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Ulfsaar!*i go rawr and pound ur face when u are ganking me.

Overall the bear is gg and the items you give him depending makes him godlike he is very strong on mid and late game and can kill roshan right off the bat but its what you build and the skills you upgrade that matter.

Skills List

These skills are the ones you build for in my opinion

1.fury swipes
5.fury swipes
7.fury swipes
10.stats/earthshock[depending on what your up against
17.-25.should choose whatevers left
*personally i choose stats if its one vs one but if theres more i would lvl up the earthshock.


I dont have an exact guide for equip but i make the vanguard then battle fury and then heart of tarrasque then if the game doesn't end i make monkey king bar,sange and yasha,and assualt cuirass.if it still goes on i build forboots of travel to end it all.
Ending response
I don't see why most people don't choose the gg bear probably because hes too overpowered but i think not he is just sex and when someone chooses him i think you should just say good game.
athe bear is gg with roshan and one vs one heros and if hes at full health can kill 3 heros who are ganking just remember to use overpower and enrage together and the fury swipes will take care of the rest.

Ulfsaar the Ursa Warrior
Author: NitsuaAlaran
Map Vers.: v6.68

Ulfsaar the pwny

The very essence of dps

Date Posted: 09/24/10
Last Comment:02/10/2010
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