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DotA's true vampire!!

The Hero(in my eyes):
Blood-seeker to me is one hero who I just pick to have fun and own. He is really fun to play with, watching your opponents die by running or just watching them die by your claws!! The down side is that most people kinda just suck with him. Retards in pubs screw up so badly with Blood-seeker that its just sad to see a hero with such potential in the hands of such noobs. So I decided to write a guide on him to clear out any doubts on him.

Skills and description:I'll describe the skills like your daily break-fast menu so go ahead and enjoy the snack
1)Blood Rage

Description(Boring one)- Drives a unit into a bloodthirsty rage. That unit is unable to cast spells, has its attack damage increased, and loses a small amount of hit points every second.
Description(Axe_effect's):This skill is your bread(butter comes later!!)Forget the damage you receive think of the attack you gain, and this skill cannot only be used on yourself,its a target spell for any unit, so even enemies can be blood-raged.

A)Well if you really are retarded enough not to read the whole thing then probably you'd notice it silences them. So big deal if that Crystal Maiden's got a damage buff she's just gonna shake her tits harder to hit you!! she can't freeze you,she can't blast you nor can she do the pole dance to freeze your hormones!! SO BE HAPPY!!! but then again go blood-rage a SpiritBreaker and your gonna wind up dead in your base before you know what hit you!!!so what have you learned? HANDLE WITH CARE!!!

2)Blood Bath

Description(Boring one):Whenever Strygwyr kills a unit, he bathes himself in the blood, regenerating his life source.
Description(Axe_effect's):This is your glass of healthy orange juice, every unit you kill you gain a certain percentage of that unit's hp and restore your own. This means you can go around killing 2-3 people as long you know you're gonna kill at least ONE of them before they kill you cuz after that you're back to full hp and ready for a whole new fight!!

3)Srygwyr's Thirst

Description(Boring one):Enables Strygwyr to sense the bleeding of any enemy hero below 40% hp. If he finds one, Strygwyr gains vision of that unit and increased movement speed.
Description(Axe_effect's):This is your daily vitamins!! It builds your leg muscles!! Before you know it, you'll be running faster than you're school bus!! BUT!!!! you're enemy must be below 40% of actual hp right??? so for that you gotta hit em up real bad!! This skill really makes you faster than that Hunter In The Night!! there's a very low chance that an enemy will get away from you when your thirst is active!!


Description(Boring one)eals a mighty blow to the enemy causing any movement to result in bleeding and loss of life.
Description(Axe_effect's):Here's a little table for you before i decide to describe this skill:

1) Level
2) Mana Cost
3) Cooldown
4) Casting range
5) Area of Effect
6) Duration
7) Allowed Targets
8) Effects

1) 1
2) 150
3) 70 seconds
4) 1000
5) N/A
6) 5 seconds
7) Enemy units
8) 150 initial damage. Deals 20% of the distance moved as damage

1) 2
2) 200
3) 70 seconds
4) 1000
5) N/A
6) 7 seconds
7) Enemy units
8) 250 initial damage. Deals 40% of the distance moved as damage

1) 3
2) 250
3) 70 seconds
4) 1000
5) N/A
6) 9 seconds
7) Enemy units
8) 350 initial damage. Deals 60% of the distance moved as damage

Now I'm sure you're wondering what is this right? well then let me tell Mr.I Want To Know It All!!! this is the reason you wake up!! this your pancake,omlette and whatever you crave for at breakfast this is what makes blood seeker BLOOD SEEKER!! you get it?? the more your opponent runs the faster his life drops!! and the most dangerous part is that its pure damage type!! Any hero with a high movement speed or a hero with low hp is just toast!! The Night Stalker At Night!! IMBA HIGH MS!! OH NO!! SAVE ME!! just rupture the fool and if he runs watch him die!! his high Movement speed with just make his hp leak!! and before you know it he's turned into bats and flown of back to base, dead.

