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"You fool~!"
~Table Of Contents
1. Hero's Story

Once upon a time, in a distant and far land, there was a wise and beautiful wolf called Horo. She appeared as a 15 years old girl and her true nature was a wolf deity who introduced herself as the town Pasloe goddess of harvest.

And she said to Lawrence, who was a 25 years old travelling merchant.

"Are you my mas --"

"Oops, wrong story."

"I'm the wise wolf Horo!"

- Spice and Wolf

2. Ultimate farm guide to Lycanthrope

Updated below: Dota 2 replay based on 6.74

There's 2 guides to Lycanthrope at this point of time (back in 6.70), both of which that does not discuss the full potential of ricing/afk farming. I know that many people feel that Lycanthrope is a noob auto attack hero, but this hero is very formidable as of 6.71.

For Lycanthrope nemicron interested users,

Please go to

One-man team, Necro Lycan - DotA Guides

For Vladmir's aura Lycanthrope interested users,

Please go to

Comprehensive guide to Lycanthrope - DotA Guides

This guide will be joinly written with someone else. As such the template is borrowed from Ramomar.

3. Hero's Info & Stats
[+High raw damage]
[+High attack speed]
[+Maximum speed]
[+Incredible farming speed]

[-No lane presense]
[-Vulnerable without shapeshift, no escape mechanism.]
[-Boring to farm for 20 minutes.]

4. Hero's Skills

For complete information and better formatting, please refer to this link. This guide assumes you have basic knowledge on how to play dota. New players are not recommended to use my guide as it requires basic skills like map sense, stacking and tactical knowledge of the game.

Lycanthrope - DotA Hero Details

5. Hero's Skill Build

Skill Build
Level 1 - Summon Wolves
Level 2 - Feral Impulse
Level 3 - Summon Wolves
Level 4 - Feral Impulse
Level 5 - Summon Wolves
Level 6 - Shapeshift
Level 7 - Summon Wolves
Level 8 - Feral Impulse
Level 9 - Feral Impulse
Level 10 - Howl
Level 11 - Shapeshift
Level 12 - Howl
Level 13 - Howl
Level 14 - Howl
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Shapeshift
Level 17+ - Stats

Skill Build Justification:
Howl/Wolves (max out at level 7) can be used if you are going to Mid lane. This is for -cm games only.
6. Hero's Item Build
Item Build

Item Build Justification:

Timeline of items gotten as example.
-10 mins midas/bottle/courier
-15 mins HOTD
-20 mins Vanguard
-25 mins BKB
-33-35 mins MKB
>40 mins satanic

- Vlad/basilius ring gives 0.8*60sec = 48 mana/39 mana/Min
- Lvl 16 Lycan = 15+1.55*15+2 = 40 Intel
Base mana regen = 40*0.04 = 1.6 mana/sec.
- 1.6*60+48= 144 mana/s

-Summon wolves = 125 mana/30s = 4.1667/s
-Shapeshift = 100 mana/40s = 2.5/s
- Howl = 30 mana/35 s = 0.8571/s
- 4.1667+2.5+0.8571 * 60 = 451 mana.
- Shortage of 307 mana.

- To maximize Lycanthrope's summons and ultimate form, it's necessary to use a bottle/courier method for optimum usage. This also solves HP regen if it's necessary.
- (Time taken to reach fountain to green camp, 30 seconds or 20 seconds with burst. Lycanthrope shapeshift also allows courier to ferry bottle back and forth faster by alternating them.)

Gives extra XP and gold. Transmute on level 5 NC and above.

Mud golem gives the most bonus bounty gold (I dunno why), even more than level 6 creeps. It's still advisable to transmute level 6 creeps though. Midas is core. For whatever reasons that you don't believe in midas, disregard your conclusions and use the item.

Note: Has since changed in 6.72. Bounty is fixed at 190 gold, and you should use it on lvl 5/6 creeps.

Is an item reserved for the micro confident users. There are a few things to handle when you get to this stage.

