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Lucent Beam

Luna concentrates on the moon's energy and channels it forcefully to the surface, damaging an enemy unit. Stuns for a short duration.

Level 1 - 75(56) damage. 95 mana
Level 2 - 150(112) damage. 110 mana
Level 3 - 225(168) damage. 125 mana
Level 4 - 300(225) damage. 140 mana

*Numbers in () is damage after subtracting natural hero spell resistance.

(active) Luna's only nuke. Do not hesitate to use this to try to get last hits on creeps when its level 1, and nuke enemy heroes starting from skill level 3. Max this skill first so your ultimate will deal maximum damage. Beam has a small micro stun which can be used to cancel channeling spells like freezing field or town portal scrolls.

Moon Glaive

Allows Luna to attack extra enemies with each Glaive attack. Each enemy struck beyond the first incurs a 40% damage loss, per unit.

Level 1 - Luna hits 2 enemies with every attack.
Level 2 - Luna hits 3 enemies with every attack.
Level 3 - Luna hits 4 enemies with every attack.
Level 4 - Luna hits 5 enemies with every attack.

(Passive) Causes your normal attack to bounce off to nearby targets at random. It is mostly effective late game with high base damage and attack speed. Early game its not worth it. Great with radience for ridiculous farming capabilities.

Lvl 1: Lucent Beam
Lvl 2: Moon Glaive
Lvl 3: Lucent Beam
Lvl 4: Moon Glaive
Lvl 5: Lucent Beam
Lvl 6: Eclipse
Lvl 7: Lucent Beam
Lvl 8: Moon Glaive
Lvl 9: Moon Glaive
Lvl 10:

Luna Moonfang the Moon Rider
Author: First_blood
Map Vers.: 6.60b

Luna full build

The luna build

Date Posted: 06/26/09
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