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Strategy Guide for:

Vengeful Spirit
Shendelzare Silkwood

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Skill build
3. Item build
4. How to play
4.a Laning
4.b Ganks
4.b Warding/Ward-juking
4.b Teambattles
4.c Swap miniguide
4.d Wave of Terror miniguide
5. Conclusion
6. Hall of Shame
7. Changelog
8. Credits


Vengeful Spirit is one of my favorite heroes to play. Mostly because she is constantly in the heat of action, right there where your team needs you most. She is one of the best gankers in the game, a great lane partner for any hero, a pain in the ass for every opponent, and commonly picked in many many games. Lets examine what exactly venge has to offer



Damage: 39-53
Armor: 3.1
Movespeed: 295
Attack Range: 400
Sight Range: 1800/800

So, lets comment her basic stats. Her starting strenght is pretty low although when we compare her to her fellow gankers (Lion, Crystal Maiden, Tinker...) about average. Her strenght gain however is very good. She has bigger strenght gain than most of gankers already mentioned. Her starting agility is the highest of all heroes, but sadly her agility gain is quite bad for her being agility hero. Her starting intelligence and intelligence gain are however low. She makes up for it with quite cheap spells, but this is one of things we need to adress earlygame. Her damage along with her range, is also quite bad, in general she doesn't have good harrasing capabilites.

+Decent starting strenght
+Decent strenght gain
+Best starting agility
+Range hero

-Low agility gain
-Bad starting intelligence and intelligence gain
-Low range of 400
-Below average movespeed (295)
-Bad damage

Overall, her starting stats are below average, not terrible, just not very good. After all she is range hero, wich kind of makes it up for it, on the other hand, her intelligence is very bad.


Magic Missile [C]

A magic missile is thrown at an enemy unit, causing damage.

Level 1 Deals 100 damage and stuns for 1.45 seconds (Cooldown: 10s ; Manacost: 110)
Level 2 Deals 100 damage and stuns for 1.55 seconds (Cooldown: 10s ; Manacost: 120)
Level 3 Deals 250 damage and stuns for 1.65 seconds (Cooldown: 10s ; Manacost: 130)
Level 4 Deals 325 damage and stuns for 1.75 seconds (Cooldown: 10s ; Manacost: 140)

Damage type: Magic

Nothing spectacular here, a single target, damage and stun nuke with a cast range of 500. There are however a few things to notice. First, its the low cooldown of 10 seconds. Second, the relatively (her low mana pool!) low manacost of 110 at level 1, and final manacost of 140. The cast range is a little bigger than your attack range so use this to your advantage. To sum it up, this skill its quite awesome, and it is this skill that makes Venge such a good ganker from lvl1 onward.

Wave of Terror [E]

Shendelzare lets loose a wicked cry, terrorizing enemy units. Their armor and damage are reduced.

Level 1 Reduces base armor by 2 and damage by 5%.Deals 25 damage. (Cooldown: 15s ; Manacost: 40)
Level 2 Reduces base armor by 3 and damage by 10%.Deals 50 damage. (Cooldown: 15s ; Manacost: 40)
Level 3 Reduces base armor by 4 and damage by 15%.Deals 75 damage. (Cooldown: 15s ; Manacost: 40)
Level 4 Reduces base armor by 5 and damage by 20%.Deals 100 damage. (Cooldown: 15s ; Manacost: 40)

Damage type: Magic
Only reduces base damage and that given by the primary attribute of the units.

A great skill. Its only 40 mana, gives vision, reduces armor and damage. Earlygame, perhaps its greatest usage is the vision granter, because it has many many great uses. From scouting ganks, runes, avoiding juke moves and many many more. Later in the game its damage and armor reducing components, along with its imba range make venges presence in teambattles even more notable.

Command Aura

Level 1 12% bonus damage (AOE: 900)
Level 1 20% bonus damage (AOE: 900)
Level 1 28% bonus damage (AOE: 900)
Level 1 36% bonus damage (AOE: 900)

The bonus damage provided by the aura is based on base damage and primary attribute.

Nothing special here. Provides decent bonus damage, in a standard aoe of 900.

Nether swap [W]

Level 1 Vengeful Spirit and the target instantly swap positions. (Cooldown: 45(*10) ; Manacost: 100)
Level 2 Vengeful Spirit and the target instantly swap positions. (Cooldown: 45(*10) ; Manacost: 150)
Level 3 Vengeful Spirit and the target instantly swap positions. (Cooldown: 45(*10) ; Manacost: 200)

Works on magic immune units
Trees near Vengeful Spirit and the target will be destroyed upon swapping.
Interrupts channeling skills of the target.
Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).

Venges trademark skill. Great skill with many many uses. Detailed uses of swap will be covered later in guide.

