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Notes: This is my first guide. All tips for creating guides are highly appreciated.

I've played this hero a lot and I still have no real idea what his definitive goal in DotA is; he is versatile and unpredictable, and can be used for several roles, all of which are liable to change within the scope of 1 game.
Goblin Shredder has a lot of problems as a hero; just to stop that hubris of many players. His tankiness and Timber Chain allow him to (sort of) be played like a Bristleback, that is, a melee kiter.
In general, you will find yourself popping in and out of battles, starting fights or catching running heroes, while supporting your team the whole time.

Summary of Abilities:

Skill Build:

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I found this to be the best build after a lot of switching around. Timber Chain level 1 for those level 1 ganks from behind the bushes or any other emergency.
Reactive Armor is good just as early for those harassers in your lane. It also lets you pull in creeps without being shredded to pieces (pun intended).
Whirling Death and Chakram early for heavy nuke.
I would suggest getting at least Level 2 of Timber Chain because often 800 range is not enough to escape properly with. From level 9+ just use your best discretion of whether to get RA or TC (ie. if enemy team has a lot of physical attackers, get more of RA).


GS has 2 pressing problems built into him: Health and mana. The CORE items therefore vary between:

So grab 1 of the above as your mana item, and then you can choose between the following health items:

Note: You might assume that because Bloodstone and Rod of Atos are in both areas up there that they would be staples, right? Well, maybe, but I've only tried both those items recently and have been doing just fine up until then. Personally speaking, my own build would be arcane boots + Heart of Tarrasque first, but I knew many people here wouldn't like the sound of that, so I tried other item builds for good measure.

Anyway, those are your essentials: a mana item and a health item respectively. Once you have those, get whatever you want to suit the situation. Yes, GS is really that versatile. Remember though, that with just Arcane Boots, GS runs out of mana occasionally even late game, so don't feel too bad if you decide to get more than 1 mana item.

Here are some ideas for situational items:



Get into top Scourge or bottom Sentinel. Top Sentinel or bottom Scourge is playable though. Ideally you will have a teammate with you, as early game is not your strong point.
The Timber Chain at level 1 was for emergency escapes - its low mana cost and cooldown means it's at least a little bit spammable.
Your role here is to effectively pull creeps, which is easy to do as at level 2, Reactive Armor ensures you have a free Ring of Health at all times.
Don't get harassed too much, as your main goal here is to farm up until you get your first mana item, hopefully before level 6 so that you can start spamming Whirling Death to harass enemy heroes with.
Before level 6 it's very hard to kill by yourself, especially if you haven't yet farmed up your mana item. Whirling Death does a lot of damage, so you hopefully have a laning teammate that knows what he's doing. Remember you are fragile at this point, so tread carefully.

Once you get to level 6 and have decent mana (at least 420) you can gank/kill or solo kill if in the right conditions. Throw Chakram behind the enemy hero, and immediately use Whirling Death such that it cuts trees and maximises the damage. To use Chakram effectively, retract it just before the enemy hero leaves its AoE so that they take the damage Chakram does while it moves (100). By this point they should have 1/3 left of their health and running away from you/Chakram. In comes your teammate, OR, you can keep chasing them, waiting for Chakram/Whirling Death to cooldown so that you can throw it again for an extra 200 pure damage. Remember you can move while shooting Chakram so don't ever stop chasing them while nuking. Also, the cooldown of Chakram starts as soon you send it out.
Timber Chain level 1 does only 80 damage, but it can be a good way to help catch up to them or do that extra 80 damage. Aim with caution, as Rizzrak stands still while he shoots it out. Aiming Timber Chain is hard and a few failed attempts early game can deplete you of your mana quickly.

Once you have your first mana item, you can start melee kiting, that is, damaging the enemy, then running away, then running back in for more damage before they know what hit them. You can do this better than any other strength hero due to Timber Chain, so as long as you have the mana, have fun with abusing your kiting skills.

Mid game is simple: ganks and light team fights.
You have Timber Chain to escape/chase with; Whirling Death for a solid nuke; and Chakram to chase, clear tree paths (for faster Timber Chains), slow down chasing enemies for a whopping 2000 distance.
One trick with Chakram is to send it out, and the second it passes through an enemy hero to retract it again before the enemy has time to move away. Chakram's slow won't do much to hinder them unless they've already lost at least 30% of their max health.
To start a gank, either Timber Chain or Chakram into the enemy. If they're at full health, Timber Chain and then Whirling Death immediately. Your teammates should jump in around now or you simply Chakram the enemy for a healthy slow. When the enemy begins to run away, Timber Chain after them or chase them until Chakram cools down.

When a teammate is being chased by enemies, Chakram to both scare and slow enemies.

To start a team fight, Chakram in first - you are not yet tanky enough to do anything else. You are not the one to start team fights because the enemy will just scatter as soon as you do.

Continue to melee kite when possible but stay out of too much danger for now.


This is where GS really shines. First, watch out for silences/disables obviously. Your aim here is to tank enemy hits until your team comes in to the rescue. You do this by Timber Chaining into the enemy team and Whirling Death, and hopefully you have time to get your Chakram out before you get stunned. Your team should come in at this time, but if not, try and escape with Timber Chain. Once you have escaped with Timber Chain (remember to aim well), wait for your enemies to engage your team; once that has happened, go back into the fray either with Chakram and/or Timber Chain. Mix it up. You will confuse your enemy and drive them nuts by running in back and forth, tanking their hits while damaging them, AoE style.
A good Rizzrak is unpredictable, and constantly shoots between trees around an enemy hero. Timber Chain can also be used while being hooked by Pudge.

Rizzrak the Goblin Shredder
Author: adapt
Map Vers.: 6.73c

Rizzrak, the Goblin Shredder

The Psychological Killer

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