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Darkterror, The Faceless Void
The complete guide of Void

They say he was once human, but his background is shrouded in darkness, even to himself. What we know is that he was thrown into the Void between worlds and has emerged with the power of manipulating time. He can freeze his enemies in time and avoid hits by traveling a split-second back in time, right before receiving the blow. He can briefly rip apart the fabric of space-time to freeze both allies and opponents around him, yet remain free himself to act. It is rumored that he can instantly strike any man in a legion of soldiers, but nobody sees him move...

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Hero Stats

1.2 Pro's and Con's

1.3 Skills and Comments

2.0 Skill Build

2.1 Skill Build Justifacation

3.0 Item Build

3.1 Core Item Build

3.2 Core Item Build Justification

3.3 Luxury Items

3.4 Rejected Items

4.0 How to Play

4.1 Specific Phase Strategies

4.2 Basic Skill Combos

4.3 Specific Skill Strategies

5.0 Good Allies and Bad Enemies

5.1 Good Allies

5.2 Bad Enemies

6.0 Replay

7.0 Credits


1.0 Introduction

Faceless void can be a very strong middle to late-game hero. With good timing and judgement he can be quite the handful to deal with because of all his skills. From being able to dodge spell to jumping from one spot to the other he can be quite the carry/ late-game hero-killer.

1.1 Hero Stats

Base Stats:
Strength: 23 +1.4/level
Agility (Primary): 21 +2.65/level
Intelligence: 15 +1.5/level
Affiliation: Neutral
Base Damage: 58 - 64
Base Armour: 4
Base Move speed: 300
Attack Range: 128 (Melee)

1.2 Pro's and Con's
-Can Perma-bash
-Can disable mass amount of enemies
-Decent Strength
-Decent Agility
-Good survivability with Backtrack and Time Walk
-Can kill 1v1 late-game very well
-Can dodge spells
-Low Intelligence
-Bad Lane control
-Very limited choice of viable items

1.3 Skills and Comments

Time Walk
Quickly moves to a target location and slows the movement and attack of all units at the end of its path for 3 seconds.
All levels: 120 mana, 300 range slow, 13 cool-down, 3 seconds, invulnerable travel
Level 1- 10% slow, 700 range
Level 2- 20% slow, 900 range
Level 3- 30% slow, 1100 range
Level 4- 40% slow, 1300 range
Note: A utility spell. I can be used to dodge spell, escape, chase, slowdown, initiate.

Whenever damage is received, Faceless Void moves a moment back in time to try to dodge that damage. Can backtrack both physical and magical attacks.
All levels: Passive, dodge spell damage and physical
Level 1: 10% chance to dodge damage
Level 2: 15% chance to dodge damage
Level 3: 20% chance to dodge damage
Level 4: 25% chance to dodge damage
Notes: Superb self preservation skill, stacks with Evasion items (Butterfly, Talisman of Evasion), Not really an evasion

Time Lock
Gives a chance that an attack will do bonus damage and lock a unit in time
All levels: Passive, 1 sec stun on hero, 2 sec stun on creep
Level 1: 10% chance, 40 bonus damage
Level 2: 15% chance, 50 bonus damage
Level 3: 20% chance, 60 bonus damage
Level 4: 25% chance, 70 bonus damage
Notes: A basic bash skill, make Faceless Void an able Bash-Lock, magical bonus damage

Faceless Void creates a rip in spacetime causing all units in that area to become trapped for its duration. Faceless Void has a mysterious connection with spacetime that causes him to be unaffected by the sphere. Casting range increases per level.
All levels: AoE of 425, Aghanim's Scepter upgrades this spell
Level 1: Range 500, Duration 2 sec, Mana cost 150
Level 2: Range 550, Duration 3 sec, Mana cost 175
Level 3: Range 600, Duration 4 sec, Mana cost 200
Notes: Ultimate, Aghanim's Scepter upgrades the duration by one second at all levels, it freezes allies, buildings, enemies, doesn't freeze units owned by Dark Terror.

2.0 Skill Build

1.Time Walk
4.Time Lock
8.Time Lock
9.Time Lock
10.Time Lock
12.Time Walk
13.Time Walk
14.Time Walk

2.1 Skill Build Justifacation

This skill build focuses on early game Backtrack and middle game Time Lock. Time Walk at level one is for early game escape and another level right before Chronosphere is for the range increase so that you can more easily jump into a gank but also letting you escape better as dangers start getting pumped up. Chronosphere is gotten whenever possible to maximize ganking potential.

