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Dr.Galiza's Escape Maneuvers

The Forbidden Techniques...

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Table of Contents:
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I. Introduction
II. Aims/Goals
III. Scope and Limitation
IV. Escape Maneuvers
1. Juking
a. Terrain Review
b. Blind Spots
c. Fog Characteristics
d. Juking Techniques
d.1 round about technique
d.2 stop and go technique
d.3 night to neutrals technique
d.4 Sudden change of direction technique
d.5 From Upper Cliff to lower grounds technique
d.6 forest illusion technique
d.7 Using the Phantom Spot
a. Let me in Roshan
b. Phantom Illusion
d.8 uphill side stepping
d.9 chopping trees maneuver
d.10 combination technique: ultimate juking maneuver
2. Skills for Escaping
3. Items for Escaping
4. Special Notes when Escaping
V. Summary
VI. Credits
VII. Changelog
VIII. Replays and Youtube Goodies

IX. Advertisements

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The author is just a mere simple DOTA player (I dont participate in an inhouse games nor participate in major leagues nor major tourneys)and you may consider me a noob one but I am just here to share some of the things I know to those who dont. Actually most of you are already aware of this techniques but I am in no condition to disappoint those who dont.

Actually this guide is inspired from the guide Play Dota Like Pros!! Part 1 by katzkie from the Philippines. I am a Filipino too from Quezon City. I have some other techniques in mind which this guide doesnt cover or which dont want to cover. That we dont know. To tell you frankly, I do not intend to share this techniques to anyone because I am afraid that everyone will be aware of this and it will be difficult to pull it through at the times you are supposedly the only few ones who knew it. But anyway, I plan to quit DOTA in the near future maybe because I think I will be busy in my Internship hopefully and so that reality is of my little concern. And I also think if you are really that good you can come up to improve your skills like counter measures for every techniques you know that your opponents may knew and play at the highest level and be competitive.
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II. Aims/Goals
  • to be a good escape artist you must be able To Master the Terrain
  • you cant be seen if you are To Know the Fog Characteristics
  • You are at the advantage if you are To Know the Juking Techniques
  • To use your skills and items well is attained if you know how To Use Skills and Items Properly.
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III. Scope and Limitations
  • this guide only covers only on how to escape using the different juking techniques, how to use some of hero skills and items to escape smoothly.
  • this doesnt cover the laning process obviously and other entities you know.
  • some of juking techniques, how to use skills and items are not included which is primarily because i have forgot to include it or I am totally unaware of it, So you are free to add your comments so that we can improve this guide. Thank You
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IV. Escape Maneuvers

1. Juking- is a maneuver which is also considered an art of dota designed to decieve opponents by using the terrain, fog characteristics, items at hand, as well as skills left and use it as an advantage not only to escape but to do counter attack.

a. Terrain Review
To be able to juke effectively you have to master the terrain. So In order for you to master the terrain you must see it for yourself and run across the map. To do this you need to play in single player, I prefer to go in single player mode then to custom game (you may on or off the fog by clicking the visibility always on the advance menu before the game depending on your practice and running thru out the map).
  • You may type "-test" to enable some commands
  • Click "-ap" to enable you to pick any hero.
  • You could also type "-gold 99999" after it so you can buy the items you need.
  • You can also type "-wtf" to enable WTF mode and practice the skills or use skills infinitely or used it so that you can teleport across the map.

Here is a map overview shared by Zan in the forums.

b. Blind Spots- (BS) is a general term for a space or location wherein an object is mostlikely unseen. If you are unseen therefore you cannot be targeted by spells nor can be attacked most of the time unless it is an area of effect skill or is a global effect skill.

1. Behind the Trees or Stone Cliffs- im reffering to object behind a tree or inside the inner jungle full of trees.

2. Uphill

You have a better vision when uphill if you are looking downwards. Do note that you can spot the rune from up here and an opponent in the river will be unaware since he is on the lower side in which you are in his blind spot.

as you can see your view is obstructed by a cliff which makes the game somewhat realistic in nature. Anything higher than your position is always a blind spot unless you have a skill, item, etc. which will be discussed later on.

3. Phantom Spot- (PS) is an area wherein you should have a vision on that area but dont due to certain reasons icefrog had made probably to obscure and hide the heroes killing roshan so that it would be fair for them not to be easily ambushed.
roshan phantom spot
Here I placed an item so that you can see in the next picture that...
The item is unseen due to phantom spot.

c. Fog Characteristics

General Rule:
1. If you cant see an opponent most likely he cant see you unless he/she has a:
a.skill (strygwyr's thirst, zeus wrath, etc.)
b.wards (sentry, observer, ward like items or skills like vulture/crow or greater hawk of beastmaster. special mention: balanar with aghanims with unobstructed vision at night)

c. terrain advantage point like above cliffs
d. heroes characteristic vision: example balanar has greater range vision at night.

