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Alt-Tab Mini Guide
Table of Contents
Pregame Strategy
Pros & Cons
Hero Information
Rikimaru's Arsenal
Skill Build
Item Build
How to Play Rikimaru
Advanced Strategy
Using Your Spells
Rikimaru's Role
Fight or Flight
Best Allies & Worst Enemies
Links & Replays





Endless invisibility, endless chasing potential, a seven second silence, and good DPS make Rikimaru a strong, if not always reliable, carry. He can silence casters and pop behind them to deal good physical damage. He can scout ahead of pushes to avoid ganks, as well as scout the enemy forest safely and gank Junglers. He is free to maneuver around the map and gank lone heroes. Overall, Rikimaru is a great hero to pick against casters without long silences, and strength casters, as he can cut them down quite efficiently starting at level six.



Rikimaru is a hero that relies on stealth and the ability to quickly defeat enemies. With a combination of silence and high DPS, he can quickly take down "squishy" heroes. He is however, vulnerable to silences and True Sight.

Riki is a good chaser, and his silence and high DPS makes him deadly to squishy heroes. Rikimaru is a good choice against casters with low HP and mobility, like CM, WD, and Lich. Fellow Agility heroes are also food for Rikimaru because of his ability to sneak up on them. Rikimaru is powerful against Agility heroes without escapes like Sniper, VS, and Venomancer. Lastly, Rikimaru can be an effective counter to enemies that rely on buffs, even more so once he gets his Diffusal Blade. Heroes like Sven, Omni, and Magnus won't know to use their buffs because you are invisible, and if they do manage to get them off, you can Purge them away.

Rikimaru is vulnerable to invisibility detection, making him a bad choice against Slardar and Gondar, who can easily make him visible to the entire enemy team. Tanks are a decent but not foolproof counter to Rikimaru, if the enemy is full of tanks pick Naix, not Riki. Avoid picking Rikimaru against heroes like Abbadon, Alchemist, and Bristleback.



Very good scout.
After Level 6 he is invisible and thus can farm rather easily.
Solid but situational silence with Smoke Screen.
Great chasing ability mid game.
Very high damage late game.
Two pseudo-escape mechanisms.
Vulnerable to invis detection, and silences.
Has a hard time farming during the early game.


Strength: 17 + 2 each level
Agility: 34 + 2.9 each level
Intelligence: 14 + 1.3 each level
Base HP: 473
Base Mana: 182
Base Damage: 48 - 52
Base Armor: 5.7
Base Move Speed: 300
Range: 128 (Melee)



Blink Strike

You can use it to add damage to attacks, to get to an enemy, or to get away from an enemy. This is your chasing potential, farming potential, and ganking potential all in one skill. This skill can be used to move into or out of combat, as well as trick enemies by reversing his direction of movement.

Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen gives a pretty beastly silence of 6 seconds at level 1 (if the enemy stays in the cloud for full duration). Basically, it’s a solid silence and miss chance but it’s hard to use it effectively due to it’s low AoE and the fact that most enemies avoid it like the plague.


You “stab” the enemy in the “back.” Backstab gives Rikimaru a distinct DPS boost when chasing enemies or when hitting unaware enemies. This can be used in conjunction with Permanent Invisibility to harass enemies.

Permanent Invisibility

Permanent Invisibility is arguably one of the most annoying ultimate abilities in Dota. If your opponents decide not to get some form of invisibility detection it means you can move around and farm freely without fear of ganks if you are competent. You can also easily harass enemies with backstab.



Level 1 - Smoke Screen
Level 2 - Blink Strike
Level 3 - Blink Strike
Level 4 - Stats/Backstab
Level 5 - Blink Strike
Level 6 - Permanent Invisibility
Level 7 - Blink Strike
Level 8 - Backstab
Level 9 - Backstab
Level 10 - Backstab
Level 11 - Permanent Invisibility
Level 12 - Backstab/Stats
Level 13 - Smoke Screen
Level 14 - Smoke Screen
Level 15 - Smoke Screen
Level 16 - Permanent Invisibility
Level 17 - Stats
Level 18 - Stats
Level 19 - Stats
Level 20 - Stats
Level 21 - Stats
Level 22 - Stats
Level 23 - Stats
Level 24 - Stats
Level 25 - Stats


Smoke Screen is gotten at Level 1 because its silence is the same at all levels and it helps you escape and take less damage early when you are the weakest. Blink Strike is then maxed as it is your best chase, escape, farm skill. I have been getting a lot of comments from people who argue that Blink Strike is better at level 1. Usually I would disregard these people as morons, but in some cases Blink Strike could be more useful than Smoke Screen. I usually prefer Smoke Screen at level 1 because with Blink Strike you need a unit in the right position for your escape, whereas Smoke Screen can be always be used.

Stats or Backstab can be gotten at level 4, Backstab would be better in a lane with 2 melee heroes where you wouldn’t need to worry about harassment as much, stats are better against ranged opponents where you get almost no hits in and you need the HP. Permanent Invisibility is gotten at 6 obviously. After that max Blink Strike and Backstab, getting Permanent Invisibility at 11, then max Smoke Screen and Permanent Invisibility.



