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A Pair of Boots/Shoes/Heels Goes A Long Way

by LightRedemption

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • The Boots
  • Boots of Speed
  • Tranquill Boots
  • Phase Boots
  • Power Treads
  • Arcane Boots
  • Boots of Travels
  • Multi-Boots Argument
  • No Boots Argument
  • Closing & Credits


After the release of 6.73b, the New Year celebration and all the laziness that came afterwards with the advent of the discovery of many of my new illnesses, I decided to go update my old guides to the new standards. After a few hours, I decide to put in motion this idea I've had for a long time. This yet again delays my Guide on Positioning's efforts, but I'm willing to look past that, since that guide is a hell bent of trouble anyways.

This guide is, first and foremost, an value evaluation of what the boots (as of 6.74c) are worth. This idea has gotten in my head after being forced to go shopping with <certain people> and having to do it the credit card-friendly way. So, I might as well apply the same principles for DotA while I'm at it. So, what this guide aims to do is to teach you what you should buy for your hard-earned money, with the intentions of getting the best for your expense in mind. Now, I'v added prime candidates for specific pair of boots. Remember, those are nothing but EXAMPLES. DotA is versatile, and those I mentioned are NOT the only one, nor shoudl you strictly follow the list to the letter.

The Boots

+55 movement speed

Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed, unlike some of you may think, it's very fine as it is, and it is not obliged to be upgraded. Despite the boots upgrade themselves are extremely cost effective, it is not out of fashion for some specific heroes in specific situations to avoid them. The +55 burst of ms is very nice already, and some can live with just that. However, now that Tranquill Boots are out, and they are generally dirt cheap, if you want some minor boots upgrades you can always go for it. The bad thing is that it makes lone Boots of Speed heroes in rarer.

Prime candidates for Boots of Speed only heroes are:

Supporters that can't make it without the ms, but afterwards have better items to aim for rather than boots upgrades, such as . They can skip out most boots upgrades entirely, and if they feel like they need that extra edge, can aim for to remedy most of the problems they face early game.

Early farmers. Now, even though they make VERY good use of the boots, sometimes it's just not worth it to delay that Radiance by a few minutes. Sometimes they already have that to aim for, considering early protection. It's when the boots upgrade would only inevitably delay their even further without proving to be no actual profitable investments at all.

Tranquill Boots

Tranquill Boots a.k.a IceFrog's Christmas present has dropped down its domination in the form of socks. Now it might not be the most threatening nor exclusive item out there, it has several percs compared to other boots upgrade. First off, it's dirt cheap. Second, it's mother damning cost effective, providing a constant passive-like regeneration, while also being the boots with the 2nd highest passive ms. It can now be disassembled, meaning it just got all the more better. It is now extremely good and can be gotten on pretty much anybody. I wouldn't recommend so though, as there are cases where you can use the other boots' actives better.

Prime candidates for Tranquill Boots heroes are:

Anyone hero that you don't have any other boots to build on. Tranquill Boots gets outclassed easily, so if you planning a boots upgrades for keeps, generally this isn't the one for you. However, if you actually want to do that, you can use them on good ranged heroes that doesn't expose herself/himself too often. is a prime example of a hero NOT to build these boots on.

However, you can get it on almost virtually ANY hero in the game during the laning phase. Passive playing-wise, Tranquill Boots trumps Boots + Ring of Regeneration any day, so you can always get it even you just FEEL like it. It's expendables and should be treated as such. You can also get it and disassemble it for an early Vlads later should the time calls for it.

Phase Boots

Phase Boots has always been an up-down popularity item ever since it was released. However, after years of being experimented on, it has finally found its merits. It offers the dps/ratio rivaling that of Ironwood Branch. If that doesn't sound good enough for you, find any items that costs less than 500 gold, is slot effective that holds ANY competition to a 58 gold/damage pair of boots. That's why it's able to survive despite stiff competitions from all the newfangled boots. Remember, the phase active is dispelled upon skill activation as well as phasing means you can't crit/bash.

