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The Art of Sucking

Guide written by CyberTech

Alt + Tab Mini-Guide

Skill Build:






This is my second guide so far, and I've decided to write about my favourite hero this time. I'm kind of surprised that there's only one guide on this whole forum about Enigma, and it's for version 6.61b. I think that Enigma deserves something better. Or maybe everyone think that Enigma-ing is very easy, that it isn't even necessary to read or write a guide. I'm going to write this guide to prove them wrong. Even if we're really good at something, we can still improve, and make it better. I'm going to be updating this guide a lot, so feel free to give ideas (don't worry about credits).

Basic Information

Enigma is concidered a top-tier hero, but I don't see him getting picked very often. Because he's being constantly banned, players often think that he isn't worth mastering, since it's a rare sight to not see him in the ban list. Some even concider playing enigma as booring, since his skills are rather dull, dark, look really slow, not colorful. Enigma is really good at jungling, which gives the opportunity for all 3 lanes to go solo. He's also famous for his fast-farming capabilities, which give opponents a hard time keeping up. Enigma has a lot of mana issues, even with his high int growth, and is very fragile. Here I shall show you the true power of jungling and positioning for enigma.


17 + 2.1
14 + 1
20 + 3.4

• very good jungling capabilities
• 2nd highest int gain
• high str gain
• high starting armor
• a very fast farmer
• very good at ganking early
• synergy with every AOE spellcasters
• item independant
• can out-level and out-farm a solo hero

• low starting strength
• has a lot of mana issues
• very fragile, even with his str gain
• ultimate has a long cooldown and is channeling
• very vulnernable to disables

As you can see, he has a lot more pros than cons, but his ultimate has 2 cons, which is enough to make up for his pros.


Focuses Darchrow's hatred on a target, causing it to take damage over time and become repeatedly stunned.

Type: Active
Manacost: 110
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Casting Range: 600
Duration: 2 seconds
Allowed Targets: Enemy
Effects: 30 damage every 2 seconds

• Damage type: magical
• The stuns and damage are still applied even if the unit runs into fog.


Your primary ganking/chasing skill. Deals nice damage and allows you, your eldolons, your allies to catch up to your target and eliminate it. This spell prevents your target from tp-ing away for 6 seconds on level 4. Can be used for escaping too. Works best when ambushing someone with eldolons.

Demonic Conversion
Splits a creep into 3 malevolent aspects of itself, coming under your control.

Type: Active
Manacost: 170
Cooldown: 35 seconds
Casting Range: 700
Duration: 35 seconds
Allowed Targets: Non-hero/Non-ancient
Effects: Spawns 3 Lesser Eidolons

• The converted enemy unit will give you gold bounty and experience.
• Eidolons will multiply when they have attacked 6 times. When this happens their health is restored.

Summoned Unit Statistics:

Level: 1 (12 experience)
HP: 180
HP regen: 0.25
Mana: -
Mana regen: -
Damage: 16-24 (Normal)(450)
Armor: 2 (Heavy)
Movespeed: 250
BAT: 1.5
Missile speed: 900
Damage point/backswing: 0.4/0.77
Casting point/backswing: 0.3/0.51
Vision day/night: 1200/800
Acquisition range: 800
Type: Summoned
Bounty: 22-36
Hand of Midas: 44-72
Ability: Spell Resistance - 50% resistance against spell damage.

A very powerful jungling/ganking/pushing tool. Even though they're vurnernable to physical attacks, clearing them with spells is really hard. If used properly, they can kill a support hero by themselves, if he's reckless enough and greedy enough not to run away. Eldolons can dish out a huge amount of damage early game. More about their usage shall be explained in the Gameplay section.

Midnight Pulse
Steeps an area in dark magic, causing all opponents who dare enter to take damage.

Type: Active
Manacost: 95
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Casting Range: 500
Area of Effect: 400
Duration: 8 seconds
Allowed Targets: Enemy
Effects: 3% max life lost per second

• Damage type: magical
• Damage goes through magic immunity.
• Destroys trees in its area.

Very powerful late-game spell. Can only unleash it's true potential if the targets are disabled for a few seconds. Works really well with Black Hole. If Black Hole is in cooldown, you can malefice-midnight pulse combo your opponent. Blink ahead of you opponent to block his way, making him stay in the area of Midnight Pulse, if you can.