Skill Build

Her build has many variations. Mostly concerning the MM or WoT. Both are great so use them as you see fit. Command aura at start is a so common mistake in my opinion. Many people do it, but when you got so effective skills such as MM and WoT that scale quite well i guess there is no reason to skip them. In other words, command aura is not that bad but WoT and MM are better.

Level 01 Magic missile
Level 02 Wave of Terror
Level 03 Magic missile
Level 04 Stats
Level 05 Magic missile
Level 06 Swap
Level 07 Magic missile
Level 08 Stats
Level 09 Stats
Level 10 Stats
Level 11 Swap
Level 12 Terror
Level 13 Terror
Level 14 Terror
Level 15 Command aura
Level 16 Swap
Level 17-19 Command aura
Level 20-25 Stats

Alertnative build would be to max Wave and stun.

Level 01 Magic missile
Level 02 Wave of Terror
Level 03 Magic missile
Level 04 Wave of Terror
Level 05 Magic missile
Level 06 Swap
Level 07 Magic missile
Level 08 Wave of Terror
Level 09 Wave of Terror
Level 10 Command Aura
Level 11 Swap
Level 12 Command Aura
Level 13 Comamnd Aura
Level 14 Command Aura
Level 15 Command aura
Level 16 Swap
Level 17-25 Stats

Depending on your needs you can use these, although further alterations between MM and WoT are possible. Use first build to add some more stats, or second to add some more direct offensive/defensive capabilities. I personally prefer stats, mainly because early game that extra some HP and low cd on your spells may allow you to use them twice.

Item Build


Don't panic. This is just your choice of items. Venges skill build is as flexible as her items. Just be reasonable with those. For example, if you buy chicken, dont buy wards too, since this will leave you with only 200 gold to start with. I must say, i prefer buying wards for starters with venge since i usually try to get first blood with her. Rune may be invaluable for these operations so while you are there at rune, you can put wards there for good use. Also, since venge spends quite some time roaming around, she makes a very good ward bitch.



This is what makes core at reasonable 2629 gold plus wards. Bracers are there to toughen you up and give you little extra something in battles (save your ass in other words), stick and bottle are both nice burst regen. Wards are ofcourse for map vision, since you will be running around lanes like there is no tomorrow.
The order of acquisiton is also yours to judge. I prefer getting boots early (definetly NOT starters, perhaps after stick and some stats) because you need that extra little speed to either run away/juke your opponents after gank or to land a second stun.
*TP scrolls are no-brainers and i didn't even put them to core. You will be buying those as needed and will not stay in your inventory for long. Using TP scrolls to their max is not a part of this guide.
**Urn is another great item on venge. Gives you some strenght and some minor mana regen. Most importantly it gives you a nice heal/dmg spell to use after ganks. Since you may be seriously harmed after using swap, or just tower diving this item will make for a nice heal after the kill. Not to mention you can heal allies too (if bottle will make it for you).
Great item, might be put in core in place of one bracer

Optional/Luxury Items

Blademail and Travels are great on venge. Since swap will sometimes put you in hell of a mess, blademail might be your choice. If you are goin' down, you will do it with style (and some damage mind you).
Travels are there for map control, since you will be ganking a lot, they will save you a lot of time (running around the map like forrest gump will leave you underleveled and totaly underfarmed). Aghanims (i cannot believe im writing this) might me considered as luxury although i would rather take travels. The reason these items are not core is very simple. Venge does not farm. Her job is to gank lanes and put pressure on the opposing team by putting wards, gank carries and quite simply make their game miserable. Farming is not an option.

Rejected items

There is a ton of them. And i must say, they are all more or less bad. They are either too expensive (Linkens, Manta) or dont synergize with your playstyle (Lothars, Desolator, Necronomicon...) or something else. Either way, they are out of the picture. There are (pub) games where sometimes you are required to carry with venge, and you can find the build for that venge in Hall of Shame .

How to Play

I already stated some basic info on how to play venge now i will try to explain it in detail.


There is a choice here that you will have to do. Its either to stay in your lane from start, or to go and roam around. Either way, you will end up roaming after a few minutes of gameplay. The reason is simple. By playing venge you condemn yourself to run arround the map hoping to establish map control by warding th map and ganking opposition. Be very carefull as to what heroes you will leave to solo in lane. They have to be either strong enough to hold dual lane, or in need of early levels and not in need of early gold to be effective. Here is some of them:

Note that all those heroes have skills to prevent enemies from pushing the tower too soon, they greatly benefit from early bonus xp, and they can still get some creeps on their own.

