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Here i am again with unfinished things, My nerub guide was almost finished if i had found a replay, which i haven't. So now i will create a guide to my favorite Int hero- The Tinker.

For now, i will put a replay, until my PC is fixed, this should suffice. I will continue with details on the following days

I apologize to the forum staff, i will assure you i am not a troll with my credibility, and i am not spamming. You will see improvements on the following days

This was played by my cousin, a pub game simply because its a guide for beginners.

Garena PH.

Table of Contents:

IHero Analysis:
A) Statistics
B) Skill sets and effects
C) Attributes
D) Hero's role
E) Pro's and Con's

IIArtillery build:
A) Skill Build Choices
B) Justifications
C) A closer look

III Using Hi-Tech Intelligence
A) When to choose Tinker
B) When to gank
C) When to support
D) How to be there for your teammates and for enemies that have hp less than 640, in other words- RED

IV Parts of the Machine:
A) Starting Item Choices
B) Core Items and Extensions
C) Expansion of Items
D) Luxury Extensions
E) Recommended, OK, Situational, Optional and Rejected
F) Justifications and questions to why put the item on him.
G) The different varieties of item builds

V Analyzing strategies:
A) How to use Tinker
B) What should he most often do?
C) His Main role together with the item builds
D) What and What not to do
E) What Tinker is and what he isn't
F) The Destruction of Mankind. The Rise of Technology
G) Right Place at the Right time
H) Where he should or shouldn't be.
I) How to be the dominant RACE
J) Situational Strategies
K) Laning
L) Warding

Why not march at first?
Laser or Rocket first?

VII Machine Malfunctions and Repairmen
A) Machine Malfunctions
B) Repairmen
C) Others worth mentioning

VIII Back to the Future:

Boush the Tinker
Author: darkhunter
Map Vers.: 6.68c

Hi-Tech Goblin

State of the Art Technology

Date Posted: 08/04/10
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