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Hello again guys. I'm Xstorm and this is my second guide. My first guide was:
The Ice Inside! - DotA Guides
This guide is about turning the table of the game with some quick and efficient tactics. It also contains strategies on how to counter, escape and use fog of war or hills to your advantage. So, without further-ado LETS ROLL!





FOG OF WAR is actually one of your best ally as well as enemy in game. It is your best escape mechanism and is also used for surprises or tricks. Though there are a few skills which could take you out in fog, there are those which when used in combination to fog can produce devastating results. Attacks such as pudge's hooks, mirana's arrow and nevermore's razes can indeed take you out. Here is an example from pudge's hook. Replay was not mine.

Here pudge is chasing sniper and he's not going empty handed.

Unfortunately, sniper escpaes into fog and its not up in pudge's street to chase him anymore.Looks like he's doomed.

Luckilu, pudges hook saves the day.

But skills such as crixalis's impale, akasha's blink, storm's ball lightning e.t.c can really help you escape.


Whenever you walk up a hill your enemies below you cannot see you because of fog of war. This gives you time to act. Similarly, if you walk up a hill and your opponent is following you, you can set up a skill such as epicenter or requiem of souls e.t.c. This will not only help you escape but might also score a kill.

Round and round is another simple technique used in combination with fog of war. This could be maneuvered on a tree or any place which could provide you fog. The idea is to walk in a specific direction so that your opponent can see you, then as soon as you walk uphill just turn around near a tree and go back. Though, this trick is hard to manage it can only be done on a single person and might not help to escape ganks. Here is an example:

TIP: If you have an enemy with slow speed you can stop and then go.

Shadowwalking is the art of blending yourself to the environment. This is better attempted at night time and can be done on things such as trees(mostly) or fog. As the name suggests you hide yourself under a tree so that the enemy won't notice you and spam 'S' to stop yourself from attacking. This is not at all easy and requires practice and luck. If attempted correctly there is no doubt you will escape. Here is handful of pictures for you to spot troll warlord who wants to play hide and seek.

The sentinel trees are the best spots to shadowwalk. Troll Warlord wants to play hide and seek. Try to find him.
ENJOY! Save them and highlight the place where troll warlord is. Cookie to whoever finds him.

This technique is a small trick suggested by LouisAcosta(thanks). It means that you hide in a neutral camp. For example, you are centaur and are being chased. You quickly hide in a camp, luckily its night and when others pass you they think you are a neutral centaur. You can also hide in neutral camp or use a choke point to TP yourself back.

This technique is very hard though some heroes such as tuskar or icarus can dodge stuns very easily. Here is a list of heroes whom i think can dodge stuns. Here is an example of Sand King dodging vengeful's stun.

Here SK is about to be hit by vengeful's stun after he has been swapped.

But luckily SK's epic burrowstrike helps him escape and dodge vengeful's stun.


Illusions are perhaps your best friend for playing mind-games. Some nice illusionists such as slithice, terrorblade and most of all azwraith can really trick your opponents. When you have an illusion, try to play with it in front of your opponents as if were really you. This could trick them and perhaps if they might be planning to gank you or your team you might see them coming out. Another trick you could play, combined with fog of war is to use an illusion in the fog once you have moved uphill. Though you require practice to perform this trick, once done properly, it can produce devastating results.

Illusionisation Push:
This is one of my favourites. Whenever i have an illusion hero or rune and im pushing a tower, I use my illusion to attract creep aggro and then I lead them onto the jungle. This way my creeps can easily push without hindrance.

3. TP canceling

TP canceling means canceling town portal when its about to happen. Now you must find it silly to waste your mana, time and a priceless TP but actually the illusion of TPing can help you deceive your opponents. How? You use TP when you are some distance away from them. Then, as soon as they lose you in the fog run away. Now when they will find your TP spot they will think you have escaped. Here is an example:
Its not very accurate but gives you an idea on how to do it.

Here is AM. He is teleporting to BOT tower but between the channeling I use Blink and move away thus giving the illusion that I had teleported. If you look closely in the 2nd Picture you'll see i actually just blinked a bit.