2. Range of Vision according to Time -
Vision determines how far your hero can see in game. Each hero in the game has statistics for how far they can see during the day, and how far they can see at night. Heroes at a higher elevation of terrain can see farther. Most heroes in the game have a day vision of 1800, and a night vision of 800, however, there are some exceptions, they are listed below.

Heroes that do not have the normal vision range
Hero title, vision range at day/vision range at night

Enchantress, 1800/1800
Treant Protector, 1800/1200
Bounty Hunter, 1800/1000
Drow Ranger, 1800/1700
Priestess of the Moon, 1800/1200
Faerie Dragon, 1800/1200
Windrunner, 1800/1200
Tormented Soul, 1800/900
Night Stalker, 1200/1800
Geomancer, 1800/1800

During Day
During Night

Latter Above Picture: It is night time here and if you observe carefuly we have aghanims already, you supposed to have unobstructed vision. Right?? But look carefully that if you havent levelup the last skill of balanar you obviously dont get the bonus. Treat the above picture as Balanar range of vision during night without the aghanims.

3. Higher Grounds have a greater view from below. That is why placing wards on higher grounds will cover more area for scouting. greater vision uphill.
Here there is slight obstruction from the lower ground due to obstruction of the tip of the cliff.

4. Your Tower, Allied Creeps, Allied Hero Vision is shared to you.

Shared creeps vision

Creeps are far behind the tower thus no clear vision.

5. Secret Impossible Vision Advantage- due to code of the game there is an instance wherein if you are near the secret shop you will be able to access it and gain vision on the area.
You can buy from this point without you exposing yourself from an opponent on the secret shop area.
Likewise, you can buy from this point and scout the secret scourge area.
here you can eat or chop a tree and buy from this area as well as to scout the area. I call these technique as SECRET CHOP ^_^

Special NOte: You could also have vision on side shops as long as i think you are within 350-400-500 (not sure of the range though) aoe of the shop to gain vision of the shop even your vision is blocked by the trees. You just have to wait and stand still for a few seconds before it becomes visible. Though I think the only reasonable application using this technique on side shops are to avoid techies mines while buying some stuffs at side shops.

6. Even though you are on the blind spot, if you attack your opponent with normal attacks (not spells) chances are he/she will be given a view on your location. This is mostly for ranged heroes (so you may use some spells from the fog of war or blind spot but not reveal your location in contrast to normal attacks may reveal your location).. So the trick here is to attack once then right click on the ground to regain the blind spot again. Although your position is revealed he cannot retaliate from his position since it is now blind spot on his view again. Wash and Rinse. Best done by Sniper because he has insane ranged!! Even more than the range of the fountain as of 6.61b. Poke here and there will add up giving you an advantage. Did you say harrassment? ^_^. Some spells wont reveal your location such as shadow raze, storm bolt etc.

Special NOte on Juking: going in fog sometimes cancels their attempt to target you. In and out of fog can be a good idea when last hitting and harrasing specially when you are ranged. It also helps you dish in some extra hits without you being hit or targeted if executed perfectly. Also you have the advantage in control of the battle. Letting them come in the fog ensures that you would hit them 1st which is an advantage. Much more if you have skill that can be used without exposing yourself like zeus lightning bolt, or any aoe skills and other skills you know than can hit them without you being seen. But be careful if they have aoe spells and has sight on you (ex. wards, crow, bloodseeker's thirst, have been targeted by charge of darkness, etc.). It would buy you time on cooldown skills, use items uninterupted, escaping. Mind games is good.

These is MYM.Merlini juking and owning 3 heroes with stuns. Credit is on flyingcrow989 for uploading it on youtube and MYM.Merlini for his awesome performance.

d. Juking Techniques

d.1 round about technique

the illustration here is not that good but does give you an idea on what to do, if I have more time later on I'll make better .gif pictures and exaples. Its just going around the trees just opposite the direction of your opponent to create a blind spot and turn around and make an illusion that youre gone.

d.2 stop and go technique
The timing and distance again here is crucial, the thing here is that you are not actually on his blind spot but it is due to the trees covering your hero and making an effect that youre almost not there. Take note to spam "s" to stop or "h" to hold to avoid you attacking the opponent and reveal yourself. I think this is not possible for warcraft version 1.21 and above due to life bar are always turned on and may reveal yourself. You may try to eat another trees deeper in the forest in that case to make an actual blind spot. Chopping trees will be further discussed later in the guide.

