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Ulfsaar @ Fuzzy Wuzzy


Basic informations of the hero can be get here
I'd recommend you to know the basics of his skills such as the functions of the skills, mana costs and others before reading the rest of the guides

Skill Build

Level 1 Earthshock @ Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 2 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 3 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 4 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 5 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 6 Enrage
Level 7 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 8 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 9 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 10 Overpower @ Fury Swipes
Level 11 Enrage
Level 12 Earthshock
Level 13 Earthshock
Level 14 Earthshock
Level 15 Earthshock
Level 16 Enrage
Level 17 above Stats

Early Game

| @ |

Vladmir's Offering is your core item, so we gonna get it as fast as we could
First, buy a RoR, a Tango or a Healing Salve and a Clarity Potion
Keep the rest of the gold for a Sobi Mask later

Next, head to top or bottom but not mid because you need to go to the Side Shop often

Skill 1 level of Earthshock for the 25% slow if you're laning with fragile heroes with no disable, you can easily kill them
Max Overpower first if you're laning with allied disables since most heroes will just run away when they see your Overpower buff
Else, max Fury Swipes, be sure to hit a nearby melee hero to harass them

Once you get enough gold, buy a Sobi Mask from the sideshop
Then, buy a Ring of Protection and Vladmir's Offering Recipe from your home
Buy Mask of Death last since it doesn't give you any benefit

> > >

Mid Game

When you have Vladmir's Offering, at least level 6, full mana and health, head to Roshan
Use Overpower when you reach bottom rune spot so that its cooldown finishes earlier
Before hitting Roshan, use Enrage
When Overpower has finished, use it again if the cooldown is over
Bla bla bla and poof, Roshan is dead
Take Aegis and run away immediately

Next, buy Boots of Speed from the Side Shop
Then make your choice between this two items


Lothar's Edge is easier to use than Dagger, plus, it have 135 backstab damage, +38 damage, +10 attack speed and harder to be noticed than Dagger
But, it can be easily countered buy eyes @ dust @ gem and a little more expensive

As for Dagger, its much cheaper and easier for chasing
But it is easier to be noticed because of the blink effect and you can't immediately blink if got attacked

So I recommend buying Lothar's Edge more
Farm in jungle until you have 900 golds, and buy a Quarterstaff from the Side Shop
Keep farming, help allies kill heroes, farm again, until you have enough golds to buy a Claymore and Lothar's Edge Recipe

One tips when Windwalking, never chase a fleeing hero from behind because you will never catch him and always remember that it only lasts 9 seconds

> > >

Go home and take your items or ask your allies to bring them

Now you are ready to solo kill a hero
Target the most fragile hero with no disables first such as Spectre, KotL or Dazzle
Use Overpower, Lothar, walk behind them, attack and Enrage
Make sure you attack instead of using Enrage to break the invisibility for the bonus 135 backstab damage
If he is trying to run, Earthshock and finish him off

Then farm somewhere else, and repeat the process :3

Don't forget to complete your Power Treads


Mid-Late Game

Next item you're gonna buy is Battlefury
It helps you farm faster, easy double kill and increased mana regeneration that you need
Buy Voidstone first, then Ring of Health, then either Broadsword or Claymore

> > @

Now you can kill two heroes that always stick together or a hero with lots of creeps

Kill Roshan every ten minutes

You will be almost unstoppable now unless they gank you, but you can Lothar to escape
Unless they have eyes @ dust @ gem, you're doom

Late Game

The last item you're gonna buy is situational
Pick from the following


BKB if you want to deal with disables
Heart of Tarrasque if you want to deal with nukers @ damage dealers
Cranium Basher if you want to deal with Windwalkers, Blinkers or other coward heroes
Buriza if you want to deal with tankers or your allies can handle the above problems

If the game ain't over yet, sell your Power Treads and get a Boots of Travel
And your Item is complete

Final Items (mostly)

Good Allies


Well, all disables benefit you since Ulfssar is lack of disables


They helps you even if they just standing besides you

Bad Enemies


They can be good allies but also bad enemies, if you're facing them, buy BKB or Heart of Tarrasque would do

Specific Heroes

This hurts a lot, if you're facing with them, buy Heart of Tarrasque
And never attack when Blade Mail is activated, it only lasts 4 seconds

Good Enemies

No Disables and Fragiles

Your mid game foods

Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior
Author: Ez_Mystery
Map Vers.: 6.69b

Frenzy Fuzzy Wuzzy

Step By Step Build - Ursa Warrior

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