Pushing and Pulling refers to pushing the lane by pulling the creeps. This is one of the quickest way to push. Actually, the whole game depends on the speed of pushing the lane. I had a game recently, I chose ursa and i was on a spree. Me and rylai were owning, when suddenly out of nowhere, the whole of their team turned up on the bottom lane and pushed till our base in a min. Within, 5 mins we loss. That's the true power of pushing. Once one team has lost its towers and its lanes are pushed it cannot win even if it has lots of powerful heroes with farming capabilities. Though the only way to defend then is to counter-push. Pulling the creeps means taking them out of the way so that your creeps are not distracted by them and can destroy tower. For example, you are on the bottom lane, Clinkz, and you can destroy tower pretty quickly but as you do so their creeps are right around the corner. You quickly go to enemy creeps and move towards jungle, thus you make a pull and your creeps are able to destroy the tower.


Creep aggression or creep aggro is a command which sets into place when you attack an enemy hero with creeps around you. They focus there aggro and attack you. How do you use this to your advantage? Simple. You attack the enemy hero with your auto-attack, the creeps will move towards you and will follow you if there is no other creep to attack. For a melee,
he could use aggro so that creeps would be at his side and he can safely last-hit without being harassed.

3. Ganking

Ganking means a number of heroes killing one enemy hero. It is not at all difficult and there is only a 5% chance your opponent will escape while there is a 95 % chance he will die. There are some heroes who are born to gank and there are some items which can maximize ganking potential. These gankers usually consist of 3 or more heroes. It is usually started by a STR hero and is ended by a DPS. There is also a stunner or disabler which can be called an INT support who makes sure the target does not escape. An example would be, Earthshaker initiating with his stun, Rhasta shackling him and the Clinkz kills him. When he tries to escape, Rhasta disables him allowing clinkz to go for the kill. Ganking is highly useful when someone has been over-fed and needs to be stopped.


Out farming means to farm more then your opponents so that you have better items and are more powerful or in short, throwing dust in your opponents face so he doesn't see you last-hitting the creeps and deny his own. Some heroes such as lich, enigma are pretty powerful deniers. By denying a creep, your opponent gets lower experience for it than he would have gotten if his team would have killed it. There are also those who can farm waves after waves of creeps without breaking a sweat. Especially Axe is a farming specialist. Others have some extra damaging passive or some farming skill such as morted's dagger. These heroes are not only farmers but lane-controllers. Lich not only denies but also harrases and out-farms her opponents. For last-hitting you could practice drills. Here are some i practice whenever my internet's not working or i don't want to play with noobs.

1. Kill 25 or more creeps in 6 - 8 mins.
2. Kill 50 creeps in 12 mins.
3. Farm 3800 gold in 11 mins(free sacred relic).
4. Deny 2 - 4 creeps per wave.
5. Kill 30 creeps and deny 15 under 10 mins.

Similarly, you could make your own drills. Another thing you should notice is how many creeps you kill by a min or how much gold you farm. This would give you an average of how much you can farm and can also tell you how good you are or if you need some practice.

5. Luring

Luring as the name suggests is to lure a hero by tempting him with your low-life and hanging a board over yourself [FREE KILL HERE, WAITING TO DIE, KILL ME AND GET 235 GOLD]. So the opponent fells for it, and you lure him to a jungle or tower and trap him. Afterwards, you just slam the board on his face and say "THANKS FOR THE GOLD NOOBY TOOOBY" and watch in satisfaction as he floats away. Illusions help you a lot in this matter, when at a low life, cast an illusion and trick your opponent into thinking you are the real one and making him chase you through tower after tower. Many people fell for it but beware when luring someone to your tower and you have low health try to be careful of burst-damage or instant blasts e.t.c. Illusion help you deceive a good lot. I was playing a game where i was pudge and was soloing bot. Fortunately, my opponent was also soloing and we had tri-lanes top. My opponent was a squishy sniper who was harassing me like a bee sucking honey from a plant with feet. So near our tower he thought he could take me out and he rushes in and starts on me. I quickly pass to him and disember him. In the 3 second disable my tower had almost killed him and it only took me a 4 second rot-chase to kill him.

Roshan is that big bully who steals your lunch and eats it in his
hideout.No. Hes just a Tiny with his skin changed by some hack on level 25.Nahh.Superman who had rocks for lunch.No, hes the neutral boss with an awesome item which revives its possessor on death. It vanishes on death our after 10 mins of roshan's death. So, how do you kill him? Let me give you a list of Best-Roshaners. They are in 1 v 1 and 5 v 1.

