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Before shaker I used to play undying for supporting my allies. But after getting to know this hero,my team mates now know that the WAIT FOR REAL SUPPORT is over.
(this is my first guide, so please comment if I made any mistakes. thankyou)

Although the Earthshaker is a strength hero, his real power lies in his spells. With a well-placed Echo Slam, Raigor can single-handedly level an entire team of enemies if they are foolish enough to bunch together. His Fissure spell is very versatile. While it deals decent damage along with a stun, it also creates an impassible wall of rock for several seconds. A skilled Earthshaker can use this to his advantage, blocking enemy movement and trapping hapless foes between a rock and a hard place. Enchant Totem gives him a significant damage boost for one attack, and his passive Aftershock ability causes a minor stun and damage effect under him every time he casts one of his spells. Although he is one of the more difficult heroes to use to his full strength, he is also one of the most deadly heroes in skilled hands.


In the barren-lands, tales spoke of tauren sages reaping the essence of dirt. Their consciousness melds with the brown beneath them. The loam becomes the conduit of their mental thought and reality. These warriors were feared for they could summon massive ruptures at their mere whim. So tremendous was their power that their magic leaks out of the earth violently with every spell. Sadly these sages mysteriously faded from the land. When the World Tree was threatened, couriers searched for these mighty ones but found just one. A young adept, Raigor Stonehoof, seeks battle to weave new tales of these shamans.




1x (only recipe)



A lot of people would now say to buy out with the recipe of soul ring. but i don't like this item in 6.68c; because now you have arcane boots which only requires your boots(must) + energy will not go in mid lane. So from side lane you can buy magic stick and complete your magic wand. Its very easy to make gold in the new map; since shaker is a supporter, even when you support with a fissure in any killing you make a decent amount of gold.

MID GAME(level 7 to 12)

core items:

+ =

after the above build you would try to support all your allies and harass your enemies with your fissure because you will wait for your core item which is dagger


After the above build you dont have any thing more to do.A lot of people dag in, give fissure and then give ulti if there is enemy. I disagree with this. When enemies are coming with creeps and you want to gank with your allies, what shaker should do is :
1)dagger in the creeps and enemies
2)give the ulti (echo slam)
3)use fisher for stun
4)then cast your enchant totem if you have it and if enemy hero is still standing near you.
(and always check your mana before dagger in)

Why fissure after echo slam ?
beacause if you use fissure first then there might be chances for creeps to die which will result in less damage from your ulti. your ulti(echo slam) gives more damage when there are more enemies.
Again, some times if there are more than 1 disablers/silencers, then you should decide what to do first. because after you dag in if any enemy hero silences you before you ulti or your ulti+fissure then you are dead.but that chance is very low, since no one will be expecting you to dag in. right ? Also make sure you dont dagger in near silencer because he can immediately silence you before you can cast any other spell.


after your core if you need any more items then you should immediately go for scepter; it will double your damage on echo slam(besides that it also looks good on you.However, you should discuss with your teammates what to go for next, since they will be the ultimate damagers, so they may even ask you to build shiva before scepter)


since you will always dagger in, so your radiance will not be of that use on enemies.


it is for those who are always hitting enemies; you my friend will always be using spells.

one of the main reasons for this is lifesteal and mana.same reason as above; you will not always be hitting and arcane boots already have given you a lot of mana.

why did you buy dagger then? and it costs 3400 for 9 sec invis, if you need invis then keep mirana in your team.

waste of gold for shaker. besides you will avoid taking damage, so why build it?


2)after shock
4)after shock
8)after shock/enchant totem
9)enchant totem/after shock
10)after shock/enchant totem
12)enchant totem/after shock
13)enchant totem
14)enchant totem

This guide maker is a noob. He didn't take stats for shaker. DAAAA.

SHAKER IS NO SKELETON KING. Shaker is not a damager. Skeleton king needs stats for mana, besides he can't make arcane boots since he needs power treads or phase boots for stacking his damage up his *@#. But Shaker's case is different, after arcane boots you need your spells all the time; not your stats.Besides if you need mana in the early, you already have magic wand and 4 clarity potions. Try this and trust me, you will have no mana problems if you even spam with your fissure. Because I said it before and I say it again, it is very easy for shaker to make arcane boots early in 6.68c because he can make a lot of gold.



1)always try to put the fissure such that your enemy (easy if melee) is nearer to your creeps and he gets separated from your rival creeps.

I am on the sentinel side. Naga is my enemy. It is the top lane(its just a draft, not an actual game) it is easier to do this against melee heroes because you can use fissure from side when enemy hero comes to deny or last hit.

2)NEVER BLOCK YOUR ALLIES(you will also find a guide with this name that really helped me). You don't have to go near your enemies to stun them. you are a gifted hero ; so let your allies go and then you can join in( you can give your fissure from far far away).Besides that your movement speed is low. You made arcane boots, not phase boots .

3)ALWAYS CHECK MANA BEFORE GANKING IN. IF MANA IS LOW, LET YOUR ALLIES KNOW ABOUT IT.Because they will always join in a battle (or they should) depending on your call.

4)BE PATIENT.Dont try to be greedy for last hits and fall under enemy's trap.

5)SEE REPLAYS, SEE REPLAYS, SEE REPLAYS. If you are new then that will really help you to get the basic idea.


---you fissure, riki bakstab ,smoke, kill/damage(better after riki's invis)

---helps you in mana

---your fissure stacked with aftershock and pucks orb will make a deadly damage on enemy.

ALL THE OTHER RANGED HEROES are also Shaker's friends in a lane who NEEDS QUICK BUILD. Incase of melee friend in lane, the hero should always look after his ass for not making any mistakes. Its not easy for a melee hero to esacpe a gank in comparison to ranged heroes in early game.


---LOL,riki also worst friend ? Ya, cause if he smokes you and starts hitting, you are dead. Although riki will be stupid to get after you between your allies, but if there are no other stunners or stoppers in your team , then you are dead meat.

---can silence

---can silence

---can silence and the MOST FRIGHTENING HERO IN DOTA EVER.

---he will suck your mana down to 0 when you will need it the most.

---if you can not make dagger early, then you will never be able to make it in the game against DOOM.

So, all kinds of silencer including blood seeker are his enemies, but once you get your dagger they will not be able to catch you because your team will have the upper hand in all of the ganks.


Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker
Author: sakib
Map Vers.: 6.68c


the wait is over

Date Posted: 09/19/10
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