If you do, however decide to stay in lane, there are a lot of good lane partners for venge. A range hero with a good range stun like venge synergizes well with a bundle of heroes, most notably with those hard to place aoe stuns/disables some heroes posess, like:

If you do end up with some heroes mentioned here, be sure to stun first, as your stun is much more likely to hit the enemy (there are remote chances of enemies to dodge your stun using blink, windwalk, leap and skills like that) than any of the mentioned above. Your stun is also mostly cheaper manawise than many of those abilites so even if you "miss" not much harm will be done.

Venge has enemies too. Not that she has some direct counters, mainly because she doesnt need to be countered, but there are enemies that are harder to play. Mainly it will be other teams wardbitches, since they will make your ganks harder. Someone like this:

Also, supporters will try to do everything to save your gank targets from getting killed, all the more likely for your gank to fail. Heroes like these:

Those heroes might give you some trouble.


First of all, venge is a ganker. This means that she should spend most of her time ganking. Ganking is easy on paper, you pick a lane to gank and you go there hoping to kill as many enemies while avoiding casualties yourself. In reality things can get quite messy. First of all there is a choice of lane to go to gank. There are numerous options but in reality aim for these few:

1. Lane with a carry This is really easy, you want to kill the carry, making his early game tough, and through that, making his lategame weaker. He looses gold, XP and levels wich is great. Reasonable targets for these ganks would be:

2. Lane with your pushers and/or enemy turtlers By ganking this lane successfully you either force players from other lanes to TP in to defend (leaving other lanes more vulnerable to ganks or pushes), or simply to let the tower be destroyed. In either way, if your gank was successfull, its a pain in the ass. Reasonable targets for this lane would be:

3. Lane with opposition pushers By successfully ganking this lane, you stop enemies from pushing. Aim for heroes with summons and other pushing methods. As before, reasonable targets:

Dont take this by the book though. Successfull gank in every lane is good, as long as you killed and none of your teammates died. Also, dont be afraid to swap your life for the life of enemies (or yours for that matter) carry. You are expendable, a carry isnt.

Timing is also vital in every gank. Either with timing your approach, stun or run, its a key to successfull gank. If the enemy is closer to your tower, they will generaly be easier to gank. While hanging by your tower, they have a longer escape route, and reduced awareness of their immediate surrounding. In general, it is easier to gank bottom lane as sentinel, and top lane as scourge, mainly because dota map is made in a way that forrest on both sides provide excellent gank tunnels. Be ware though, smart enemies and good teams will protect themselves from ganks by putting wards, so either counter-warding or ward-juking will be needed to successfully perform a gank. The warding aspect will be coverd a little later.

Venges Magic missle is a perfect gank initator. Arrive either from fog or any other place of obstructed vision (highground, forrest) and use your stun to initate gank. Naturally always give your allies information about your intentions. Dont make the gank fail just because you are too lazy to either write or say what you are about to do. After this its up to you and your allies to finish it accordingly and preferrably get a kill.


Basic warding techniques are already covered in warding tutorial wich can be found here:
Guide to warding by mugen89 and Shorttail

The guide is full of pictures, is clear and has a lot of information. I must say i will not write a guide on warding since a good enough guide is already made, but i will write something about ward juking.
Ward-juking is a series of actions that is used to evade being seen by wards or enemy heroes/creeps. To be an efficient ward-juker you must know the folowing:
-All ward spots
-Wards last 6 minutes
-True sight reveals Observer wards
-Observer wards are destroyable
-Observer wards take 6 minutes to replenish in stock
-Sentry wards have no stock limit

Knowing this will make your ward-juking even more possible. To make things clear, ward-juking is a pain in the ass process. It takes a lot of guessing and even more errors to discover where the enemy warder set wards. There are 3 ways of ward-juking.
1. Taking alternate routes This may be the hardest juking metod. First of all, you dont know where the wards are, you can only guess. You know the spots you just dont know in wich spot a ward is. Second, even if you get seen, you wont know it until its too late, enemies might gank you for a change and you will end up in no-mans land, or enemies will stick to towers making your ganks impossible.
2. Destroying wards To do this you must have true sight. Its quite straightforward, you guess where the ward is, use true sight and destroy the ward placed. This will still reveal you, but at least you will be free to gank there next time (if the enemy don't put another one)
3. Invisibility Observer wards do grant vision, but they don't grant true sight, so you will still be able to sneak by wards by using either invisibility rune or miranas ulti or natures guise...This is probably the easiest way do juke wards but it might be a somewhat hard to obtain.


When teambattles start, it gets really interesting. Your job is not that simple anymore. Here are a few tips.