1 vs 1 with roshan


This beast of a bear is the best roshaner because of fury swipes and overpower. His main roshaning tactic is the double-overpower. He uses one overpower and waits for the CD to end. Then, he attacks roshan and as soon as one overpower ends he uses the next one. By now fury swipes has been stacked up enough and roshan is almost half-life. You can kill him with normal attacks or overpower. Ursa can rosh at Level 7 in 5 vs 5 and at Level 1 or 2 in 1 v 1. In 5 vs 5 he needs Power Treads or Phase Boots and Vladmir's offering.

How to Kill Roshan with Ursa on LvL 5 - YouTube

2. Troll

Troll comes close to roshaning like Ursa. He has an unbelievable attack speed which helps him attack roshan pretty fast. He can solo him at 8 with Helm Of The Dominator and Power Treads. You can even bring a dominated creep along with you such as ogre magi and use his frost armor on yourself.

How to Kill Roshan with Troll Warlord on LvL 9 - YouTube

3. Lycan

Lycan is a great roshaner for those who are new. He is much of a simple right-click-and-kill hero. Level 4 wolves with any of your other two skills can killl roshan. You need power treads and vladmir's offering to solo him at 8. When roshan kills your wolves and they are on CD you can use your ulti to finish him off.

How to Kill Roshan with Lycanthrope on LvL 7 - YouTube

4. Syllabear

Syllabear is not used much in roshaning but he can roshan very well. He has his bear and can easily take on roshan at level 8 with power treads and vladmir's. He is also used in line-ups for roshaning at Level 1(look below).

Tip: If your bear is dying and he is still on cooldown then let him back so you can tank for a while.

How to Kill Roshan with Syllabear on LvL 7 - YouTube

5. Huskar

Huskar can actually solo roshan at level 7 with only treads and HoTD. First you need to dominate a centaur and then head over to roshan. First tank all the damage your self so you can use beserkers blood to its maximum potential. Then let centaur stun and attack while you attack roshan. You can also heal your self or centaur if needed.

How to Kill Roshan with Huskar on LvL 7 - YouTube

6. Invoker

He can solo roshan at level 9 with one level in invoke and the 4 levels in Quas and Exort both. You also need Mask Of Madness and Treads. Summon your spirits and let them tank while you hit roshan. You can also use coldsnap. Repeat till you succeed.

How to Kill Roshan with Syllabear on LvL 7 - YouTube

7. Enigma

He can solo roshan at level 7 with some salves.

How to Kill Roshan with Enigma on LvL 7 - YouTube

Level 1 Roshaning Lineups

1. Syllabear, Ursa and anyone else with any kind of helpful aura or skill

This line-up is not seen at all, as no one knew this, but i think it would be fair if people knew about this. So let me explain how to kill roshan with them at level 1. If you kill him you will both shoot to level 3.

Syllabear's Skill and Item Build:

and his bear should have...

JUSTIFICATION: Syllabear does not need any items since his bear would do most of the work and he just auto-attacks. The bear needs a stout shield to block as much damage as he can. Ring of Protection so that you get reduced damage and a salve so you can heal yourself.

TIP: If you attempt this with your summoning not on CD then you don't need salve.

Ursa's Skill and Items:

and he should have...

Ursa needs fury swipes so can stack as much damage as possible. We bought a pair of gloves so that he can attack as fast as he can.I'll explain below why he needs salve as well.


The trick is to get these items and rush to roshan. Syllabear should bring his items and give them to his bear. First, his bear attacks roshan while ursa stacks up fury swipes. When the bear's health is about to reach half bring him back and use his salve on him. Roshan should be attacking ursa now. Now, as soon as the salve is used up the bear returns to attack roshan while ursa uses his heal and continues. Hopefully, roshan would be killed. Make sure to fight him inside his lair so any enemy runewhoring does not see you.

Written by me
Idea by me
Thanks to all those who supported my guide no 1
(ill put in pictures and replays very soon)

Misc guide
Author: Xstorm999
Map Vers.: 6.71b

Turning The Tide of Battle!

Turning The Tables!

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