Black Hole
Summons the powers from the darkest abyss, creating a vortex that sucks all nearby enemies closer, dealing damage.

Type: Active
Manacost: 200
Cooldown: 200 seconds
Casting Range: 250
Area of Effect: 400*/500**/150***
Duration: 4 seconds
Allowed Targets: Enemy
Effects: 30 damage at range, 60 damage close up

• Damage type: magical
• (*) Pull AoE
• (**) Far damage AoE
• (***) Close damage AoE
• Disable works on magic immune units.
• Completely disables all caught enemies.

This is Enigma's signature skill. Black Hole is one of the most feared ultimates of all time. With this spell, you can completely disable the whole enemy team if positioned right. When combined with Midnight Pulse, can easily bring down enemy team's hit points to 50%. When using this, try to catch as much enemy heroes as possible. This is the priority of targets:
• disabler
• spellcaster
• supporter
• carry
• tank

Skill Build

Level 1 Demonic Conversion
Level 2 Malefice
Level 3 Demonic Conversion
Level 4 Malefice
Level 5 Demonic Conversion
Level 6 Black Hole
Level 7 Demonic Conversion
Level 8 Malefice
Level 9 Malefice
Level 10 Midnight Pulse/Stats
Level 11 Black Hole
Level 12 Midnight Pulse
Level 13 Midnight Pulse
Level 14 Midnight Pulse
Level 15 Stats/Midnight Pulse
Level 16 Black Hole
Demonic Conversion is taken at level 1,3 so we can go jungling immediately. Malefice is taken at level 2 and 4. On level 5 a lot of players can't decide whether to take Malefice or Demonic Conversion. I personally take Demonic Conversion, since the only difference between level 2 and level 3 Malefice is damage and increased mana, which you don't need, while Greater Eldolons are much stronger compared to Eldolons. I personally max out Eldolons first. Black Hole is taken whenever possible. On level 10 you may take stats if you think that survivability is needed, and midnight pulse can wait. Take Midnight Pulse on level 12-15 if you took stats on level 10.

Item Build


- ring of basilius allows your Eldolons tank a lot more, while giving you some mana regeneration. It's a bit risky though, as you may lose a lot more mana than you can regenerate.

- cheap mana regeneration while your Eldolons take damage. Use it right after you have created Eldolons.


- chick for your team if noone gets it. Allows you to buy some clarities while you farm.

- an essential item for Enigma. Very cheap mana-regeneration.

- cheap mana regeneration while your Eldolons take damage. Use it right after you have created Eldolons.


- probably the best item in competitive games. Give you the ability to counter-gank, but with Enigma's high manacost spells and their long cooldown, only 7+ charges or so ought to do the trick. Good for regenerating HP for a fragile hero like Enigma though. Upgrade to Magic Wand () if needed.

- best stat-giving item in the game for it's price. Like the description says, wearing one of this ensures a Good Game. Two of these - Great Game.

- allows you to endure on a lane if being harassed constantly.

- cheap mana regeneration while your Eldolons take damage. Use it right after you have created Eldolons.


- I consider this item Enigma's core. Although Enigma doesn't have that much HP, but soul ring allows him to cast one more spell if he needs it. Farming soul ring is not a problem for Enigma, and Soul Ring will give him the opportunity to perma-jungle. Getting this may delay your blink dagger, so you may skip it if you think you can get a dagger in time.

- I reccommend that you get this and keep it, especially if you're going with the pushing strat.

- the most important item for Enigma, no matter what guide, what build, whatever you're reading, this is a MUST. Noone's gonna let you slowly float in and blackhole them to death. Either they kill you, either they run away. Getting this item too early will only increase Enigma's mana issues, so I reccommend you get it after soul ring.

- upgrading boots isn't need imho. If you get power threads, you waste 25% attack speed. Get phase boots, waste damage and phase. If you phase for chasing, you'll have to wait 15 seconds for Malefice, and in that time you're vulnernable to a counter-gank. Phasing for blackhole is not needed: get blink. I leave boots as it is, so I can upgrade it to BoT late game.

- with blink dagger and wards, you can effectively ambush roaming/jungling/stalking opponents. Read this very detailed guide about warding.


- best ensurance for your Black Hole against disablers and stunners. Gives you nice amount of hit points to sustain some physical hits.


- allows you to cast double Black Hole. If placed right, 1 midnight pulse + 2 black holes = enemy team is down to 30% hit points. Adds a lot of mana issues to Enigma.