d.3 night to neutrals technique
plain and simple, its more of like a round about technique. The mere fact that you go inside the creeps camp when you are low hp, youre oponent if not aware wouldnt suspect you going in there.Take note that this is best used at night while neutral camp is asleep.

d.4 Sudden change of direction technique
Opponents tendencies if they dont have spells or not in range to attack will target their cursor ahead of you most of the time but not always. But during that time if you suddenly change direction there is a slight chance that they will need to retarget your change of direction thus increasing the gap between you and opponent/s. You might even dodge linear and some small aoe spells like impale, LSA, avalanche etc. It is better to do this than a straight forward walk without trees to juke to but not always like when you are too low on hp and cannot afford to gamble. This is just a maneuver to increase your survivability when everything is against you.

d.5 From Upper Cliff to lower grounds technique
It is almost the same as sudden change of direction except that you are in the higher ground then go to the lower ground and when your opponent reaches the lower ground you suddenly go back to the upper grounds thereby providing slight blind spot. This is a good technique when you are near a cliff and you sense that a spell is coming.

d.6 forest illusion technique

There are some areas where the forest have multiple pathways in which your opponent will try to guess which way you have gone through. It provides blind spot definitely and increases your chance to survive and probably counter attack when an opportunity comes.

d.7 Using the Phantom Spot

a. Let me in Roshan
This is prety simple, just go to that phantom spot but be sure of the distance between you and opponent or you might reveal yourself going inside there. After that you may use townportal or just stay there or if you think he will go inside then just go outside and if you timed it right he wouldnt see you just like on the next technique. After you done that you may go back from above left where we came from in this picture because it is near and after you go up the cliff you are again on his blind spot whenever he comes out. But take note of the situation again first because there might be opponents coming from there.

b. Phantom Illusion
Actually form all of this juking techniques this is the most difficult to execute because the timing should be perfect. In the illustration the execution is not perfect but your opponent have no chance to target you at the moment even though he have seen you going downwards. I promise you if you have execute it perfectly your opponent will not even see you at all or maybe just a split second (less than a sec) and will not notice you.. It had happen to me and my friends a couple of times. I think the perfect timing is that you both are on the boundery or edge of the cliff and as you pass, you both are on the blind spot or phantom spot. Remember that above you is blind spot and below that is a phantom spot. But do remember again if there are other opponents besides him because it may only work for a lonely opponent.

d.8 uphill side stepping
here distance should be observe. As you climb above a cliff you are in the blind spot does it is time to make a move. You may then go back from below, do around about if you think he have anticipate you going there or simply town portal to safety or call for backup. If you have tangoes or quelling blade you may chop your way thru and create a new way.. If you mastered the map you will see that there is a way out of there by chopping just 1 tree and maybe another.. See it for yourself..

d.9 chopping trees maneuver
Here we try to approach from the scourge side but the gap between us is not to evident thus there is no blind spot but as you can see by choping trees, he doesnt anticipate you to go thru there and his cursor is clicking some other ways and so if you do this you may create some gap and as you enter the creep camp there would be some blind spot and may juke from there and turn around. There are a lot of options from there since you have created a round group of trees then you may do round about technique etc.. You may try and approach from the inside of the neutral camp if your coming from the other side (sentinel side), Blind Spot when approaching this way is more evident thus your opponent might not see you do it. If you are low on HP and cannot afford to take damage from neutral creeps then dont do it. Best done during night. Remember that there a lot of areas in the map where you can create new ways and its for you to find out.

d.10 Combination Technique: Ultimate Juking Technique
Here we combine techniques: Eating Trees, Uphill Side Stepping and probably stop and go or Night to Neutral depending on the situation or use town portal to safety.