Prime candidates for Phase Boots heroes are:

Heroes that uses the burst speed AND appreciates the increase in damage. Phase is best for straight up damage and chasing, provided you use the active well-placed. Catching to heroes with Phase is easy enough and it also means you wouldn't choke on range while chasing.

Power Treads

Power Treads, the original boots upgrade, has come a LONG way since its early days back in pre-6.60. Now, it is struggling trying to find a niche. Standing dps is no longer what is used to be, greatly diminishing the need for the early IAS burst. Also, if you're not abusing the attribute switch, the +8 stats would soon leave you wondering whether that money spent on upgrading boots would've been better investing into a different active from the other boots. Despite all these shortcomings, Power Treads' attribute change has a certain niche, shuffling around with and/or to gain more benefits that you should have.

Prime candidates for Power Treads heroes are:

Heroes that have no business getting other boots' actives, while can generally use the IAS well. The stats is the icing on the cake, but it all counts nonetheless. Or else it's definitely not worth it. It's hard to find Power Treads -exclusive heroes nowadays, since dps-centric heroes can always appreciate a lot of other things to add to their arsenal that's not just straight up IAS.

As for a closer look at the stats manipulation, I suspect a quote here works best
Originally Posted by Kaedy
The Stat Manipulation
Well I will explain you some basic things that you can do with power treads. Power treads (Int) gives you 8 points of intelligence, which is equivalent to 13 X 8 = 104 mana. Switching the mode of the treads will sometimes always benefit you. Here are some shots to explain.

Okay look at my Nevermore. Level 7 with 494 mana. I have an int power treads on. Okay there are two possibilities of using the bottle after I spam all 3 razes and the Requiem in my arsenal.

Note that:
  • A Shadowraze costs 75 mana each.
  • Requiem of Souls costs 150 mana.

Alternative A

1. I spam all my razes and used my ulti.

My mana drops to 124/494.

2. I use the bottle to heal my mana up. I click the bottle in every 3 seconds interval. See how much is my mana now? Its 356/494.

So overall my mana is replenished by 356-124= 232 mana.


Alternative B

1. Spam my razes and ultied. Got my mana to 124/494.

2. Okay this time I change the routine a bit. I changed my treads to str before using up all the charges every 3 seconds interval. Note that my mana now (in str mode) is 102/390.

So now what can you see is my mana was healed to 327/390. the amount of mana healed is 327 - 102 = 225 mana. Not that much difference than in A.

3. I switched my treads back to int and see how my mana fills up to 418/494. Compare the results in A and B. I utilized the treads and gained more mana more efficiently.

Total mana gained in B than A is = 418 - 356 = 62 mana. See the difference? Mind the cheats. I used thedudeabides to reset the cooldowns.

Let's calculate a bit.
An int treads will give you 13 x 8 = 104 mana.

To calculate the amount of percentage, an int treads gives you:

[(Max mana + 104)/Max mana] X 100 = X%

In this case, the max mana (before treads) = 390.

Therefore, [(390 + 104)/390] X 100] = 126.67%

*That means, you gained extra 26.67% from healing yourselves up with the bottle with the benefits of switch attributes provided by Power Treads.

Skeptical? Let's have another calculation.

Mana replenished in A = 232

Mana replenished in B = 225

Mana gained after changing treads to int in B = 62.

It goes, [(225 + 62)/232] X 100 = 123.71%

*Meaning, you gained extra 23.71% mana during the healing because you used your treads wisely. Compare 126.67% with 123.71%. They're near with the probability of errors including but not limited to:
  1. My fingers.
  2. Mana regen per second.(pre-set and from the stats)

This can also apply on your HP as well, when you use salves or tangoes or the bottle to refill your health. Change your treads away from str mode and heal. After the healing's done change it back to str and you can see the difference.

Another case is when getting ganked. When you are fleeing always remember to set your treads to str mode so that you have more health and survivability.

