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Alt-Tab Guide

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Chaos Bolt Reality Rift Chaos Bolt Reality Rift Chaos Bolt Reality Rift Chaos Bolt Reality Rift Critical Strike Phantasm Phantasm Critical Strike Critical Strike Critical Strike Stats Phantasm

Crucial tips:
*Be sure to manage your mana
*Gank once you have MoC + Jango, it's your job, but try to balance it with farming
*Generate Image -> Rift -> Bolt -> Hit -> Rift again


Greetings. This is my 6th guide here at This time it's about the Chaos Knight hero, one who has never been one of my favorites due to my incredible bad luck. However, since the old Chaos Knight guide is horribly outdated, I guess this one goes for the community. Special thanks to Lycan on filling me on some of the updates I've missed and for Val and the community to provide with some much needed resources from the old guide.

Now Chaos Knight (CK as I shall refer with from now on), is a manta-intensive str semi carry ganking hero. However, his most unique trait, very well explained by the "Chaos" in his, is that alot of things about him are random. Some, myself included, don't like to play with luck. However, if you want to try, Chaos Knight would surely be an interesting experience

Hero Information & Comments

To get the most detailed official stats of the hero, please follow this link here

Now, talking only about the hero statistics, we have this much to conclude

[+]Excellent movespeed, 2nd highest in the game
[+]Decent armor
[+]Good animation (overall)
[+]Good stats

[+]Damage is too random (though still high)
[+]Very mana intensive

Though the pros somewhat outweights the cons, the randomness of this hero only amplifies as the analysis goes on. Continue to the next section to get more detailed explanation

Skills & Skill Build

Chaos Bolt

This skill has a relatively decent casting range of 500. However, it is very unreliable, especially at lower levels. Not only is the stun time random but also the damage. However, the fact that this skill scales well, and is a disable at the same time, means that you're probably going to max this first.
On to the skill itself, it is a potential 4 second stun with a potential 275 damage. However, it is only single targetted and consumes a great deal of mana, which CK doesn't have, thus most useful in ganks and could only be used twice at best (early-mid_. This skill is strong nonetheless, and a great asset to CK's skillset.

Cast range of Chaos Bolt

1. Chaos Bolt
2. Reality Rift
3. Chaos Bolt
4. Reality Rift
5. Chaos Bolt
6. Reality Rift
7. Chaos Bolt
8. Reality Rift
9. Critical Strike/Stats/Phantasm
10. Phantasm/Critical Strike
11. Phantasm
12. Critical Strike
13. Critical Strike
14. Critical Strike
15. Stats/Critical Strike
16. Phantasm

Sadly CK's skill build doesn't open up much rooms for improvements, I shall list the points
* Chaos Bolt as his best and only disable, scales the best and most effective early game, is taken first and maxed first
* Reality Rift, crucial for ganking, positioning in general, low cd and manacost, is taken next and maxed right after
* Critical Strike, too random and requires items to be effective, is taken last and maxed last
* Phantasm is great, but you can only support its manacost later on, so take when need be
* Stats is sometimes prioritized over Critical Strike, depending on the situation whether you need more burst DPS or not

Items Build
Starting Items

Regeneration items should be obvious. They are optimum at early game and should be exploited as such.

Small stats boosting items are also very effective early game. The quantity of which item you want to buy is of course, up to you

Get only 1 of this if at all. Stout Shield is when you are expected to be harassed or tower dive. Quelling Blade is when you are expecting a good time farming. Ring of Protection if you are aiming for that early Ring of Bassilus for a good push or tri-lane control.

Early Game Items

Small mana items, all are effective on CK. You should be having 1-2 of these to counter your early game mana problems. However, none of this actually offers up any stats or immediate regen, so you should still be using your mana conservatively.

Magic Wand is staple if you feel like you really have problems with too much shit being thrown at you.

If you are the main ganker/solo you could probably pick up a bottle and a rune or two. Since you benefits alot from Bottle's adequete regen, it is very viable. Also if you get this, you should only get 1 small mana items previously mentioned.

A great aura, synergies well with CK's excellent speed and need of stats. A great upgrade if you went for Bracers earlier. Almost always recommended.

Boots of Choice

Possibly has always been the best boots on him. Gives much needed stats, a decent boost to IAS that transfers to illusions is always great.