  • It is important to measure the distance of your opponent and yourself in order to pull this one. You can use queieng commands to make the move smoothly perfect excecution by holding shift and do what you intend to do.
  • After your inside you can eat more trees and go to the other side, stop and wait then go back to where your from(stop and go), use town portal to safety depending on the situation or probably counter attack if necessary.
  • I have pulled this succesfully many times in pub games and friendly games.
  • There are requirements of using this technique.
    1st be confident
    2nd think of the situation first before acting like if you are under a charge of darkness (barathrum's skill) which locks your location until collition
    3rd Do your opponent had an idea on what you are doing.
    4th Spacing is necessary because if he is close chances are he will notice what you have done.
    5th dont do this technique if you are not sure it will succeed otherwise your not only dead but you are exposing an unusual technique that not everyone knows which should be an advantage at your point. "dont do this very often for fun or your exposing your secret technique".
    >>>It is a double edge sword: If you fail, it means huge consequences obviously ^_^
But not all techniques are perfect. There is a flaw in here. This is the countermeasure for your opponent to his point of view against your technique. If and when he is able to come above the cliff, at his point of view you instantly disappeared but a tree animation being cut off will still be noticed even if it has happened earlier.
  • Dont be sad because the good news is you are still untargeted because you are on his blind spot plus you still have options to go through like using TP, going to the otherside by eating trees again, or dont go inside in the 1st place and let him search that area as you laugh moving on your way home(your counter measure to his counter). Although it rarely happens due to the fact that the players are at the peak of the excitement and stress which may block some minor details of perception due to their eagerness to catch you and miss that slight animation.
  • Another tip: Pls constantly tap the "s" button to stop your movement and not attack opponents near you or probably "h" to hold your position -SPAM the button literally!!! or you'll get caught"

2. Skills for Escaping

The use of skills mentioned here are mostly for escaping only and does not cover the full potential of the skill. It is best to search for it in some other guides, threads, etc. I will mention some use of it I know. And so if some of you know something about how to use the skill or yet items used for escaping that I have not mentioned, you are free to give your ideas thus improving this guide. Thank you very much...

Special Mention Skills

-burrowstrike can be used to widen the gap between you and opponent and stun your opponent. You may use TP as soon as you stun your opponent depending on situation but make sure you will be uninterrupted by stuns, bash, and minibash alike.

-although some may consider this a bug, it has exsisted since the old versions of DOTA and I think icefrog is aware of this bug. But the techniques or phenomenon still exsist. Probably because its just a minor bug or what.. and nobody complains about it because it is exclusively for Sand King alone and makes the skill somewhat amazing. I love this technique and was hoping it would still exsist in future, though if icefrog would remove this we have nothing to do with it and and just accept it ofcourse.

I do not support bug abuses and so if moderator consider some of my discussion forbidden pls PM and inform me and I will delete that part thank you..
-ability to bacome invisible but stays in that area for a duration specified per level. You may call allies if your opponent waits for the duration of the spell. Used also to buy you sometime until the cooldown of burrowstrike is up.


-can be used to dodge certain spells, increase your movement speed and allies around you upon landing, and widen the gap between you and opponent. But take note of your position since you leap always to the location you are facing.
- Turns Nightshade and all allied heroes invisible. If Invisibility is broken, it gets restored after the fade time during the shadow duration. maybe used as offensive and deffensive purpose. Once invisible change your usual path to escape and reroute because opponents will predict and try to blind shot you.
-maybe used to stun opponents depending on the distance but unreliable because it is easily predicted. Try to use the fog when using this or use your allied creeps and siege tanks to make opponent think the arrow would hit on creeps which will not happen because of the property of the skill. Best used offensively but can also be used defensive skill depending on the situation.

-it summmons a hawk to scout areas and pinpoint safe escape route (good microing skills needed). It also summons a Quilbeast which slows and can used to block units (like creep blocking, hero blocking because it is sometimes more effective than the actual slow itself depending on the position of the quilbeast.
-it creates an exit point by destroying trees in a situation where you are mostlikely cornered.
-it is best reserved for offensive purpose but if your in a lose-lose situation, using this skill is not bad. It stuns and slows its main target, and slows attack speeds and movement speed of opponents near the roar.
-it is an aoe stun which is best used to target multiple enemies. It helps create distance gap between opponents and yourself or your escaping allies.
-can be used to kill yourself to deny your opponents with gold and experience. Do note that the damage is not exactly 400. It is reduced by your innate 25% resistance to magic. Take into consideration of your actual HP and your hero's magic resistance total.
-you need to anticipate your opponents movements and where will they be after 2 secs after you cast Torrent. The animation bubbles will only be seen by your allies but the hero cast animation will still be seen by your oponents and warn them that you have casted a spell. Return skill has the same hero animation when casting spells and can be used to fool your opponents that you have casted the torrent. This is better casted in a blind spot so that your opponents wouldnt anticipate it coming. But it is best casted in conjunction with x mark the spot but the timing of the return skill is crucial in success (remember that you need to use first the x mark the spot on an opponent and wait more or less 2 secs after you cast the torrent and hit return skill). If opponent was hit successfully they will be disabled 1.53 secs and a 30% slow which will help you escape.
-this is the return skill icon and is acquired x mark the spot is learned. This returns the target of x mark the spot to the x.
-10% bonus movespeed and numbness to incoming damage, causing them to feel only half of the pain now and half after the Rum wears off. Damage dealt after CoCo's rum wears off is non-lethal and can never kill a hero. And so when escaping this skill can be useful though not that reliable at times. When you are trying to escape just cast the skill to the direction you are supposed to go to, it will increase your movement speed, you would take half the damage now and half later, and a chance to disable an enemy depending on his speed, skills used (like blink), direction he/she is upto, and level of awareness of opponent. This is best casted on a blind spot to obscure his sight that you had cast the spell and is best casted on narrow places to lessen the chance of your opponents to avoid it.
-It interrupts channeling spells if you cast return immediately. There can be manyways to use this skill depending on the situation. You can use this and scout an area and return yourself in an instant with less risk. You can cast this on a teleporting enemy and return him even he have successfully teleported himself somewhere. You can cast this to an ally who is using a townportal and return him to the target, 5 secs. is enough to do anything he had to do when he teleport to base and he can return to the target thereby consuming almost no time (trick can be also be done for yourself). Although those techniques are not meant for escaping... ^_^ its just worth mentioning.. This skill is useful in playing mind games with opponent as shown in the illustration.