- Map awareness
- Bottle ferrying
- Optimizing NC spawn time
- Ancient stacking
- Lane and enemy heroes monitoring

Best creeps to dominate are Troll warlord and Centaur Khan. The bonus from Khan is a 15% speed attack increase aura. Warlord gives 2 bonus summons and ensnare, both formidable.

Is taken after HOTD. Formdiable under shapeshift. At level 16, Lycanthrope is 12 armor (7+5) or 43% reduction, and is under the protection of Vanguard. Imagine a support hero dealing 100 damage will now do close to 100-43-40 = 17 damage instead of 63 damage. Furthermore, the hero has an extra 275 hp boost as well as a passive 6 hp regen.

However Vanguard is best gained under 20 mins. Competitive games have Alchemist gaining vanguard/radiance in 20 minutes and then getting a plate armor.

Edit: As of 6.72, this item isn't really that important. NCs spawns much easier, leading to higher XP/Gold gain. Basher is better next.

Pretty much your core regen item. At end game, Lycan's DPS is close to 1000, and based on that damage, stealing till max HP is easy.

Possible Late Game Items

There are no “possible” late game items for Lycan. Everything is situational and Lycan can farm for it anyway. Skip to situational items.

Rejected Items.


The items are rejected outright, or have been tested throughly to determined that they are not the best for Lycanthrope. Either way, rejected. This build is designed for the ultimate balance between DPS/survival/lategame.

Armlet appears to be a pretty strong item at first glance, and increase of a raw 65 damage some IAS increase as well as a 500 HP boost. Lycan prime damage component is DPS, but he has no stuns or disable and must rely on his allies or MS to catch an enemy hero. Armlet does not fit well into a late game, forcing Lycan to try and end it below 35 minutes.

Radiance can be gotten under 20 minutes, and it does prevent Blink usage. The problem is it does nothing else other than that. Might be fun to see enemies burn up, but other items damage make this 4th tier item less attractive.

Nemicron is a BD/push solution. You're going on a one way street with this. With the proper setup and team, eg 5 allies with nemicron, this can be considered because most teams probably can't handle that. But if you're not, this item sucks. It gives mediocore stats and has a 90 seconds cd. Anything goes wrong and you lose the game.

You have 522 MS. Use Smoke of deceit as an alternative.

Hmmm. This item clashes with your passive critical in shapeshift and therefore does not synergize as well as other items. Unless you're facing Centaur Warchief/Pudge, other items will be better.

Edit: As of 6.72, this item should be a situational item. The improvements of this item is worth it.

Question. Why do you get this item. It allows farming of roshan, gives a bit of dmg/regen/lifesteal/armor. All purpose aura.

What it doesn't give is the ultimate farm for lycan. You find yourself lacking in mana after a shapeshift/howl/summon wolves and therefore recharge in base.

How about getting treads/vlad/maelstrom/MKB/basher/bkb? Hmmm... probably effective against casters, but not enough against hard carries like Void.

With HotD, there's also the part where you can dominate creeps. A deadlock between sentinel and scourge can be tipped over due to an extra net and mass stun, from dark troll warlord + centaur khan. The 15 IAS aura and additional damage with feral impulse is not weaker than the vladmir's aura.

Lycan 10 mins marks comparison on using Vlad versus Midas, includes lixiaolu, kris and me.

Kris. Due to his better start as ROB he is able to farm faster. I concede this point as a jungle straight. He is able to gain lvl 6 faster than either of us, and up to level 10 his level was still higher.

I was surprised to see ancient camps in there. On average the ancients give over 200+ gold, which probably will give out a higher average. In my own tactical strategy I use HOTD to stack ancients before going in at one shot.

The question is does midas work better than Vladmir's aura. I have repeatedly said that I can care less about vladmir giving overall benefits like armor and pushing ability. It doesn't give the best gold/xp ratio, so let's see what happens in 20 minutes.

Now 20 minutes mark, Kris and me. Lixiaolu isn't here because his replay didn't get as long as 20 minutes.

Kris, Level 14


Me, Level 16

1900+600+500+5617=8617 gold.

