the best Roshers because he can immidiately come back to life once he gets killed by Rosh, at least 1 level of Crit is sugested because that way he can do some shit to Rosh.

Suggested Rosh level: 10+ (Vanguard, lifesteal, at lvl 1 crit+, and ulti is required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Sometimes (Depends on how much you crit)

Unfortuantely for Tide, he will have to rely on his physical str to Rosh because Rosh will block all of Tide's spells with his shield. Level 4 shell is strongly suggested because it allows you to tank him better.

Suggested Rosh Level: 10+ (level 4 shell, Vanguard, at least 1 level of smash(To do more dmg), and maybe lifesteal required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Sometimes (depends on how many times you smash)

Roof can tank Rosh very well due to armor, but he will need help on dmging Rosh because he is a Tank and a caster, ulti wont do much to Rosh because he will block it, so if you're using Tree on Rosh, then get shield.

Suggested Rosh level: Level 11+
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Not really (dmg items required)

Lycan can solo Rosh if he has max level wolve with Vlads, it usually take about 2 min to kill Rosh at level 8. Also, make sure you have max level heart because they increase your dmg and Wolve's dmg.

Suggested Rosh level: 8+ (Max level Wolves and heart required)
Tank Rosh: Yes (Very dependent on wolves)
Dmg Rosh: Yes

Centaur has some problems with soloing Rosh because of low dmg, but with return and ulti, that problem is sloved. Centaur isn't the best solo Rosher, but he is a good one!

Suggested Rosh level: 10+ (Vanguard, Return, and ulti required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Yes


Why can these heros solo Rosh very well?

Troll is one of the best Rsohers in Dota, he can Rosh whenever he gets Hotd and when hes level 6. He can gain back a lot of life when Roshing, overall, Troll is one of the best Roshers in the game.

Suggested Rosh Level: 6+ (QB, Hotd, dominated creep, and ulti required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Hell ya

Veno can actually Rosh pretty well due to wards, but most Veno don't get wards so Veno will ahve a hard time Roshing. If you're planning to Rosh, then get at least level 3 wards and some basic items.

Suggested Rosh level: 7+ (You MUST have at least level 3 wards)
Tank Rosh: Yes (Thanks wards)
Dmg Rosh Yes

Ursa, the master of Roshing, you should Rosh whenever you get Vlads. He can Rosh at level 6. If you're really confident, then you can Rosh without Vlads if your level 8+. Anyways, since he's meele, it's a good idea to buy a shield.

Suggested Rosh level: 6+ (Vlads, Overpower, and ulti required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Hell ya

Sylla can actually Rosh very well with Vlads and bear, however, be very careful, if ur bear die then you take 100-400dmg which is enough to kill you if ur at low hp. Overall, Sylla needs at least level 3 bear to Rosh.

Suggested Rosh level: 12+ (Level 4 bear and true form required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Yes

Meepo is actually a good Rosher, because he has copies of himself. Meepo should Rosh when he's level 11+ and when he has Vlads and Mek. But still, he's a goof Rosher.
Suggested Rosh level: Level 12 (Vlads and Mek required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Damage Rosh: Yes


Why can these heros solo Rosh very well?

Furion can solo Rosh with hes Treants(they can attack Rosh). Treants can tank most of Rosh's dmg but level 1-2 Treants gets killed pretty quickly. So level3-4 Treants is a must. Beware that Treants have 37sec cd and Rosh may kill them all if they're too weak, so Ring of Basillius is suggested(do NOT upgrade this to Vlads!).

Suggested Rosh level: 10+
Tank Rosh: Depends on Treants, but most of the times, Yes
Dmg Rosh: Kinda(Deso is suggested)

Enigma is a good Rosher even though a lot of people never Rosh with him, his Eidolons can do some serious hsit to Rosh. But you must have level 3+ Eidolons to Rosh, and you might have to Rosh twice to kill Rosh!

Suggested Rosh level: 5+ (Level 3 Eidolons required)
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Yes

Chen is one of the best Roshers in the game. His creeps can tank Rosh and dmg Rosh at the same time, and you can use Persuation to amp dmg (although Rosh will block this). Overall, Chen is a good Rosher but he needs to have some strong creeps (Harpies won't work!).

Suggested Rosh level: 7+
Tank Rosh: Yes (Requires strong creeps like Centaur)
Dmg Rosh: Yes

warlock is a good Rosher, but not the best. He can Rosh pretty well with his ulti but he needs at least level 2+ ulti to do that. Use the word+Inferno combo to heal the shit out of your Infernos. (Necromonion can't attack Rosh! So don't use them)

Suggested Rosh level: 11+
Tank Rosh: Yes
Dmg Rosh: Yes

Heros that you should never solo Rosh with:

I know this part isn't really required, but I'm mentioning it anyways to prevent anyone from getting kill ed by Rosh.(I hope red font won't hurt your eyes!)

Before I said that enchant should Rosh, right? Well, I just tested out and found out that she need years to take down Rosh! She can tank Rosh very well but her poor dmg totally ruins it. It takes at least 10 min for her to Rosh at level 8.

A very common mistake that most people makes, Pl relys on images but Rosh can kill them in less than 0.01 sec if his images attack them. If you don't belive me then gruop 10 images and tell them all to atk Rosh, then tell me the results...

Witch would've been a very good Rosher if her spirits will restore hp every sec if they atk. Even though they do give you back hp at the end, you'll probably be dead.