-stuns an opponent for a specified duration and leaves an impassable crevasse for 8 secs. It can block pathways therefore it must be used with caution since you might block your allies escape route. Always anticipate all movements and familiarize yourself with the casting time of fissure because timing and positioning is a critical element for its success.
-although this skill is passive, when raigor cast a spell will deal additional stun for 1.5 secs thus making his 2nd skill, the enchant totem a skill that stuns.

-this instantly heals a friendly unit and yourself as well as damages all nearby enemy units around the unit you targeted. This is crucial for yourself and your teammate's survival.
-Creates a powerful divine ward that blocks all magic from affecting a target unit. Repel removes most effects from the target when cast, including Guardian Angel. It will remove most buff and debuff on your target (allies or opponent) that will help you in most situations. Take note that if you cast it to a target ally or yourself, you will unable to heal him for the whole duration of repel and that is why sometimes level 1 or 2 is enough.
-although this is a passive spell, it will greatly degenerates the movement capabilities of units that stray too near. This is used to slow your opponents as your injured allies escape. You may block your opponent as blocking creeps to make the strategy more effective.
-it gives +1000 Armor, +25 HP Regeneration and affects allies with magic immunity.

-slowing the movement speed and attack rate of nearby enemy land units.
-target movement speed will be reduced, and causing his attacks to have a chance to miss.
- Splits the Pandaren Brewmaster into elements, forming 3 specialized warriors, adept at survival. If any of them survive until the end of their summoned timer, the Brewmaster is reborn. When the spell ends, the Brewmaster takes Earth's place. If Earth is dead he takes Storm's place, and if Storm is dead he takes Fire's place. If all the summoned Pandas die, it counts as a suicide. (Earth, Storm, and Fire Panda's skill comming soon...)
-Targets an area around an enemy unit and releases a magical hammer dealing damage and stunning enemy units. The AoE targeting reticle must be centered over an enemy unit. The projectile can't be dodged by blinking or moving away. Can help you widen the distance gap between the opponent and the escaping hero.
-Sven and nearby allies gain movespeed and increased armor. Nothing much to say but the increase in armor and movement speed will mostlikely increase your survibability when escaping.

-an AOE that stuns opponent for 2 secs.
-Tiny grabs the nearest unit, friend or foe, and launches it at a location. Upon landing, the unit deals damage in an area. It also receives an extra 20% of the area damage itself, or more as your size increases. Cannot toss Dragon Knight in Elder Form. That being said it is not an easy skill to use. Constant practice and more experience will help you through this. Take note of allied units HP before tossing. You may toss him to an incoming creeps or allies to help him survive or maybe an opponent creeps if it is a much safer place than the other side, if neccessary depending on the situation. You can also deny your teammate with this when he is too low HP. You may target your opponent and toss him away from you or your escaping allies.
- stuns opponent for the skills duration depending on level and is best used in conjuction with ancestral spirit. Unconscious enemies will wake if they get hit so note your allies not to hit him if necessary for everyone's safety.
-When it rejoins the Chieftain, it grants him bonus movement speed for each enemy it has struck does will help you when escaping. You will need any help you can get during crucial moments.
-Deals 35% of targets maximum hp, and slows 50% for a duration depending on the level. The whole crack implodes 3 seconds after casting.The crack extends with a speed of 900, to maximum distance of 2400. Casting this in crucial times in a lose-lose situation is not bad. The technique is to cast it in the desired area where you will escape (preferably narrow pathways so that opponents that will follow you have to walk through the jagged cracks in order to follow you and get caught by the spell) and walk through out the jagged crack. Most opponent will not walk thru it therby increasing the gap between you and him. If it happens that he got hit then good for you. You may also used it to create new routes but always take in consideration that it will implode 3 secs after casting.

