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Terrorblade, the Soul Keeper

Table of content

1. Introduction
2. Summing up Terrorblade
3. Abilities
4. Skill build
5. Item build
6. Gameplay
7. Allies and counters
8. Conclusion
9. Replays

1. Introduction

Since the rework of Terrorblade recently, the hero has become one of my favorites. To be honest, I've always sucked at him before. The rework has turned Terrorblade into a killing machine early game against weak hit points heroes, significantly improved his ability to survive early game, reduced a lot of his mana usage and given him an escape mechanism. To sum up, he has been hugely buffed. He was so buffed that the first time I chose him after months of taking a break from DotA (true story), I got a Godlike and a Rampage in a pub game after having farmed well.

The reason I wrote this guide is that the good Terrorblade guides have all been outdated, also because I like this hero and I 'think' I'm good at him. Now, let the guide begin.

2. Summing up Terrorblade

Roles of Terrorblade:

Carry: Terrorblade is a powerful carry hero. With the right items in late game, Terrorblade can easily deal large amounts of damage in a short time, since his DPS is huge. Terrorblade gets powerful before heroes like Troll, Void, Mortred, which gives him the ability to kill them earlier in the game.

Ganker: This is just a minor role for Terrorblade. Jungle, get red health, pop out, Sunder an enemy hero, Reflection, Metamorphosis, hit hit hit. Dead hero. Watch out for Bloodseeker though.

Counter-gank: A red HP Terrorblade is not easy to kill. Make sure you always spare 200 mana (before level 11) to Sunder an enemy hero that think he can take you down.

Pusher: Terrorblade's huge DPS gives him the ability to take down towers quickly on his own.

Pros of Terrorblade:

High DPS: Zeal gives +50 Increased Attack Speed at level 4 and Metamorphosis allows damage dealt to be increased by 35 and 40% (20% each illusion).

Sunder: Sunder is one of the most powerful spells in the game. It allows Terrorblade to survive and lower the health of an enemy hero significantly, allowing Terrorblade and allies to kill him easily. Additionally, sometimes enemy heroes are afraid to gank Terrorblade because he might have Sunder up his sleeve which can turn the gank around.

HP regeneration: The recent +5 HP regeneration of Zeal has allowed Terrorblade to stay in lane longer and farm with less difficulties.

AoE slow ability: Reflection allows a 35% AS and MS slow, as well as dealing minor damage to enemy heroes.

Cons of Terrorblade:

Weak hit points: Although Terrorblade has Sunder which helps him survive, Terrorblade has no real escape mechanism and is vulnerable to team ganks. Sunder might be able to take one of the heroes down.

Low base attack speed: This is solved with Zeal.

No real escape mechanism: mentioned above.

Item dependent: Terrorblade cannot own late game if he can't farm or is outleveled.

3. Abilities

  • Terrorblade has average starting attack damage, high armor and movespeed.
  • At level 25, without items, Terrorblade has a HP of 1670, MP of 1053, damage of 144-150, armor of 18.8, STR of 80, AGI of 118, INT of 81.

Terrorblade brings forth a dark reflection of all enemy units in a small area. Affected units are slowed and attacked by their reflections for 5 seconds. 20%/25%/30%/35% AS and MS slow, illusions deal 35%/45%/55%/65% damage.

  • As you can see, the changes in level up focuses on the damage dealt by illusions, which means it's more useful in late game. A 20% slow during early game is powerful enough to chase enemy heroes.

  • Does not create illusion from Roshan or ancients.

  • Goes through magic immunity.

  • Illusions are untargetable, invulnerable, and can only attack their source.

  • Slow affects invisible units.

4. Skill build

In my opinion, there is only one effective skill build for Terrorblade.

1. Reflection
2. Zeal
3. Metamorphosis
4. Metamorphosis
5. Metamorphosis
6. Sunder
7. Metamorphosis
8. Zeal
9. Zeal
10. Zeal
11. Sunder
12. Reflection
13. Reflection
14. Reflection
15. Stats
16. Sunder

Skill build explanation:
  • Reflection at level 1 can be used to get first blood or save yourself from being first blood-ed. Additionally, level 1 Zeal doesn't help much, and level 1 Metamorphosis basically creates a ranged version of Terrorblade and no illusions. A level 1 Reflection's slow is powerful enough to chase down enemy heroes, and it is spammable due to the low mana cost. Reflection can be used to disrupt HP/MP regeneration of enemy heroes.
  • Zeal at level 2 is again, more effective than Metamorphosis. If any damage is dealt at level 1, you can slowly regain them and continue farming.
  • Then Metamorphosis is quickly maxed out in order to give Terrorblade to ability to kill early game. At level 7, Terrorblade is quite hard to gank.

5. Item build


Starting items are pretty basic and can be changed accordingly to the player.

6. Gameplay

Early game (level 1-7):

Take bottom lane or middle lane (if no other heroes need middle lane). Just farm, farm and farm, and kill if you can. Do not engage in battles. If you sense heroes ganking you, run and hide. Try to get early kills with Reflection and Metamorphosis.

Middle game (level 8-15):

You should have gotten Power Treads and Helm of the Dominator in this period, if you haven't, continue farming. With level 4 Metamorphosis and level 4 Zeal, you can kill low HP enemy heroes on your own. Continue farming for late game items. If you have Sange and Yasha and Dominator, you can solo Roshan or with the help of allies. If the enemy team has nukers/disablers, you should probably get a Black King Bar first before joining in team battles.

Late game (level 16-):

With Dominator, Sange and Yasha and maybe Black King Bar, Terrorblade kills heroes easily and is very hard to kill. Be confident. Find heroes that are on their own and take them down. In combat, take down the enemy hero with the lowest hit point first.

7. Allies and counters

Best allies:

Heroes with long duration stuns/disables: Terrorblade deals massive damage in a short time as long as that hero doesn't run away. So any hero which can help Terrorblade solve this problem is a great ally.


Heroes which can take down your illusions in a short time: The quicker they wipe out your illusions, the quicker they know which one is the real Terrorblade. Also greatly decreases your DPS if your illusions are killed.

Bloodseeker: He can kill you before you even try to Sunder someone with your red health.

Silencers: No metamorphosis + no sunder = Dead terrorblade.

Mana burners: Same reason as silencers.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, Terrorblade is a deadly hero late game when he is well-farmed, and is not a hard hero to play. I hope you learned something from this guide.

9. Replays

Replay #1
Replay #2
Replay #3

  • They are all version 1.24e, and the folder is WarCraft IIIMapsDownloadsDotA Allstars. Sorry for any time-wasting inconvenience caused by that.
  • They are all played by me and in pub games.

Hope you guys enjoyed my guide.
Thanks for reading.

Terrorblade the Soul Keeper
Author: psychic_unown
Map Vers.: 6.72f

A guide to Terrorblade

Terrorblade, the Soul Keeper

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