Viable in situations when you feel like you're getting clustered too much, but not recommended overall

Extreme solution to your mana problems (with this you should no longer have any). However, it is just better for one of your teammates to get this for you instead, preferably the one who is ganking with you

Not even worth it if you can get it extremely early (unlike the other heroes I've written guides for). Only viable in extreme late game, for pushing purposes.

Severely puts you up into the static ms chase. Also gives a good constant ganking boost if you're not Bottle-ing. However, no use outside of that.


Mid game damage items. Only get 1 of these though, It is ok to get both, but usually when you've completed one of them it's better and more efficient to aim for larger items, since you haven't a decent farming skill. Be careful with Armlet though. If you can't do a decent job with it, then just don't get it.

A team coverage oriented item. Works if you get it fast and first, acting as #2 and help the team immensely in early clashes.

Extremely good anti-carry item, exactly what CK needs if he can farm it up and give it a go to.

Manta gives you great teamfight and pushing power, as more illusions give you more options. The stats boost is always nice.

Used to be great, but not so much in the current metagame. Usually not needed unless you gank extensively or need to counter Omni/Warlock

Great if you aim for a later game. Grab it at the right time would allow you to go up to par with opposing carriers even if you don't have your ultimate up.

Not very good considering you can already go Medallion and your images don't benefit from the +dmg anyways. Viable but not recommended

Late game extensions

Standard for a str semi carry in late game, especially one with illusions, no-brainer

Goes well with Armlet and gives extreme tankiness of illusions

If you went HotD, this should be an ok extension, but usually only get as a 6th slot upgrade

Questionable Items

Godlike farming booster in pubs, but usually not worth it since it doesn't give you much you can't already get with smaller and easier to build items.

Universal extension, nothing much to say

A bit out-there, but can be somewhat viable at times

Usually Manta is better, but this item is great too, if you want to play like a Rexxar.

Usually it's not for heroes like you to get this, but if there are too much shit getting casted at your general direction, and if no one else would, yeah get it

Rejected Items

Don't consider this, please, ever

I am being a bit extreme with this example, but still

Just no

Gameplay & Strategy

When to pick

- Need a ganker that can be tanky
- Your team need an anti-carry hero that is not useless at everything else
- A good amount of squishies for you to stomp on

When not to pick

- Facing good mana burners
- You're not going to be able to exploit your ganking capabilities
- You're too much of a douche to ride a horse

Now Nessaj's role, if you haven't already figured it out, is

- Ganker
- Semi Tanker
- Semi Carrier
- Anti Carrier
- Chaser

And not

- Suppoter
- Nuker
- Initatior (debatable)
- Disabler

In game justification

This section is divided into 2 parts, depends greatly on the course of the game


If you're playing passively, meaning sit back and farm, you should grab a RoB for early pushing power and minor damage increase. Should always try and get most of the farm. You're melee with good movement speed, so sometimes you're forced to go defensive against a superior lanecontroller, but you can counter-gank quite well


Abusing your fast movespeed and powerful stats, CK, with an ally or two, is a great tower diver and tri-lane carry pusher. CK can also be used as a tanking roamer, but albeit a bit too risky and most of the time not considered.

Allies & Enemies

Being the kind of hero that he is, CK's dependancy on other heroes in the game is quite generic, but notable


CK has an immediate disable, along with a positioning skill. Thus, ranged heroes with great nuking capabilities/disables but lack mobility is best used with him.

Facing them, your mana would be gone in a couple of seconds. It's true that CK is a decent DPS, but without mana you can't put it to good use at all. Be careful not to expose yourself

Supports with disables, especially strong delay disable is simply amazing with CK. They amplify your potential while you help them reach their full effectiveness with your own.

Well here he is, the universal counter presented in all guides. Sure you're hit a bit easier since you have lots of health, but Doom is just too strong a disable to even make that scarce anyways. However, you're fine if you can bait him to Doom prematurely (lol) or even the wrong target (Illusion bait)

I've attached 2 of the recent CK games into the Forum Guide version (if you are reading from the official guide version, then you need to switch to see/download the replays)


-IceFrog: developer
-Val & the corresponding community for the screenies and the old guide
-Lycan for some behind the scenes help
-shadowai1029 at for his artwork

Nessaj the Chaos Knight
Author: Lapis Lazuli
Map Vers.: 6.74c

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