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The Clinkz Build


Some people who play Invoker will not agree with this build mainly because Invoker has a lot of skills and this build will most likely only use 2-3 of them. Still I have found this to work extremely well in pub games and so decided to write this guide to explain it.

I have called it the Clinkz build just because you play a very similar game to him. Below is a guide to his 4 main skills, Quas, Wex, Exort and Invoke.

I consider this build to be for the those who've played Invoker before and understand his mechanics somewhat. I'm sure this build has been thought up before, however this is how I play him with my own skill build and my own item build.

Core Skills


Each instance of Quas will give you 0.75hp regeneration. At level 7 Quas with three instances that's 15.75hp regen, or 5.25 for each instance.


Each instance will give 2% attack speed and 1% movement speed. At top level it gives 14% attack speed and 7% movement speed per instance.


Gives 3 damage per level. At level 7 that's 21 damage per instance giving a total of +63 damage with three equipped.


Mana Cost: 20/50/80/110

Combines any elements into a spell. Levelling this skill to level 2 as soon as possible is important as you need to have 2 skills equipped mid game.


This build focuses heavily on the use of the skills Alacrity, Ghost Walk and Sun Strike. Below is an explanation of each skill.


Requires: 2 Wex and 1 Exort

Mana Cost: 50

Bonus attack speed (depends on Wex): 30%/40%/50%/60%/70%/80%/90%
Bonus attack damage (depends on Exort): 20/30/40/50/60/70/80

Explanation: This is your most important skill, early game it gives a large bonus to your damage and attack speed needed for last hitting, denying and killing heroes. With such a little mana cost don't be afraid to spam it when a new creep wave comes if you need the gold. Do save it however if your lane partner intends to go in for a hero kill.

Ghost Walk

Requires: 2 Quas and 1 Wex

Mana Cost: 300

Enemy Slow: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%/35%/40%
Self Slow: 30%/25%/20%/15%/10%/5%/0%

Explanation: This is your one escape skill and until late game shouldn't be used for anything else. Late game it can be used for sneaking up on people for the kill, but only when you have the mana for it.

Sun Strike

Requires: 3 Exort

Mana Cost: 175

Delay: 1.75 seconds

Area of Effect: 200

Damage: 75/137.5/200/262.5/325/387.5/450

Explanation: This is really your finishing move. Use it to kill low health heroes on the run. Obviously with the 1.75 second delay, make sure to cast it a little in front of the hero running. It requires practice to get the timing right along with predicting their likely path.

Skill Build

1. Exort
2. Wex
3. Invoke
4. Exort
5. Exort
6. Quas
7. Exort
8. Invoke

After this take Exort, Wex whenever they are available with Exort being your most important skill. Invoke isn't so important as you're not quick casting skills.

Item Build

Starting Items:

Cost: 250 + 150 +180 = 580

Explanation: The stout shield is going towards your later vanguard. Get a few clarity potions and the rest to tangos.

Cost: 875


Cost: 1500

Explanation: Again the ring goes towards your vanguard but also helps keep you out of base for longer. Phase boots are an obvious choice for the extra movement and attack speed.


Cost: 1100

Explanation: I found that having a vanguard has just allowed me to stay out of base for longer and being able to stay that little extra during a fight. Even late game your health without this won't reach much over 1000 and this provides an extra 300hp.


Cost: 1900

Explanation: This and alacrity gives you an insane boost to attack speed. It has a 25 second cooldown, costs 25 mana and gives you +100 attack speed (when cast) and +20% movespeed (when cast) alongside a 17% lifesteal effect. It does however cause you to take 30% added damage. I found the damage you do and the attack speed you have is more than enough to negate the damage taken from a single enemy hero. I don't recommend using it if your going to be targeted in a big group fight or if there are creeps around when you attack.


Cost: 5400

Explanation: The monkey king bar is an ideal item for this build. The True Strike prevents you from missing and the 35% chance to deal 100 bonus damage and mini stun is great. This is the main reason I chose not to include Cold Snap in the skill build.

The rest of your items are up to you and are purely situational I believe. If your against someone else with burst attack damage: Clinkz or Troll for example, a Blade mail might be appropriate.
An Assault Cuirass is very good for the additional attack speed and armor.


Early Game

Your going to want to cast alacrity on yourself when you get it at level 3 and use it to harass and lasthit/deny as much as possible. With such an item dependant build it's important that you farm enough gold. You should have absolutely no problem doing any of those things with your damage output.

If you are partnered with another hero capable of stunning an early game kill is definitely possible.

Keep your eyes open for other Sun Strike opportunities around the map other than your lane. It is the benefit of sun strike being able to cast it anywhere on the map so use it to it's full potential.

Make sure you always cast Alacrity on yourself and have three Exorts on yourself before engaging. At level 3 this combination gives you +29 damage and 30% more attack speed. One more level in Exort at level 4 with Alacrity and 3 Exorts gives you +48 damage with 30% attack speed.

Mid Game

I would consider your mid game to be whenever you have your Mask of Madness, Phase Boots and Vanguard. If you have farmed well I'd say you should be around level 10-12. Your Exort should be around level 4-5 and Wex at level 3-4 depending on which skills you levelled.

Your opening moves should be:
3x Exort:
Mask of Madness:

This combination should give:
+36 Damage (3 level 4 Exorts)
+50 Damage (Alacrity with level 4 Exort)
+12 Damage (Phase boots)
+50% attack speed (Alacrity with level 3 Wex)
+100 attack speed (MoM)
+30 attack speed (Phase Boots)

+98 Damage
+130 Attack Speed
+50% Attack Speed

As you can see your damage goes up exponentially as your Exort increases. With all that attack speed and damage you should have no problem bringing down a lot of heroes in the game.

Make sure you have Ghost Walk equipped as your second skill for your escape. You are still very vulnerable as Invoker with this build, even with your vanguard.

At this stage of the game you can roam for squishy heroes and keep on sun striking.

Late Game

Late game is very similar to mid game but to give you an idea of his damage output some more figures:

Level 25:
This assumes you have got level 7 Exort, Wex and Quas. It also assumes you have your core items only as explained above.

+63 Damage
+80 Damage (Alacrity)
+12 Damage (Phase Boots)
+80 Damage (Monkey king Bar)
+90% Attack Speed (Alacrity)
+100 Attack Speed (MoM)
+30 Attack Speed (Phase Boots)
+15 Attack Speed (Monkey King Bar)

+35% chance to deal 100 bonus damage (Monkey King Bar)

+235 Damage
+145 Attack Speed
+90% Attack Speed

Despite all these figures you are still exceptionally weak. The lifesteal certainly helps but don't expect to stand in the middle and take all the damage you want. Your aim is to burst damage enemy heroes down to nothing.

Feel free to change this build how you want, as this is simply my interpretation of this style of play. That's not to say I've got it right, just that this works for me.

Feedback appreciated!


Kael the Invoker
Author: Richard_Crosby
Map Vers.: 1.00

The Clinkz Build

The Clinkz Build

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