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Templar Assasin the master of light

templar assain is a hero that is not played well by many people, even people who call themselves "pro"

I will be giving basic examples of skill builds, item builds and strategy/gameplay.

this guide will NOT walk you through the baby steps like how to deny, how to creep kill ect...

Templar's powers are based on bending light which is kinda cool, by mastering her "Psi" powers you will be "beyond godlike"


Refraction, Templar bends light around herself with her powers to grant her bonus damge and almost invulnereablitity.

Cooldown: 17 seconds
Time: lasts for 17 seconds or until or instances are used up.

explanation of refraction:

when activated you will see 2 icons appear at the bottom of the screen that show all buffs, debuffs ect..
when maxed out 1 of these icons stands for the bonus damage, for 5 of your hits you recieve bonus 80 damge.

the 2nd icon is your "invinicibilty". any attack/spell that hits you does 0 damage. this wares off after you have been hit 5 times.

when you cast this spell the damage bonus comes next to instantaniously but there is a 1 - 2 second delay before the defensive one kicks in.

nothing pisses of the enemy more than when a lion or slayer uses up their spells only just to notice that you have activated refraction and their spell/s just did nothing to you but they now have no mana left.


when maxed out:
7 seconds cooldown
last for infinite seconds
cast time is 0.0001 seconds, or something close to that.
deals 200 pure damage and lowers the oppositions armour by 8

when activated

when activated you become invisible and hold position is automatic. if you move you come out of the invis. to deal the damge and armour reduction you must hit your foe from the position you are melding without moving. If you have succeded the you will see a big 200 in red above/on the target.

Psi blades:

this is the best move in existence of dota.
at lv 1 templar has less range than some melee heroes which is really embarassing for a ranged hero.

this move increases your range up each level plus anything behind the unit you are atacking also recieves your full damage

this is like a 100% cleave that allows you to outrange all other heroes

psionic traps:

templar assasin places a trap withing 2000range of her, this trap becomes invisible and has vision. when activated it slow units by 50%
when maxed out it has 9 seconds cooldown.

this ulti is usefull, and fun to play mind games with XD.

you use it to scout/ward, to chase, to intiate with, to flee with and even to kill a bit with it too.

Skill Build:

most players i see playing as TA always max out 1st and 2nd skill, i will esplain why that is flawed later.

lv1 Refraction/Meld
lv2 Psi blades
lv3 Psi blades
lv4 Refraction/Meld
lv5 Psi blades
lv6 Trap
lv7 Psi blades
lv8 Refraction/Meld
lv9 Refraction/Meld
lv10 Refraction/Meld
lv11 Trap
lv12 Refraction/Meld
lv13 Refraction/Meld
lv14 Refraction/Meld
lv15 stats
lv16 Trap
lv17 - 25 Stats

Explanation for this skilll build

you must always max out psi blades first, the reason for this is so you can harras, farm up and lane easily, but the biggest reason is that meld is next to useless without the range.

you choose for yourself whether you want to level up refraction or meld, both can be used for escaping any sticky situations, also not very many people know that you can't move while you are in meld as it breaks the invis (don't put your chances on it though, their team could easily chicken some dust and finish you off)

traps are taken at lv 6,11 and 16. use them to ward and avoid ganks. but also use them in ganks or to get your self some early kills.

Item build:

Many common items seen in a TA build are desolator and assault cuirass, you will not be seeing these items in this build because the armour reduction aura/ corruption orb that lowers armour DOES NOT STACK WITH MELD. and i see it in almost ever game where TA is played in.

Early game build:

take a set of tangoes, 3 GG branches and wand recipe if in side lanes.

if in mid lane take set of tangoes, a chicken,3 GG branches and a healing salve.

with the reamiander gold either save it or spend it on stuff like a clarity or to make a bracer later on.

your core early game build should follow as this:

power treads strength/agility
magic wand
and possible a bracer if you wish.

late early to early mid game:

here you must read the play of the game, for example:1, can i farm well?2, am i farming well with a few deaths?3, am i absolutely feeding off the other team?4, am i feeding their team?

if 1 then start farming up your first major core item Eye of Skadi, if 2 then make a linkens sphere/ kelens dagger, if 3 create radiance and finish the game and if 4: LEAVE THE GAME NOW YOU NOOB.

i prefer to go for EoS first most of the time as it provides pure god -likeness. as it provides a slow with every attack. also its not that hard to farm up the piont booster first so you have good stats.

kelens dagger and linkens sphere are both situational on who you are versing, i simply cannot deny the dagger in most games because just the mind games will kill your oponent in confusion.

Radiance is my replacement for stygian desolator for example: they provide;
+60 damage
deso gives corruption which is pointless and does NOT stack with meld which is her own corruption
radiance provides an immolation aura, which means you have practicaly won the game before it has started.

other items such as buriza are also very usefull, once you have farmed up all the items above then you can also make room for either a bkb or a HoT.

mid mid to late mid:

you should have at least 1 to 1 and a half of these core items by this time.

late game

you should have farmed up:

kelens dagger
eye of skadi

this should be your finall core build (it can't get better than this:

Kelens dagger
Eye of Skadi

Startegies to kill/flee:


meld and hope the enemy is stupid
meld and wait 7 seconds, then blink with dagger and start melding again.
place traps as you run to slow them down
activate refraction and hope for the best

OR my favourite of
activate refraction, activate meld, start attacking them. when the foe notices that you are taking no damgae yet you are on 10 health they will get scared of you and run. like this you have just turned a whole situation around.


place traps, meld by traps, wait for enemy to pass, activate trap, attack to break from meld, use refraction, 1 it, 2 hit, 3 hit, 4 hit, 5 hit, DEAD

activate refraction, place and activate trap instantly by hero, stat running and screaming at the top of your voice, meld next to him and select hi as a target to attck immediatley afterwards, use refraction, DEAD

Blink in, meld and refraction, when he runs use trap.

all these strateggies are similar wit other items, just if your going to do any of these please turn your radiance of and only turn it back on once your next to your foe or else it will give your whole cover away.


there are many heroes that counter her and some items too.

the heroes that counter her are the heroes that have lots of dps like

Huskar - burning spears
venomancer - poison
twinhead dragon - liquid fire
viper - poison
Bristleback - quills/bristleback

items that counter

radiance (hardcore counter)

I am yet to ad images and other content to this guide as it is unfinished in its current state

Lanaya the Templar Assassin
Author: avantor
Map Vers.: 6.67c

Templar Assassin immolation

Templar Assasin

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