3.0 Item Build

Void has a very small pool of items he can choose from that can make him very viable throughout the game. This can be a down-draw to more experienced players or a good thing for newer players. Of course the item order can change but they all will lead to one group of items.

3.1 Core Item Build

Starting Items:
2x Circlet of Regeneration (150g ea)
2x Ancient Tango of Essification (90g ea)
Ironwood Branch (53g)

After Starting:

+ + = Slippers of Agility (150g) + Circlet of Nobility (185g) + Wraith Band recipe (125g) = Wraith Band (total cost: 460g)

+ + = Slippers of Agility (150g) + Circlet of Nobility (185g) = Wraith Band recipe (125g) = Wraith Band (total cost: 460g)

+ + = Slippers of Agility (150g) + Circlet of Nobility (185g) + Wraith Band recipe (125g) = Wraith Band (total cost: 460g)

Boots of Speed (500g)

+ = Mask of Death (900g) + Mask of Madness recipe (1000g) = Mask of Madness (total cost: 1900g)

+ + = Boots of Speed (500g) + Gloves of Speed (500g) + Boots of Elvenskin (450g) + Power Treads agility (total cost: 1850g)

+ + = Quarterstaff (900g) + Eaglehorn (3300g) + Talisman of Evasion (1800g) = Butterfly (total cost: 6000g)

(135g) Always have one of these in inventory for defending if you have room.

What you inventory should look like after finishing core

Total cost: 11130g

3.2 Core Item Build Justification

The three wraith bands are for early-mid game stat buffing. Mask of Madness makes you more able to quickly deal out damage when stunning and while in Chronosphere. Power Treads are for extra stats and AS for more bashing and damaging. The Butterfly is an all in one item for Darkterror. It includes AS, Agility, and evasion which fully stacks with Backtrack as Backtrack isn't truly an evasion.

3.3 Luxury Items

The order and the choice of all these items are not defined. They can be gotten at any way based on personal likes and dislikes.

Heart of Tarrasque

One of the first items i would get after core. It will buff your health up a lot so that you can survive team-ganks and team battles easier. Total cost: 5500g

Burriza-do Kyanon

A great way to buff up your damage after core build. It gives base damage plus a good critical. Works well with Mask of Madness lifesteal. Total cost 5800g.

Battle Fury

Another good item for right after core. Helps farming for other big time items. Also helps boost mana-regen and damage. Total cost 4350g.

Aghanim's Scepter

Boosts you ultimate by 1 second durations for all levels. Since the update the price got decreased and is more viable on Darkterror. Get this to help assist you team better in team fights. Total cost 4300g.

What your inventory could look like

3.4 Rejected Items

Refresher Orb

Double Chronosphere is over kill. BAD ITEM also you don't have enough mana to pull of the combo...

Cranium Basher

Doesn't stack with your bash, also if it did but it sucks for Darkterror anyways


Mask of Madness will the only orb you will use DON:T USE ANYTHING ELSE!

Armlet of Mordiggian

Inferior to Mask of Madness for boosting damage on Darkterror.


Overkill item on Darkterror.

Divine Rapier

Way overkill on Darkterror.


Decent item but there are better items for Darkterror.

Assault Curiass

Although it seems like a good item there are better for this price.

Vladmir's Offering

Don't go overdrive on lifesteal you already have Mask of Madness

Manta Style

The worst item on Darkterror. The images doesn't work well with your bash. This one point is enough to make it useless.

4.0 How to Play

Your job is to farm as much as you can early game, gank in mid-game, and then be a carry late-game. Simple as that.

4.1 Specific Phase Strategies

Early Game

One Phase, one goal. In early game your job is to last-hit like made and stay within the lane. Using Time Walk to leap in and out of different situations the rest of you game will depend on how well you do here. Combining all the early game items and careful last-hitting timing your lane stay should be very easy.

Middle Game

In Middle game there can be two choices to go with. The first choice is the choice i would make. It is to keep farming until you reach Mask of Madness. At the point where you get Mask of Madness you gank non stop. The only time you stop is when there are no available targets and you jungle in the woods. The other choice is jump right to ganking. This is could be a bad choice if you cannot find any suitable targets. The choice is yours but the first is easier.

Late Game

This is where things get really on the run for Darkterror. You gank, gank, and then you gank and once again you only stop for waiting for recharge but whenever else you farm other people. You truly prove yourself as a terror. As you farm up your items you can become a semi-carry. This could be hard but with time it can prove well in pub games. After getting Battlefury and Heart of Tarrasque the game should almost be at end either because of you or your team fails miserably defending.