- best disabling item in the game. Works well for every hero. Solves Enigma's mana issues. Though singletarget.

- armor boost is great for survivability, Slow Aura for anti-carry. Arctic Blast works well with Black Hole, Slowing everyone and dealling moderate damage. Gives a lot of mana.

- very good survival item for any hero. If disabled, allows Enigma to survive long enough to cast Black Hole.

- provides great mobility, allows you to buy-back teleport, if ambushed, to assist your team in defending or clashing. Great for counterpushes or mass-pushing.


- not very good on enigma, since he'll probably be missing a lot of action when jungling. For it's cheap price, might work well as a substitute for Soul Ring. Get this if your team has hardcore gankers, and you can assit them to get some charges for later use.

- get this if you can't afford to buy blink dagger early, or are constantly disabled by Zeus, Spectre.

- works very well when you're going for support Enigma. Farming this will not be a big issue, so if your team is in need of some supporting, don't hesitate and get this.

- buy this if the enemy team has a lot of nukers, AOE spells or initiators. Pipe is not used only to soak up some damage, the huge green effect is also used for mind games. Imagine a huge army with giant green spheres covering half of the screen: this will give you the opportunity to initiate first, while the enemy team is still trying to make the right decision.

- soul ring solves mana problems, and you won't be able to afford energy booster while jungling, since about 9/10 times while jungling you're gonna scrape off the neutral creeps about 400 gold, using every single drop of your mana and 2 claritys that you bought in the beginning, allowing you to buy a sobi mask and a clarity. Soul ring probably does a better job, since you will be using it mainly for creating eldolons or maleficing someone. Although, this newly introduced item might work nice if you're going for a fast push strat.

- take this if the enemy team has ultimate disables like Doom, Primal Roar, Reaper's Scythe etc.

- Black Hole + Necromicon is a very powerful combo. Allows you to chase after invisible heroes, burn some mana while you suck them all. Grants minor survivability.

- probably the most logic-lacking item in the game. Grants you a lot of agility, which you'll be unable to use on ethereal units. Get this item if there's a hardcore carry on the enemy team (especially Sniper).


- leave these items for your carry.

- your farming capabilities are already super high. Getting this will only delay your core.

- really high price, only good for kill stealing. Will delay your other items heavily.


Early Game
Time for you to hit the jungle. This will probably the most booring part of the game, since your only friends are going to be eldolons and angry neutral creeps.

1) Farming in Sentinel jungle:

Here's the jungle layout:

Go and wait for the rune, protect an ally so he can ward safely. Stand to the right of camp 7, so you can prevent:
a) Scourge heroes from pull-blocking and safe-warding
b) Sentinel heroes from safe-warding


After 30 seconds have gone by, start farming in spot 10. Then you can proceed to spot 11 or 9 with 6 multiplied Eldolons. In spot 11 your Eldolons will mostly die or expire, so try to focus on the big creep, while leaving the small one for conversion. Spot 9 is the same as spot 11, but you have a wider choice after finishing this camp. It's best if you finish spot 9, move to spot 8, multiply there, and go ambush the bottom lane. With 6 eldolons you're able to dish out a tremendous amounth of physical damage. Combined with your ally's slow, stun or just auto-attack, your malefice, you have 80% of grabbing a kill.


Bone Fletcher was full on HP, and I was able to pull it down to this state by:
-attacking him twice
-Malefice once
-12 hits from Dire Eldolons

Repeat that process and you've got yourself a good early game.

2) Farming in Scourge jungle:

Here's the jungle layout:

Stand to the right of camp 1, a little bit to the left of the rock that blocks sight to the top rune. If you stand there, you prevent:
a) Scourge Heroes from safe-warding
b) Sentinel heroes from safe-warding and pull-blocking


After 30 seconds, go to camp 3, then go to camp 5. I don't reccommend going to camp 4, since stronger creeps are in camp 5, and you can take them out for more exp with multiplied eldolons. Aim for the big creep, leave the small one for conversion. After you convert the small one, camp 3 should be ready, return to camp 3, and your eldolons will likely expire by now. Go to camp 4, convert, kill, go to camp 2 if noone is pulling, or go to camp 1 if camp 2 is occuppied. In camp 1 convert the small one, kill the big one, wait for them to multiply, ambush the top lane (concidering that they have no wards), grab a kill or two.