-Changes a target friendly unit's appearance so that it blends in with the forest. It becomes invisible to enemy eyes, but it must remain near a tree, or the Guise is lost. If the unit has a distance more than 375 to the closest tree, the invisibility will be removed. Can be used on units even if they aren't close to a tree, but the invisibility will be removed almost instantly (used in crucial times to evade some spells).
Treant Protector can cast spells without losing invisibility from Nature's Guise. You may plant and cast eyes in the forest since the enchanted tree counts as a tree for Nature's Guise.
-Summoned trees have True Sight and can see invisible units. The enchanted tree counts as a tree for Nature's Guise. This is best used for early anticipation for escaping. You may eat a tree before hand and then plant a tree on that spot but make sure that the tree you had ate creates a path to the other side. This will serve as your escape route later. Opponent will think that there is no way you can passed there. Remember that trees respawn after 5 mins. Although this technique is not used a lot since eating a tree later is all the same and that planting the tree somewhere else where it is most useful is your greatest concern. But in times wherein an invisible enemy is on your lane this technique would be useful. And sometimes you fumble around when eating trees when it is crucial moments therby, eating trees before hand will help you.
-Magically creates an armor of vines around a friendly unit, protecting it from harm and healing wounds. Nothing much to say besides that it will greatly help you in crucial early game moments where everything matters.
-Entangles all nearby enemy units. Prevents usage of the Blink spell. Disable works on currently magic immune units, however if a unit becomes magic immune while already affected by Overgrowth, they will break free. In crucial lose-lose situation, using this is not bad especially in saving your team.

-stuns and interrupt channeling spells.
-It increasing hitpoints and regeneration. It increases your chances of survival when a spell is casted on you which is damage overtime like viperstrike and other poison spells except doom which you cant cast this in the 1st place but you can anticipate it if you know you will be the one targeted. Slightly improves movement speed.


Covers a target in snot, causing it to have reduced armor and movement speed. Casts on the same target are cumulative
- up to 40% reduced from rear, 20% from sides
Bristleback's rear is considered to be within 70 degrees from the back.
Bristleback's side is considered to be within 110 degrees from the back.
-Movement and Attack speeds increase on repeated spell casts. Up to 50% IAS/10% MS Base + 15% IAS/3% MS Stack. That is why spaming 1st and 2nd skill will prove to be useful.
Stacks up to 4 times, Using items does not trigger Warpath.


-A magic missile is thrown at an enemy unit, causing damage.Stuns for 1.75 seconds.
-The wave gives vision as it goes forward. Extra vision may be useful.
-Works on magic immune units. Trees near Vengeful Spirit and the target will be destroyed upon swapping. Interrupts channeling skills of the target. You can interrupt opponent even with BKB. You can use this spell to gain advantage. Lets say for example your teammate is being ganked by 2 heroes and you are on the opposite side of the cliff. You can swap 1 of your opponents prefferably the stronger one instead of swaping yourself into your ally thereby reversing the 2 vs 1 advantage. Depending on the situation you may swap yourself to a low hp ally to save him. You may also used this to help you or an ally dodge a spell. There are other use of this spells but not worth mentioning because it is too much forbidden and abusing it is illegal. ^_^"

Here is a way to gain advantage over an opponent using Nether Swap.


-Affected units slowly regain their original movement speed every second during 15 seconds.Units afflicted by Shadow Strike can be denied by their allies when their HP drops below 25% of their maximum health. Up to 50% initial slow.
-Most projectiles can be evaded if Blink is used before they collide. If targeted further away than the maximum distance, Akasha will only teleport 80% of the maximum distance. Up to 200 - 1150 Range Teleportation to gain distance gap advantage. Cool down decreases as level increases.


Other Heroes Coming Soon... Check the Changelog for the Changes from the Date of Approval...