4.2 Basic Skill Combos

There are many variations of how you can unleash you power on an opponent. Each is for a different time at different needs.

Basic of the Basic Combo
> >

Basic all-out combo. Used to deal with most enemies at normal situations.

Low Mana Combo


This one is to be used at safe situations but you have just enough to cast this combo.

Higher Risk Situation (towers, more than one hero)

> >

Starts with Chronosphere. Remember to freeze all the other risks including other heroes, towers, creeps. With correct timing and a suitable target you can kill and get out untouched quickly

Sphere-less squishy kill


For later in the game where you can easily perma-bash someone and when the target has no ally near.

Easy Assists

> When chasing

Simply when your assisting a easy gank and you don't want much damage on yourself.

4.3 Specific Skill Strategies

Time Walk

Time Walk is a very good escape skill. It can be used in a very simple way or more indepth way depending on situations.

The most simple way is the most obvious simply. Simply Time Walk away from the enemy because of the massive range of Time Walk this simple way of escaping is very viable.

Another way to escape with Time Walk is quite effective but where it can be used effectively is limited to the edge of the map. Time Walk allows you to move to areas that you have not already explore enabling you to move deep into the thick forest at the side of the map. This terminates vision to you to enemies and also makes them unable to find get near you unless they have mass tree removal.

Below is an example:

The last of to use Time Walk to escape is very easy to use but could be hard to master. Jumping over uncrossable terrain to make the enemy having to take a detour around the terrain while you take a massive run for it. You can cross a bit of terrain or take a large leap across a lot of terrain.

Below are some examples that would be used frequently:


Chronosphere is a very useful skill and is the bread and butter skill of Darkterror. Perfecting the aim of it will make you very useful. Of course these are just the basic examples.

This one is a good example of a high risk situation Chronosphere. It freezes a tower, on-coming creeps, but also allows your allies to easier assist with killing even if they are melee if they are careful because of the target is right at the edge of the sphere.

This one shows the ability to use your own creeps and tower to help kill an enemy. It doesn't freeze your allied tower, the target is at the edge of the sphere in the way of your creeps and also blocks off enemy creeps. Good for earlier game kills.


Haste: Haste will help you put down a good Chronosphere down without using Time Walk.

Illusion: Don't take this unless for scouting. Images doesn't work well with bashing heroes.

Double Damage: This rune fits anyone that does damage with their attack. TAKE IT!

Regeneration: Get this if your low on mana or health.

Invisibility: Very perfect to position Chronosphere perfectly while sneaking up on a person.


Mask of Madness can be used to run away from enemies. It requires good judgment of whether the target will be able to do a large amount of damage when you put on Mask of Madness.

5.0 Good Allies and Bad Enemies

Some heroes are good for allies, some are bad. Knowing them will let you know who to look out for.

5.1 Good Allies

Heroes with long ranged spells
Like Sniper these people can also help with their spells even when the target is in Chronosphere.

Tiny can throw enemies into your Chronosphere
to immobilize enemies for a while.

Any hero that holds this and is on your side
They can run into Chronosphere and not get frozen.

5.2 Bad Enemies

Heroes with long ranged spells

They are your allies and your enemies. They also help retaliate for someone who is in your Chronosphere.

Mana Burners

They disintergrate your small mana pool very quickly not allowing you to use your important skills.

Any hero that holds this and is on the other side
They can run into Chronosphere and not get frozen.

6.0 Replays

You can learn a lot from Replays. Below i have two replays too look at.

First ReplayThe First one is the most updated one. It shows this exact build with a good usage demonstration. Pub game = leavers.

Second ReplayThe Second one is an older one where i get beyond godlike. Good show of how to play Darkterror well and to be effective. Also a Pub Game so there are some leavers.

7.0 Credits

ME= Evil Andrex for making the guide and staring in Pictures and Replays
47ehW1n for proof-reading my guide and giving sugestions
Icefrog for making Dota and the hero Darkterror so strong!
Blizzard for taking the time from milking the WoW cow to make an awesome map editor for Warcraft 3
Demon-Angelx for taking the time to co-star in my Pictures
Everyone who posts replys for me to review!
Zejety for the AWESOME picture

Darkterror the Faceless Void
Author: evil andrex
Map Vers.: 6.61b

A Guide to Faceless Void

The complete guide of Void!

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