Tactical knowledge wins the day. I didn't even use my guide where I get HOTD and stack ancients to farm quicker. I even remained at boots/midas compared to "more dps" vlad aura with his treads. I also left out the courier gold because it really is supposed to be a true comparison between logical vlad builds.

Erm. No.

Well, this is a 3rd tier item. You already have max MS, and I can find several unsatisfying reasons about it. Even if it's not an orb, it's still not strong enough.

... You're not an agility hero. MKB counters this item pretty hard as well.

Situational Items

Situational Item Justification:

- Battle Fury
- Basher
- Dagon 5
- Orchid Malevolence
- Cuirass
- Ghost scepter
- Guinsoo

BKB is situational depending on heroes choices. You don't need BKB against drow/troll/PA/SF/Morph mix. Sometimes getting Orchid versus a single semi support hero/4 fighters like Storm is better than BKB.

Fury beats images and is based on pure damage output rather than taking armor consideration. Use against TB/naga/chaos knight/manta users.

Basher is best combined with MKB. Melee heroes get the advantage of having stacked bashes with the longest bash sustaining, and MKB ministuns will not override the prevailing and sustaining bashes. Bonus damage is still dealt, and will also force the enemy to halt, giving 2-2.5 extra hits.

MKB is the best item next to satanic. High extra damage, gives a little bit of IAS, bonus 0.01 mini stun with 100 magic bonus damage, as well as the most important 100% true strike. Despite the deceptive 0.01 insignificant mini stun, it can actually disrupt the enemies spell/attacks, then followed up with the basher 1.4 seconds stun. Important fights like troll or naix/basher needs all the extra advantages the items give.

Selling vanguard to get Cuirass, stack it up with satanic. There's really nothing more to be said. Against spellcasters the cuirass is unnecessary, but it might be nice to have against PA/Troll/Void high DPS output.

Malevolence is gotten against Storm/Potm/SA. Situational.

Dagon 5 is the most situational item out of them all. Against an all casters opponent team, it's possible they choose to use Ghost scepter to avoid being attacked by Lycanthrope, wasting enough time to finally outlast the late game 5 seconds BKB and then spamming all their spells at him. Pretty darn annoying.

Use this item to burn them up for revenge.

Get Ghost scepter against Naga Siren. Might be good against Pit lord as well.

Might be crucial for setting up carry battles, or killing a support.

7. Hero's Strategy
Early Game

I wonder if it's appropriate to write, “Farm like a pro!”

Respective in game time ending.

40.5 mins
35.0 mins
34.0 mins
45.5 mina

If the competitive players farm at a 5.5 CS/min, this guide allows you to farm at a 6.5 CS/min. There are factors like wards/gank that typically slow down farming by a bit, but there is no way the CS will be inferior to what the competitive players have.

Technically the games are pretty close (in terms of bekyuubi and my farm) despite the differing item builds (he has no vanguard, goes for DPS items straight).

Point #1: Quelling blade, Tango, Courier, Bottle, Midas.
Point #2: Luring, respawning.
Point #3: Determine a confirmed kill.

Point 1:

Establish a healthy Lycan. Quelling blade gives out an extra 15 damage, tango for 345 HP regen. Courier fetches your items so you need not go back to base, and bottle restores lost HP and mana.

The buildup for Vlad aura is around 2k, and you can have the same effects with bottle/crow for half the cost. Vlad does not restore HP in the same way bottle does; you have to hit something and therefore a risky situation.

With or without Vlad you will be able to kill an enemy hero, and roshan farming has its own risks.

Midas gives XP almost equivalent to killing a level 10 hero, and pushes your way up to level 16 quicker. The speed and farm is equivalent/faster compared to soloing.

Point 2:

[Picture has been added. This is the final tactical trick I have, other than XP/Gold gain from Midas and HotD.]

NC typically respawn every minute, under the circumstances that there's no sight at it. Standing there at the NC spot or having a Obs ward will prevent a spawn. I find that pulling NC camps 8 seconds before every minute for green camps work. Example, xx:52 seconds, spawn success.

