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Pros of playing Furion
- 5.25 second Level 4 Sprout duration is excellent for killing melee heroes, coupled with short cooldown (8 seconds)
- Good int gain per level (2.9)
- Wrath of Nature is an excellent farming spell and a good initiator when your allies are fighting across the map, since enemies rarely expect it
- Strong pusher with Force of Nature, combined with Teleport allows you to constantly put pressure on enemy
- Short cooldown on teleport allows you to push and defend easily, assist allies and cut off enemy escape path

- Low HP and weak attack initially
- Sprout easily countered with blink, tangos, quelling blade. Ineffective to enemies with tree destroying skills, like Batrider's Firefly
- Easy to misclick Sprout and trap yourself or allies alongside enemies (most annoying problem)
- Wrath of Nature can only hit visible units and has low base damage



Sprouts a ring of trees around a unit, trapping it in place.

Sprout lasts 3 +(0.75 per level) seconds and is a useful skill that now can be cast on any point, allowing you to block off passages and preventing enemies from running or reaching you. However, the new change also makes it much easier to mess up on placement, meaning you might trap allies or cast it accidentally more often than you should.


Teleports to any explored point on the map.

A free and improved Boots of Travel skill, allowing you to teleport anywhere explored on the map. Useful for ganking, pushing, defending, everything. With a cooldown of only 20 seconds at level 4, you'll be able to keep up a lot of pressure on the enemy team.

Force of Nature

Converts an area of trees into Treants. Treants have 550 hit points and deal 21-23 damage.

Furion's trademark pushing skill. Summons two treants at level 1 and 5 normal Treants for 60 seconds at level 4, with a cooldown of 37 seconds.Fair warning, these treants still provide enemy heroes with experience and gold. Although it's less than normal creeps, I don't like to overuse it early game where I could be providing enemies with extra resources.

Wrath of Nature

Summons damaging energy to swath around the map and damage random enemies. Each enemy hit beyond the first adds 7% damage. Number of bounces increases per level.

A skill that can be hard to time and use well. Essentially a global that you want to cast as far away from the enemy heroes so that it can increase in damage. At level 1, 140 base damage jumps to 315 at the last(12th) target. Level 3 goes from 225 base to 664 damage at the last (16th) target, with Agahnims jumping from 275 to 811 at the 16th target. Very powerful, and can be used to assist or kill from across the map. PLEASE NOTE that it only hits visible units.

Skill Build
1. Sprout
2. Teleport
3. Sprout
4. Force of Nature
5. Sprout
6. Wrath of Nature
7. Sprout
8. Force of Nature
9. Force of Nature
10. Force of Nature
11. Wrath of Nature
12. Teleport
13. Teleport
14. Teleport
15. Stats
16. Wrath of Nature
17-25. Stats

Item Build

Early Game:

I get Gauntlets of Strength for extra HP since Furion doesn't have much. I get at least one Healing Salve and 1 Tango, enough to solo. You'll have 113 gold left, which you can use to buy more tangos if you want but I usually save the gold.

Mid Game:

I get Strength treads for HP and attack speed. Euls is good for comboing with Sprout, since trying to cast Sprout while being chased by a hero with faster movespeed than you will often trap yourself along with the enemy hero. Cast Euls, move away a bit, and cast Sprout on the spot where they will fall. Urn is a useful heal and will help deal a little extra damage when you trap enemies within Sprout. Agahnims is important for bringing out the full potential of your ult. (Although, if you want, you can get Dagon first and Agahnims later.)

Late Game:

Dagon gives you more killing power to support the other heroes. Shiva's Guard gives you 15 crucial Armor, a -25% attack speed aura to enemies, and a -40% movespeed and 200 dmg AoE active. These aren't too expensive so if you play well you should have these items before your enemies get too strong.

Combined item build for Furion:

Situational items:

Ghost scepter is useful for escaping when combined with Teleport. Get this against strong DPS enemies.

Sheepstick never fails if you need some extra disables in your team.

5 second silence and 20% damage amp are great for taking down big enemies and reducing powerful casters to nothing. The damage and attack speed bonus are also useful.

Hero Tips and Strategies

Early Game

Furion is weak early game so it's not suggested that you solo. You can also neutral creep if your team has several heroes capable of soloing, in which case you should modify your skill build to max out Force of Nature instead.

It's best to pair with a ranged hero if you choose to lane, since Sprout blocks melee heroes from attacking the trapped enemy. I tend to focus on harassing when I can, since the item build for Furion does not require much expensive items. Since this is a support Furion guide, it is more important to keep your enemies in check while the carries farm and get stronger. Also, constant harassing will force them to heal, in which case you can use Force of Nature to push. Once I get Wrath of Nature I start ganking. After a gank or two, you should have enough to finish Urn of Shadows, buy Boots, and a Sobi Mask to make into Euls later. If you're struggling with harassers or need more attack power, opt for Strength Treads now. Otherwise, I save up for Euls.

Mid Game

When you have high levels of Force of Nature and Teleport, you can easily take down the first towers along with you allies. You should have enough mana regen to continually teleport and push without having to heal at the fountain. If you have not finished euls and treads, do so. Keep pressure on opponents by pushing hard, but pushing smart - good Furions always keep a sharp eye on the minimap for possible ganks, defending, and pushing when an enemy lane is empty. You can also farm Ancients with Level 4 Force of Nature, provided they aren't the dragons since treants cant attack air. It is also possible to kill Roshan if you have some strong dps heroes on your team, just use the treants to tank, casting Sprout and Force of Nature again as soon as possible. Start buying the components of Agahnims (point booster and ogre axe first) or of Dagon if you want that first.

Late Game

Continue following the mid game strategy - push, maintain pressure, defend and help allies. Farm ancients and help with Rosh when possible. Finish Dagon and Agahnims, and start going for Shiva's Guard.

Furion the Prophet
Author: fourleafcl0ver
Map Vers.: 6.67c

The Prophet

Support Furion

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