3. Items for Escaping
- It is an old school item for escaping. It is formerly known as Kelen Dagger of Escape and was popular in the old days but due to certain circumstances it has been nerfed. Now if you got hit by opponent heroes or his controlled units in the last 3 secs, kelen's dagger is unusable. This can be used to widen the gap between you and opponent. This is also used to dodge some spells like projectile attacks (storm bolt, viper strike etc.), aoe spells (impale, wild axes), etc. Timing is essential in dodging spells. You need to anticipate the attack and get ready to use the item. Using hotkeys is good or numpads and always be ready to click it when you anticipate a spell is being cast. Always watch the attack animation of your opponent because its the key to the timing. Remember to target a place where you are safe or a place where you can counter attack. Note: you can blink inside bunch of trees and use town portal, blink behind cliffs so that enemy's still need to reroute to get to you, or the cliff or terrain itself to avoid melee attacks and from there if you are a range you can counter attack.
-can be used like kelen's dagger but is shorter range and do note that you cannot passed into impassable terrain. But simple terrain crossing is allowable thus they need to reroute if you use it wisely. It can be used also to widen the gap between you and the opponent. You can also dodge some spells using this item. Remember that you can use this item on your opponent, so watch carefully his position and react accordingly. Can also be used on allies to help him escape, dodge spells, or positioning for an attack. This doesnt interrupt channeling spells thus you can cast it on an ally using town portal and yet not interrupted. This is as of version 6.61b.
-used to chop trees and make a new route although you can only chop 1 tree every 15secs.
-it regenerates HP which may be crucial in a lot of early game encounter plus it makes new route by eating the trees. Using this is unlimited (no Cool down)as long as you have stock.
- used in conjuction with juking. Going inside bunch of trees, in which you are in the blind spot therefore the channeling of town portal will be mostlikely uninterrupted. It would buy time before they can stop the channeling spell and chances are they will be late.
-same as town portal
-used to replenish HP and mana lost. In my opinion you need to use numkeys to use this feature effectively. It is used to store runes like Haste which increases your movement speed, Invisibility, Double damage for retaliation, Illusions for offensive and defensive purposes, and regeneration. These runes can be used offensively and defensively depending on the situation. Illusions for offense is used not only to attack opponents but to block their way as blocking creeps to slow them down while your attacking your enemy. Likewise blocking your opponents during escape is very helpful. More discussion later on.
-used offensively and deffensively, same as above. Another technique is using the illusions to confuse your route of escape and use mind games on your opponents. After you click Manta Style or Illusions from bottle, it will summon 2 illusions. After that you may click an illusion and let it retreat, chances are most opponent will think you are the one retreating and they will chase the illusion. Though this may or may not work but it is nice to know that you have this on your sleeve. If they already know this trick then split the 2 illusions in separate ways and yourself to increase your chances of survival by 33.33%.
-used to avoid physical attacks which may be crucial at some circumstances but do take note that it increases the damage that will be casted on you.
-if you are on low hp while retreating, you may click the armlet icon to increase your hp as it goes low and turning it on and off while retreating (almost constant heal up to 399hp) but be wary of incoming spells as you click it on and off.
- while retreating you may turn this on to increase your movement speed but take note that if it happens that your opponent damages you, you will take 20% more damage later on after the MOM frenzy duration.
-used to slow opponents and kill summoned units.
-used to increase movement speed as well as ability to move through units which may be crucial in your survival. Pass thru as many creeps as you can to increase the gap between you and your opponent.
-used to be invisible and increase movement speed. If you cast wind walk, try to move the opposite way because most of the time opponents try to use aoe skills and try to blind shot you.
-used to dominate creeps. Dominated creeps have skills on their own either stun, net, slow, inc movement speed, cyclone etc which can be used to escape. You can use the dominated creeps also to block your opponent as you escape your way thru. If you have a blink like effect like rikimaru, you may put the dominated creep in a safe place and you may blink your way to the dominated creep for a sweet escape (make sure he is on your blink range).
-can be the target of your blink like skill such as that of rikimaru, phantom assassin,and chaos knight; and used it just like the above mentioned. If you have a wild idea you may use it as a decoy as you escape, chances are their attention will be on your chicken but this is not advisable since you would lose money eitherway but no experience loss if you manage to survive by that trick. The chances are very slim also and they may kill you both ^_^. There are other tricks I have in mind but it is too much forbidden and abusing it is illegal. ^_^
-may used as a decoy but the crow has higher chances of survival unless it is late game since it has an invulnerability skill. Do note that in making this a decoy make sure the invulnerability is not yet on as they wouldnt attack the crow/vulture.
-]-used to disable opponents for 3.5 secs as you run away if necessary. You may try to use townportal immediately depending on the situation or run immediately to a juking spot then townportal from there. Do take note if there are other disablers around that may interfere with the channeling of your town portal.