For ancient camps, XX:50 seconds. I set up a dominated creep and lure 3 camps, and snack on the XP at around 20 minutes. That's about 700 gold. You can repeat this process if you want, but I tend do it once only because I tend to bring the dominated creep to assist on killing an enemy hero.

Bag of tricks:

Difficulty of doing this is very high. You need loads of practice as well as this being a very one trick kind of trick.

This is only possible with sentinel side. An example of this is me cutting off a whole lot of trees at the start that may be blocking off the pathways and vision.

The first NC spawns at 30 seconds, pulling the camp requires it to be done at around 33 seconds, give or take. I believe the requirements are pretty strict, so it's necessary to test it out in a single players setting where you can use save/load with -killsent, -killscourge, -neutrals and -spawncreeps command.

Blocking the mid creeps with your wolves at the tower are necessary. Your hero should wait there while your wolves are created before 30 seconds and awaiting for the creeps to spawn.

Anyway, after you pull the creeps, you may proceed to pull the second camp. I also preplanned a cut tree so the NC can directly walk through the path. This allowed for a respawned camp. I reach around 550 gold where I manage to hit every single NC. I personally think howl will allow for a easier last hit compared to impulse.

This is the final part where I again lured the creeps to the camp. With this it should be a successful 600 gold. This is only doable at the sent side.

Pros: Deny mid scourge XP.
Pros: The chance to see any gank is really darn low. I do not suggest this in a high level -CM game where you lure the second camp. It is somewhat likely that smoke of deceit is used and you get caught with your pants down.
Pros: "Magic ward" becomes useless, your lycan still gets farm.
Pros: If you're impossibly good at micro, try mid soloing with lycan as well as pulling the camp to mid, denying every single XP against your enemy hero while your tri lane guards the route for gank against smoke of deceit.

Cons: Your mid lane tower is damaged, and your mid solo might fail to last hit. Much better in the sense where you get full XP while your enemy gets none.
Cons: Is likely to be a one time trick, unless you're so good at this method with pulling and denying the enemy XP.

Point 3:

Relies on your game experience. Chasing a full HP enemy is silly. If you don't kill the hero, you waste your time and effort to farm, and therefore knowing how to kill is very important. Anything you feel is a less than 80% chance to kill should be taken seriously.

Unless the game flow is against your team and the solo mid (or other heroes like Spectre) happens to be on a rampage, I suggest you try anyway to create a psychological effect.

Mid Game

+ +

Point #1: Rinse repeat farm and watch for opportunites against enemy heroes.
Point #2: Don't rush pushing options unless necessary.
Point #3: Deciding what items to go.

Point 1:

Lycanthrope is a hard carry, and has no abilities that directly help his allies. If you fail to farm, it means you fail in your role. As you creep, watch the mini map and see if the enemies have disappeared. Predict their locations and you can perhaps prepare to stay close to your towers for both defensive and offensive reasons.

All MIA, perhaps they are coming for you. Go back to tower and get a defensive position.

All MIA, perhaps they want to get a tower. Alert allies and gank them.

Specific heroes like Ursa, keep a close eye, dominate a purging satyr (removes his 400% IAS spell with purge) and you can face him. Since the satyr ability is 5 secs cd, you can repeatedly purge him.

Point 2:

It's good if you can push a tower, just make sure that it's PUSHABLE instead of losing all your allies. Your howl and summons are great for DPS, but enemies AOE can easily take out everything.

Point 3:

Sometimes I'm lazy to get a vanguard because of the annoying amount of calculation rattling in my mind. This and that, factor enemy movements, luring respawning. It's ridiculously tiring, and I keep this up throughout the entire game.

BKB is one of the most important decision you have to decide early. At around 3900 gold, this item is expensive and not easy to farm for. It's with the utmost importance that you DON'T activate it for no apparent reason. At the mid game, BKB is broken as heck. 10 seconds immunity means that everything is free to kill and overwhelm, there's no way the enemies can handle that.