Troll was full on HP, and I was able to pull it down to this state by:
-attacking him twice
-Malefice once
-12 hits from Dire Eldolons

Repeat the jungling process.

• when facing furbolgs and centaurs, try to make eldolons stand separately to avoid Thunder Claps and War Stomps.
• try to make one eldolon being targeted by only 1 creep. If you disperse damage like that, then by the time all of 3 Eldolons reach low health, they'll multiply.
• convert the orange/brown Ogre instead of the blue one. Blue one doesn't cast frost armor, so there's no point.
• when facing the Dark Troll, try to kill the blue one first, so skeletons could be summoned for more exp. Be careful, skeletons can dish out a fair amount of damage.
• cast demonic conversion on your own Eldolons when facing Mud Golems.

Going solo is another good option for Enigma. When soloing, you can out-farm any other solo laner with your free deny spell, dominate the whole lane and push at the same time.

First thing is to pick a lane. If you're Sentinel, go top, if you're Scourge, go bot. These lanes tend to be safe spots for enemy carries to farm, but as your allied creeps will be close to the enemy tower most of the time, pushing will be very easy.

To completely dominate the lane, use demonic conversion on creeps outside of enemy's exp-gain range (1000) as much as possible.

Solo strategy is very simple, so there's not much to talk about and illustrate here.

Mid Game

You should have your blink dagger by now, and lets assume that you're level 9-10. If your team is turtling, then you shouldn't go for a push, instead, help your teammates in ganking. All you have to do is Blink => Convert ANYTHING => Malefice target => Select eldolons and right click on target => Black Hole.
Remember to use Black Hole whenever you can, even if it's meant to be used to kill a single target or save an ally (not on creeps, no). If you only have semi-carries, take down a tower a two for some gold. Remember that Eldolons can be used on Meaet Wagons or Glaive Throwers too, so whenever you see one, cast one it (the enemy one), for easy gold and a fast push. If you see an ally in need, spawn Eldolons and order them attack the chaing target. In a lot of cases they would just be too busy chaisng your ally, not caring about 43-51 damage Eldolons shooting them, until it's too late.

Late Game

The true moment for Enigma to shine. This is the time where a single Black Hole can decide the outcome of the battle. In this phase, Eldolons lose their usefulness against heroes, but are still powerful for pushes and defending. Malefice's stun is more important now than never, and a single midnight pulse can scare away the whole enemy team. Even without your ultimate, you can still prove your usefulness to your team, by quietly Eldolon + Malefice combo-ing the supporter that stands behind the enemy lines. Midnight Pulse in the middle of the battle and your enemies will have 2 choices:
a) Disperse and get hit while running
b) Continue casting spells/attacking while losing health
Be careful though, timing your blackhole is absolutely crucial. If noone follows up to your Black Hole, you're as good as a sitting duck.

Blink Tips

• try not to stay behind your team, try going on a parrallel HORIZONTAL line with them.


• try to stand on hills, cliffs to prevent enemies just rushing in and killing you if they spot you.


• use wards to assit your blinking if you can. I.e. in pushes, try to place a ward behind the enemy tower, so you can position your blink perfectly.


• if it's really necessary, use black hole to disable your opponents, allowing your blink dagger to re-enable. You will have 1 or more seconds to dagger away.

Good Allies
- with these initiating maniacs, a single combo of 3 will send your enemies straight to hell (or heaven).

- you suck, they rock.

- they need a little bit of time to execute their spells, and your Black Hole gives them what they want.

- Enigma is able to take out 2 towers in a row all by himself, and combined with these guys, pushing potential is near limitless.
NOTE: watch out for Earthshaker.

- good ally for all heroes with powerful channeling spells. Even diffusal blade won't really do any good against this guy, since with spell shield you're free to blink in and set up a perfect Black Hole without any worries.

Bad Enemies

- the famous combo-breaker. Blink in and watch yourself being pummled to death.

- has 3 stunning abilities, one his long ranged, ultimate that prevents you being able to stay near Eldolons. He can initiate even and destroy your teammates before you, so watch out.

- he was just made to counter Enigma. A single Doom and LVL?Death can kill you already. If not, he'll just run up to you and chop you a few times. Done.

- with his ridiculous range, he'll just camp in the woods and wait for you to show up. If you Black Hole his comrades, Headshot will solve all his problems.