-silences the enemys, may teleport in conjuction with this as they dont have the skill to cancel the TP but do take note that they still may have items to cancel your channeling of Tp as well as minibashes and bash alike. Do check if there is more than one opponent and assess their set of skills, if it is still in cooldown or not.
-used to disable opponent as well as dodge some spells by casting euls on your self. Timing again is crucial here. Do remember that in disabling heroes when escaping, always aniticipate the situation. Target the one that have a disabling skill if you plan to townportal to safety or disable the hero that has a nuke that make kill you in that instance.
-this item is misunderstood by many. This doesnot repel damage taken and reflect damage back on opponents. You still do take damage. I suggest you read item mechanics if you like. The reason why I put this item on escaping item because most players dont attack you if blademail is activated. Its not bad to turn this on as there are no cons in using this.
-slows opponents
- gives immunity to some spells. You may use TP in conjuction with this as TP will not be interrupted. But do take note that there are skills that may go thru avatar like pudge's hook, barathrum's netherstrike, vengeful's swap that may cancel the TP.
- used to increase movement speed, to see invisible units at level 3, to block enemys as you escape, and burn mana may be crucial in your survival.
-turn this on to increase defense on allied escaping units
-blocks 400 magic damage
-take note that you may click the powerthreads to STR/INT/AGI. Putting it on STR when you are on AGI/INT mode will increase your HP a little which may be crucial in some circumstances.
-heals and increases armor for you and your allies.
-heals and regain mana in crucial situations plus it notify you when a skill is casted by an enemy in 1600 AOE.
-same as above.
- passing regeneration items to a teammate in trouble will help a lot specially in crucial times like having damage over time spells like poisons and certain debuffs.
-You're probably wondering why huh?? All items can be used but this is the most suited for the job because of its cost. You can drop it while retreating and use it as a decoy. WOW!! Shining Shimmering Splendid... Some may inspect it, some destroys it, some may pick it, and some ignores it... But in times of survival, what is 53 gold if it is equivalent to your survival. If they inspect it, attack it (destroy item),pick it, it means they have change their cursor target which gives you ample amount of time to proceed on your way thereby giving you space gap between you and them which may be crucial sometimes. Remember to drop it quickly and juke immediately.

4. Special Notes when Escaping
  • always check the position of enemies and allies (creeps/heroes/siege)
  • take note of the cooldown of spells used and spells that are still to come
  • anticipate your opponent next move
  • dont escape entirely just on a safe distance and ready to help allies in times of need (dont be a coward but not too brave)
  • always check the clock (is it day or night)
  • what are your best options after you have thought of the situations and the highest probability that you or teammate would survive?
  • take note that you can use your hero to help your allies escape by hero blocking opponents (just like creep blocking)
  • sometimes it is better to die on the neutral creeps to deny your opponents experience and gold. Now dying to an opponent creep or tower will still be acknowledge as a kill to whoever is the nearest hero in the area.
  • if there is no way your teammate or yourself to survive against a damage over time skill such as viperstrike or other poison spells and also doom, you may deny your ally by attacking him. There are some spells that you can use to deny your allies such as bloodrage, nightmare, and toss.
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V. Summary

We have discussed juking techniques, using items and skills for escaping, blind spots and phantom spots, as well as the fog characteristics.

Keep in mind to use only the techniques sparingly and not too often. Trying to induce situation just to do this juking techniques for show off is forbidden. As if you used it too often your opponent might catch your moves and used it against you. I advice everyone to only use these techniques only when situation offers itself.

Remember these as forbidden techniques used by elite players and are not exposed in public. I have revealed this only for those interested and willing to learn more. These knowledge are only for those who seek. For only those who accept they are weak, are the ones who will get stronger and those who think they are the best cannot achieve more than what they had.

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VI. Credits

I would like to thank the ff:

voidterror and r3vr37 in helping me to create scenes to show how the different juking techniques done.
katzkie for her guide and as an inspiration to make a guide.
Zan for sharing his map overview to all.
TorrKaffeBulle for his video on burrowstrike usage
totallnewbie, sogovegeta, and NumbFaith for their fantastic youtube replays.. featured juking techniques at its finest... one of the best ^_^
Leq for confirming that my pictures are uploading well, Thanks for your help I really appriciate it..
Lycan for his key comments on my guide, thanks a lot...
flyingcrow989 for uploading youtube video about juking featuring mym.merlini

Special Thanks To:

Keep Walking and Icefrog
For helping me restore my guide from a serious bug that had happened. If not for them this guide would probably wont exist anymore because I am too lazy to rewrite it all over again... ^_^

For helping me about the codes like this one hehe..

Programs used:
Ivan view 1.2
Warcraft: The Frozen Throne

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VII. Changelog

Sept. 28, 2009 Monday 1:04 pm Ph time
-added more spoiler tags
-added another caption in table of contents
May 08, 2010 Saturday 1:35 pm Ph time
-added special note on juking plus video example featuring mym.merlini
-added special note on vision of side shop
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VIII. Replays and Youtube Goodies

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