Click here for another example of the benefits of manipulating stats.
Arcane Boots

Also known as Arcane Ring 2.0. For those of you who doesn't know what Arcane Ring is, well you do not need to bother. Why? Because unlike the blue dragon ring, Arcane Boots is here to stay. What does this pair of boots has that others don't? One word: MANA. It gives you unparalleled constant mana manipulation. Soul Ring might be cheaper and easier to build, but for certain heroes it's health cost is a liability they can't afford. Also, it doesn't give max mana, and unlike Arcane Boots would only leave you choking for air if you rely on its regeneration.

Prime candidates for Arcane Boots heroes are:

Spellcasters that spam their spells but would choke on their own mana pool otherwise. It gives them (read) reliable mana usage and would never fail to disappoint. Nothing else but maybe Power Treads give you that kind of mana for your needs, and these heroes have absolutely no business trying to physically dps-ing anything early game at all.

Supporters that would have an awesome time just supporting. They all have minimal mana needs, but can make due without the actives of the other boots and sought out to remedy the mana problems of other heroes in the team.

Boots of Travel

Core for few, reliable extension to their outdated footwear later in the game for others. It gives you EXCLUSIVE travelling ticket. It's a SOLID movement speed boost as well. However, most of the time the heroes that gets the boots gets it for the teleport. It gives you map control, slot effectiveness and SWAGGER. You might realize I use a lot of CAPS emphasizing this pair of boots, but it's definitely worth it. You should generally want it if the game is getting to the backdooring stage and you are without a significantly good mobility skill.

Prime candidates for Arcane Boots heroes are:

No comment on this one. If you need to ask why, then you should probably go see a guide or something.

Ever heard of clone teleportation? Well I never heard of it either. Things is, Meepo can abuse Travels like no problem, just like Tinker. However, it requires somewhere near massive amount of skill to actually use correctly while it would be fatal should you fail. So I advise against doing this, but if you feel like balling, sure, what the heck.

Other than that, almost every single hero in the game can buy a Boots of Travels later in the game, where the building teleportation doesn't cut it anymore. When you want to do that is up to you, but remember, the slot you save is pretty sexy when it matters.

The Multi-Boots Argument

What is this you ask? Well, have you ever seen a guy getting more than 1 pair of boots? What do you think? If you think it's only for the lulz, then well you need some serious eye-opening my friend. First off, I'd like to start you off with a table. Obviously we're talking about multi boots stacking, and movement speed do NOT stack, so I'll compare it to regular boots and of course Boots of Speed isn't going to be in there.

Cost (after subtracting the cost of the first basic) boots52590095010002000
Effects+25 Movement speed, +3 HP Regeneration, +3 Armor, Rejuvenate (active)+5 movement speed, +24 damage, Phase (active)+5 movement speed, +8 selected attribute, +25 attack speed, Switch Attribute (active)+10 movement speed, +250 Mana, +45 movement speed, Teleport (active)

It is clear that looking at things, Boots upgrades are, first and foremost, very cost-efficient. They are also generally slot efficient as well, staying cheap (except Travels, which you should be getting late game anyways). Ask yourself what if getting another pair of boots upgrade strictly NOT because of the movement speed (maybe a minor increase) but because of the extremely cost efficient item worth it? Most of the time it isn't, because there are better cost efficient items for you to spam. However, some times it is. Ever seen a competent coming at you with a active and waiting in the wings? Well, it's a scary thought, and you can do it. I can't tell you why or when, that bit of innovation is up to you.

No Boots Argument

Have you ever seen anything not running without boots 10 mins into the game that hadn't fed 10 lives himself? If you have, and the hero isn't or or then there's something really wrong with that game. However, those heroes CAN make due without any boots at all, at least for a portion of the game, if they don't feel the needs for any particular boots upgrade. Consider when you want to skip the boots, if you have better gold to invest into.

Closing & Credits

I'd like to say I got this idea from Kaedy, but I didn't. However, his work here has helped me tremendously in the inspiration and making of this guide. This guide has come to an end right here, and it might be surprisingly short for all I care. However, there is one motto I'd like to give you:
There is no such thing as free tango
*Kaedy for his guide's material
*IceFrog and the DotA team for the awesome game

Misc guide
Author: Lapis Lazuli
Map Vers.: 6.74c

A Pair of Boots Goes A Long Way

The Bargain's Bin.

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