Starting Items

Starting Gold (603) - 1x Healing Slave (100) - Tangoes of Essafation (90) - Slippers of Agility (300) - GG Branch (106) = Remaining Gold (9)

The starting items are rather basic, Riki needs a little of everything at the start, damage for last hitting, strength for survival, intelligence to Blink and Smoke Screen. One tango and one salve gives you a good combination of low heal for when you take a few hits, and burst heal for when you take a lot. You should grab some slippers as you're probably going to make a PMS or some Wraiths. Lastly, grab some GG branches because you're going to go Beyond Godlike and the enemy needs to know it.

Early Game

Power Treads (1450) + Magic Wand (509) + PMS (550) + Scroll of TP (135) = Total Cost (2644)


Boots of Speed (500) + Magic Wand (509) + 3x Wraith Band (1455) + Scroll of TP (135) = Total Cost (2599)

Power Treads is what I usually buy first, the stats it gives are needed early and the movespeed advantage is a bonus since you are a chasing hero. Alternatively, a few Wraiths give you a better AS and Damage boost while still giving a decent HP increase. Magic Wand is probably the best new item in the game, and it is easy to collect charges when you're invisible, so grab one you joker. I either turn my Slippers into an early PMS, or Wraith Bands. Lastly, a TP scroll is necessary.

Mid Game

Power Treads (1450) + Diffusal Blade Level 1 (3300) + Magic Wand (484) + PMS (550) + Scroll of TP (135) = Total Cost (5919)

The only thing you need to worry about getting during mid game is Diffusal Blade, which rounds out your hero. It's usually best to buy the Blades of Alacrity first, the added damage and armour is better than some mana.

Late Game

Power Treads (1450) + Diffusal Blade Level 1 (3300) + Magic Wand (484) + PMS (550) + Scroll of TP (135) + Ultimate Orb (2100) = Total Cost (8019)

Late game centres around building your choice of luxury item. If you are working towards a SnY or Manta it's usually better to buy the survivability portion of the item first, as Rikimaru has low HP after going for Diffusal Blade. Ultimate Orb or Sange is a good addition to your hero. Of course Yasha is a powerful alternative but it will leave you quite squishy (glass cannon status). If you are feeling risky, you could start building Butterfly (you cheeky git).


Butterfly is probably the best DPS item in the game for Rikimaru, not to mention it gives him great survivability. This is a solid extension item if you can farm it. This item is best if you are farming like a madman and you aren't in too much danger.

Manta Style is a great item when paired with Diffusal Blade and is also useful for juking with Blink Strike. The stats fit well with Rikimaru and the MS boost makes you an even more dangerous chaser. This item is best if you are having a little trouble farming up, or you are feeling squishy. The parts are cheaper and easier to put together than BFly, and it provides decent damage output and survivability.

The recent buff to SnY (no more orb) has made this item exceptionally viable on Rikimaru. It gives a good balance of survivability and damage, as well as chasing potential with MS and a slow. Great all around item on Rikimaru since it no longer gets in the way of Diffusal Blade.


Due to public outcry over the lack of this item anywhere in my guide I have added it in. It's not necessarily bad on Rikimaru, as I've stated before, there are usually better items to get though. Basher is best gotten after you have Diffusal Blade and a survivability item. This is mainly luxury and should not be considered your main item in most games.

Against a physical damage team (Drow, Clinkz, Troll, etc.) this item can be a great escape and a devastating nuke, which makes it a great item. The stats all fit well with Rikimaru. This item is rarely ever better than Butterfly, you are usually better off going for other items

If the enemy is warding heavily you may need to get this. It is much better on your team's tank though. If your team refuses to buy one, consider it.


This is an essential item in every game, however only buy it if your teammates refuse to (in which case they probably suck... flame accordingly).



Puny Satyr

Summary: Lane with a support. Stay alive and farm.

The start of the game is when Rikimaru is most vulnerable. Staying alive and farming are your main priorities during this phase. You are obviously going to want to maximize your last hits and reduce the amount of experience lost. Now the only way to really guarantee that you can do this is to lane with a strong support hero that will allow you to snag all the creeps and who can also prevent the enemy from pushing you back out of experience rage, or god forbid killing you. Heroes such as Dazzle and Warlock are able to heal you as well as aid you in farming by pushing the enemies back, they also require almost no farm to be effective. It is vital that you play with a strong carry, otherwise ranged opponents will have no problem shutting down your farm and crippling your late game potential.

Picking a good lane partner is only half the battle however. You must still be able to hold your own when it comes to farming. Rikimaru does not have the luxury of having a ranged attack, nor does he possess a healthy amount of HP. This makes him rather vulnerable at the start if you plan to farm, which you do. You must pick your last hits carefully, and thus creep positioning is a vital part of your early game. You must constantly exploit creep aggro to pull the enemy creeps towards your tower. The added safety this gives you and the extra money you can obtain from the creeps being in a good last hit position is invaluable for your early game. Stay safe and remember, it isn't until later that Rikimaru truly shines, don't overestimate your strength early on.

Lastly, it is important to remember that Rikimaru is painfully squishy in the early minutes of the game. Dual stun lanes or heavy DPS starters like Enigma can shred your health in seconds. You must be very wary of where the enemy heroes are on the map as well as your position in regards to the enemy. Be careful not to lose needless HP by taking unneeded harass. It is impossible to avoid all harass if you plan to farm, but keep it to a minimum.

Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin
Author: --Riki
Map Vers.: v6.72f

-Rikimaru- hehe

This is What i use for him

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