Skill Build:
Well for blood seeker there really is only one skill build.
Level 1-Blood Bath
Level 2-Blood Rage
Level 3-Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 4-Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 5-Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 6-Rupture
Level 7-Strygwyr's Thirst
Level 8-Blood Bath
Level 9-Blood Bath
Level 10-Blood Bath
Level 11-Rupture
Level 12-Blood Rage
Level 13-Blood Rage
Level 14-Blood Rage
Level 15-Stats
Level 16-Rupture
Level 17to25-Stats.

Skill Build Justification:
This build basically aims at making sure you're harassing your opponent,preventing your opponent from harassing you and at the same time having the imba high Movement speed to kill him at level 6. How? well blood bath covers the part where your opponent fails to harass you,if you last hit and deny properly you're hardly gonna fall low on hp.1 level of blood-rage is taken for 2 reasons, 1 you might just need to silence your opponent from using any wicked spell that could kill you.(Lina,Demon-witch,Crystal Maiden) or also silence them from using any stuns or escape mechanisms(Venge,Rexxar,Anti-Mage) the second use of blood rage is that at level one its damage over time is much more harmful than the small increase in damage. Thus using this a couple of times on your opponents not only silences them but also makes them lose a little hp over time.

Q)Why prefer maxing out Bath instead of Rage after thirst???
A)Simply because the percentage of hp regenerated from Bath increases and also level one Rage is taken only and only for silencing, and making sure your opponent doesn't get too much damage gain at the same time. Level 1 Rage gets 100% on this reason.

Item Build:

Basically you start off with these items.Quelling Blade for better last-hitting and denying.Slippers for damage and agility.Tangoes for cheap and efficient hp regeneration.

Your basic item build should look like this:
Orbs: Truly speaking only one orb is viable on blood seeker and that is:
The Desolater. People may think sange and yasha are good orbs but people please!! he doesn't need that movement speed buff nor does he need the maim. The maim is just gonna lower your rupture damage!! So please don't buy this item on him.

Another item most people like to get is a radiance, now I truly don't mind this but only consider this if your farm is going rather extraordinary cuz if not you might want to make your way to treads/phase and wraiths.

This is basically all he needs.

Other very much viable items on him(These aren't optional or luxury, these are just items than can be gotten on him)

Well you get the picture, he is really is a erratic hero!!

Items Justification:
Wraiths-Staple item on most agility heroes. Nothing new
Phase boots/Treads-Again something you see on every hero, phase boots are used if creeps get in your way and treads if you like the attack speed and hp gain from it.
Desolater-Already mentioned in Orbs section
Butterfly-Something most agility heroes would love!!
Radiance-The immolation may kill a couple of creeps around you thereby giving you hp back indirectly so its quite nice to have around and plus it gives you +60 damage.
Monkey King Bar-The mini-stun is just amazing and the new true strike can be quite useful against that mortred or that panda with 99% evasion.
Vanguard-Good damage block if needed and a pretty much a good survival item.
Battle fury-Gotten if you need to push a lot and also gives hp&mana regeneration along with damage.
Lothars-Quick escape mechanism.

Early Game-
Blood seeker early game just sits back and farms a nice hoard of money by picking off creeps and weak heroes. He can roam any lane, thanks to his blood bath he really can't be harassed in any particular lane. His basic combo is just to go into hand to hand combat with the guy, silence him if needed and then if he's had enough and starts running use your rupture to finish him.

Mid Game-
Same thing as early though I would recommend a partner to roam with since you never know when you might need a little back up or a stun. Get your battle fury,lothars or whatever you're going for after your treads/phase and wraiths are done or just work on that radiance.

Late Game-
Well if you haven't got any kills early or mid, I draw two conclusions, 1) you suck with blood seeker and just can't get kills or 2) your allies KS you too much. Well whatever be the reason now its your turn to own and really strike fear into your enemie's hearts. Go around killing anything in sight!! just go wild!!

Have got some amazing replays of me playing blood seeker but sadly I just don't know how to upload them. Some help in how to upload them would be nice. Thank You

Thank you for reading my guide on Blood Seeker.
Best wishes from

Strygwyr the Bloodseeker
Author: Axe_effect
Map Vers.: 6.61x

AxeEffect's Guide To BloodSeeker

The True Vampire of DotA

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