Somebody somehow came up with the idea that Techies can Rosh if he places 15 mine and 5 Remote mines and drag Rosh to his mines, it will actually work well except that it takes 12 min to place that much mines(you have to get mana items, go back to fountain for mana, hang around while clarity takes effect.), and even if you do succed, everyone else would be 4-5 levels higher than you which means that your basically useless now.

Too bad, if only Pudge had more armor and dmg...

All I have to say for him is: Roshan blocks your nukes period
Items that will help you Rosh:

There are a lot of items that will help you Rosh, but I'm only listing some because there are too much.

Lifesteal item/skillz:

Lifestea items/skillz can help you a lot in Roshing. If you have trouble tanking Rosh then you should try to get a lifesteal item to tank better. Hotd is a great Roshing item since it provides, armor, lifesteal, and dmg. MoM is not really a suggested item due to the fact that you take extra dmg.

*Note: Never get MoM and armlet on the same hero!

Tanking items/skillz:

Obvioysly, tanking items helps you tank better. Not too much to say here...

+Dmg and aspd items/skillz

+Dmg and +aspd items will help you to Rosh faster. If you have problems tanking and no matter how mnay Vanguards you buy, you still have tanking problems, then get +Dmg/aspd items. after all, the best defence is the best offence. xD

+Hp and heal items/skillz:

+Hp and heal items/skillz will help you tank better. +Hp items are better than tanking items since a hero with 2000hp can obviously tank better than a hero with 800hp with Vanguard.

Roshing strategies:

Basic early game Roshing strategies:

-Run away if you can't kill Rosh
-Rosh before someone else Roshs
-Get Aegis ASAP
-Buy a few tanking items
-Don't die to Rosh!

Not too many heros can Rosh in early game, so our spotlight will focus on Ursa, Troll, Enigma, and Chen for now. XD


Like I said before, Ursa is the best Rosher in the whole game. If you're new to Roshing, then Ursa is definately the hero to pick because it's just so easy for him to Rosh. But he still needs Vlads and a few other tanking items to help him Rosh.


Enigma is also a good Rosher. His Eidolons are good tanks and good dmg dealers, and plus, they can duplicate whenever they atk 6 times! Which means that ur Eidolons will never die. Enigma is a great Rosher in general, but Ursa is still better.


Chen, the master of creeps, but don't forget Rosh! He's very dependent on creeps to kill Rosh. so obviously creeps like Satyr trickster won't be any help. Level 6+ creeps are suggested, Vlads, and boots are suggested.

*Note: Dominate strong creeps like Centaur!


Troll is a great Rosher if he has Hotd and ulti, not too much to say about him...

Currently looking for a video...

End of earl game Roshing strategie

By now you should've gotten Aegis, or preparing to get it. If there is an enemy that is also a good early game Rosher then you should Rosh ASAP to prevent him/her from Roshing.

Mid game strategies:

Mid game is when there is a lot of Roshers, so you must really watch out! If an enemy Rosher has been mia for a lon time then check on Rosh.

*Note:Roshan might claim your Aegis if it hasn't been used or if you Roshed too early!

Basic mid game Roshing strategies:

-Always check on Rosh! There are a lot of heros that hungers to Rosh in mid game
-Watch out for Aegis stealing!(I will show you about this later on)
-Dont be greedy, dieing to an enemy hero that comes to check if your Roshing or not and leaving Rosh at 1 hp is a noob-like behavior.
-But ward or dust to check if the Rosh area is warded/ spyed on or not.
-Make sure to pick up the cheese when Rosh respawns the 3rd time.

Don't claim ownership of Rosh!!!!!

Claiming ownership of Rosh is a good idea in early game but bad idea in mid or late game. In early game there is probably only 1 or 2 heros that can Rosh. But in mid and late game the Rosher number can grow from 1 to 10! In mid and late game it's harder to Rosh because there are other people who wants to Rosh. If someone on your team is a good Rosher, and you're Roshing 24/7. Then let him/her Rosh, after all, give them a chance! XD

Aegis stealing

Aegis stealing is when you steal someone's Aegis when he/she had killed Rosh. This is a very irritating tactic and is hopefully unseen. Stealing someone's aegis can give you an advantage because he/she can't use Aegis anymore. Aegis stealing requires some skills like Windwalk or blink to get the aegis and run!

Keep an eye out for Roshers!

In mid game there are a lot of people that can Rosh. Your enemies can also Rosh. The best way to prevent your enemy Roshing is to ward Rosh. Don't ward in his lair though, you can't! Place a ward outside Rosh's lair. Other skillz like Web and Eye of the forest can also spot Roshers.

Hero Roshing videos:


Late game Roshing strategies:

In late game, every one can Rosh. So you're not the only one out there that can kill Rosh. You must becareful when you're Roshing in late game because everyone have the guts to destroy Rosh.


I've only got 1 Roshing replay so far, but I'll add more.

If you have a good replay of Roshing, feel free to contact me and I'll put the replay onto this guide!


Credits to blizzard entertainmet for making War3
Credits to Icefrog and Co. for making Dota
Credits to All the staff and admins on for making this site
Credits to me for making this guide.
Credits to Shadyfellow, Zachpwnsu, Zotmaster, Black.Rose, Lycan, iKrivetko, Eumellein, Lanther, Aotz, FruitLord, tiuu~, MoObYtheCalf, LightningZLaser, Snake, zaphodbrx99 and Draxtrul16 for contributing to this guide!
Credits to everyone that read this guide

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Solo Rosh guide

Solo Rosh guide

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