- this drunk panda has an ace up his sleave: Primal Split. All 3 pandas are immune to your blackhole, so if you don't have that bkb, get ready to be interrupted every time.

- blinking away from her shall be a problem. Silence to prevent you from stunning/sucking, frost arrows to disable blink. Really really annoying.

- all your skills cost 140+ mana. Cast all spells near his Nether Ward and you'll find yourself counting numbers on the scoreboard.

- Thundergod's Wrath will cancel your dagger, and even if you manage to cast Black Hole, his Lightning Bolt with it's ridiculous casting range will stop you.

- beware of this run-away christmas toy, as it will hunt you down till you beg for mercy if you don't have any bodyguards (Eldolons, Allies).

- Vengeful Spirit is not a complete counter. If you go for jungling strat, you'll give VS hard time roaming, since in a 1 vs 1 situation, Enigma has the upper hand. But when laning, a stun can easily take 1/3 of your max hp, and if followed by another nuke/stun/disable, you're as good as dead. Late game is where VS will be a complete counter to enigma, since her/it's wave of terror will most likely prevent you from positioning a perfect Black Hole, and even if you manage to place it, 1200 range Nether Swap will deal with you and your bkb. Better equip yourself with a linken's sphere.

- this is not just an ordinary grizzly bear, but this is a grumpy grizzly bear. Let him farm up his dagger and he'll just get up close and personal, smack you a few times before you can react.

This is a friendly game between 2 clans, but the pressure is still on. Replay for Jungle Enigma.
Map Version: 6.67c
Mode: -ap
War Patch: 1.24e
Game Length: 122.24 min

Near.NateRiver (Captain)
[Vang]_ToPro (Captain)
[RUS]Maniac (me)

Download Replay Here: Attachment 23912

ADC 2010 Nirvana.CN vs XTC. Solo Enigma game 1.
Map Version: 6.68c
Mode: -cm
War Patch: 1.24e
Game Length: 42.56 min

XtC-XuL- (Captain)
Nirvana.zhou (Captain)

Download Replay Here: Attachment 26318

ADC 2010 Nirvana.CN vs XTC. Solo Enigma game 2.

Map Version: 6.68c
Mode: -cm
War Patch: 1.24e
Game Length: 78.32 min

Nirvana.zhou (Captain)
XtC-XuL- (Captain)

Download Replay Here: Attachment 26319

In Conclusion
I hope that after reading this guide, you would take our beloved blue geenie for a spin around the map, purifying the forrest from the wretched trolls, assaulting everyone with cute little Eldolons, and most of all, hope you would suck even more.

• guide started
• added replay
• submited in draft mode
• added screenshots
• added sniper to Bad Enemies
• added guide and forum version
• fixed wrong [img] code in Item section (credits to Monsterlord)
• fixed [Color] code in Skills section (credits to KuroNeko)
• changed Basic Information content
• fixed a few typos (credits to Leukos_Arapis)
• added Arcane Boots to Situational (credits to FunnyWarfare)
• added Magic Stick/Magic Wand to Situational Items
• added Omniknight to Good Allies
• added Earthshaker to Bad Enemies
• added Ursa Warrior to Bad Enemies (credits to MiLjAn_94)
• removed hyperlink from author's name
• removed guide/forum version due to hyperlink issues
• added Vengeful Spirit to Bad Enemies (credits to theagg)
• changed description for Pugna in Bad Enemies.
• added Urn of Shadows to Situational Items (credits to andreacirri)
• added Mekansm to Situational Items (credits to Unnamed_)
• added Khadar's Pipe of Insight to Situational Items (credits to Unnamed_)
• fixed various typos in Basic Information
• added another variant for Early Game (credits to FunnyWarfare)
• added Solo variants for Starting Items
• moved Magic Stick to Solo Variant 1 Starting Items
• added two replays for Solo Enigma (credits to FunnyWarfare)
• added description for Clarity Potions
• added some details for replays
• added Pandaren Brewmaster to Bad Enemies (credits to radstylix)
• reworked Gameplay layout
• added Observer Wards to Support Starting Items (credits to XenoBlaze)
• added Ethereal Blade to Situational Items
• updated Eldolon stats
• updated Jungling section, due to some recent changes
• updated malefice notes (credits to mr.loes)

Highest Rating Reached:9.31/10

Darchrow the Enigma
Author: CyberTech
Map Vers.: 6.71b

Enigma Guide

The Art of Sucking

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