-Use terror often, either to scout or to weaken enmies. It reduces enemies armor, and damage wich is excelent
-Dont hesitate to use magic missile, it has a low cooldown and is a reliable nuke
-Dont be afraid to initiate with swap especially at higher levels since it has much bigger range
-Dont be afraid to sacrifice yourself either for your carry or the enmies.
-Chose you swap targets carefully
-Dont underestimate basic attack, it does damage no mater how lategame it is

I must say, there isnt really much to say. Since there are so many options and heroes it really is hard to say anything better than tips, but still take care of those notes.

Swap Miniguide

Swap is venges trademark skill. It is a single targeted ulti that does no damage and yet the skill is awesome. What it does is swap positions with your target. There are 3 facts you need to remember about swap:
-Destroys trees near swap area
-Can target magic immune units
-Stops channeling spells

The potential swap targets are:



Be careful though. By swaping you might be doing a favor to enemies by swaping the wrong hero. Before you swap make sure your team is ready, so that when you swap, they unload their guns on the sorry bastard and kill him. There is no point in swaping if your team isn't ready. One more thing is that some heroes are not to be swaped. Why? Because they might use that to their advantage. Most of these are initiators of some sort that might give you more harm by swaping them.
Here is some of them:

Swap those only if you are SURE that your team will disable them before they use their nasty skills.

One more group of potential bad swaps are heroes with innate blink abilites. They could (potentialy) escape without harm even if you made a perfect swap using one of their (gay) skills. Heroes like these:

may get out of range unharmed thanks to their blink/blink alternatives wasting your precious ulti.

Since swap disables channeling spells, you can abuse its great range to counter channeling heroes. Heroes like these:

Swaping these heroes will make them bust to cry (or bust their monitor, depending on the mood) when you do it right. Their ulti will be wasted, and a long cooldown will ensure they keep quite for a while.

I will add some in-game pictures soon

Wave of Terror miniguide

Terror is an excellent skill. You can use it in multiple ways. Earlygame, you will use it to scout. Either runes, ganks, juke spots or neutrals. There is another usage of terror that is my favorite. You can use it to prevent spawning of neutrals. Since it has a range of 1400, it really isnt that difficult, just aim at creep camp 1-2 seconds before the neutrals spawn and there will be no neutrals for that turn. Simple and effective, knowing this you can easily prevent those pulling from those near camps in top/bottom lane. One more use of it is, since it deals little damage to prevent dagger using heroes from teleporting. Heroes like:

will be cursing their luck if you disable the at the right time. Also, while they are there u might swap them to kill them before they try anything else.
While using terror you have to remember a few keypoints. First, its spammable, meaning you can cast it quite a lot without a fear of wasting your mana pool. Dont be foolish and run arround firing terror just because you can, because it may reveal your presence to enemies. Second it reduces enemies effectiveness in battle, meaning that in teamfights you should aim it at enemies not try to prevent neutrals from spawning.

Remember these few keypoints and you will see how great this skill really is.

I will add some in-game pictures soon


I must confess, i dont have much more to say. Venge is such a fun hero to play, never a dull moment. Either put wards, or gank, or scout, or neutral preventing, its just that while you think of it you have some task at every second of the game. On the other hand, perhaps playing with venge might not be so satisfying as some other heroes, because she isn't so glamorous. She doesn't get flashy lategame items, imba damage, permabashes or stuff like that, she is a humble gamebraker. Warding, ward-juking, swaping are skills that appear like nothing special but are indeed a true knowledge of dota and a power to behold. To master venge, you must be good at all those things and still manage to farm some basic items in given time. What can i say but, have a nice game!

Hall of Shame

Now, this chapter is dedicated to those few pub games where you see that your teammates wont be able to win the game if you play venge like it should be played. I must say, this is for pubs only, everyone else that think otherwise should be shot on sight.
The idea is to make venge an unstoppable carry, and carry your team to victory. Since venge is no-good carry this might be harder then doing it with some other heroes. The skill build will remain about the same, no real need for changes there, perhaps only to consider maxing aura earlier.
About items, i've really give it a thoght, and to be honest, maelstrom/mjolnir seems like THE orb for venge. She needs something to farm fast enough to actually carry. Maelstrom will give you just that, a power to clear creepwaves like no tomorrow. Only possible alternative to maelstrom (farming wise) is midas. To be honest, get maelstrom, it gives good damage, and a good farming tool. Now that we got an orb, i will put in entire itembuild

There it is, your personal carry venge ready to pubstomp. Of course it is uper crap compared to real carries but, mind you, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.


*Fixed spell manacost/CD/duration
*Fixed wards

EDIT: The guide was written for older version of DotA and pusblished on DA, i will update it soon

Shendelzare Silkwood the Vengeful Spirit
Author: Mclane23
Map Vers.: 6.68b

Guide to VS, the ultimate ganker

The roaming Godess

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