That is not true for the late game. Everyone gets high hp/scepter/force staff to offset lycan's DPS. No. Rethink this. Early game/mid game, you have a Vanguard/dominator with a creep to capture enemy heroes. If they disable you, that doesn't mean they are capable of killing or escaping from you. Instead of a BKB, you got basher, and with your dominated creep, you can actually catch them.

At end game, you rely on your BKB for a full 10 seconds kill and push. Since the enemy heroes are high level, reviving takes time and they may not be able to buy back because of the gold cost. That's smart play. Anyone who buys BKB without thought is just plain stupid, and that's the case with some of the forum users. Rebuying BKB might be a good decision if you have used BKB too many times.

Late Game

+ + Or other items.

Point #1: Preparing for the ultimate hard carry.
Point #2: Try to reserve money for buyback.
Point #3: Against impossible odds

Point 1: Aegis farming can be done mid game, but if you have not done so, do it at late game for a conclusive answer. If you have done everything correctly, farming, killing, pushing and everything goes well, you should have lots of farm, and be able to purchase all sort of items.

Just remember that battle fury is mostly required against images. Might want to get dagon 5 against ghost scepter if you find yourself facing off against all casters. Remember that it's best to get Satanic first before dagon.

Ghost scepter against Naga siren. Being caught in a position from net is not good, and you get to waste Naga's ability as well.

Point 2: Buyback can make or break a game. Not much to say on this point.

Point 3: Impossible odds will mean that your allies are complete morons and have fed over 10 deaths. Lycanthrope is completely dependent on farm. Reversing such a situation will be getting a probable BKB/Basher/dominate a creep and hope for the best. There's nothing you can do in this situation.

Just remember that you must not die and try to get leveled up, once you die the game will be over.

7b. Hero's Key Points

Key Point #1

Play plenty of games to get a feel of what Lycanthrope does. This isn't really suited for new players. Many basics like respawning of ancients, microing of bottle and map sense are utilized. Some might even feel uncomfortable on seeing ghost scepter/dagon on lycanthrope, but it's really necessary.

Key Point #2

Learn stacking. While it's not really necessary to do that and you're just lazy to do so, stacking gives extra XP and gold.

Key Point #3

Learn what heroes can be tackled on 1v1 or 2v1 or 3v1. Lycanthrope with good items can do triple kills.

Key Point #4

Understanding the flow of the game. Once your allies starts dying, you need to regain their confidence by killing the enemy heroes. Finding opportunities are important.

In chess a sacrificed pawn may lead to tactical openings, while in Dota, giving away 1 tower can have your enemies pushing in too deeply later and you killing them with your MS and damage.

Key Point #5

Be flexible. Despite me writing that BKB should be gotten as late as possible, an all 5 intel enemy nuke lineup is just necessary to get a BKB asap.

The amount of text here is a lot and there are also 4 replays found in this thread. I have not gone into specific enemy heroes because I believe all the items I wrote in this thread allows for some measure of counter. If you still find trouble in defeating them, post here and I'll analyze it for you.

8. Hero's Hero Synergy

3 things. Heal, poison slow and armor reduction. Even grave can be useful.

SF provides a -5 all heroes aura and has pretty high damage as well as his ultied slow. This allows for pretty high burst damage.

One passive and one castable stun, as well his ulti doing crazy - armor. Very powerful, provided your allies know how to use this hero.

Provides greater armor and one important nuke ulti that slows. Can seriously cause a dent to enemies, and his lane presense is tremendous with dark ritual. This allows the enemies to get even slower with XP raising while your lycan outruns them.

Provides stun/mass ulti and castable summons. This allows for pushing. Furion also does great but watch out for bad allies who traps heroes badly.

9. Hero's Screens and Additional Strategy

Screenshot 1

The thing about 1:1:2:Jungle is that you can't defend a tower properly without picking good heroes. This game had some of the more competitive heroes in the DOTA 6.71 map. AA, Invoker, Lina, Weaver.

The players are reasonbly good with the exception of Rhasta. Scythe.hyhy, hopefully doesn't need any introduction to who he is. If you don't, just know him to be a very good player and you can even learn how to use invoker from him in this game.

So we have




Screenshot 2

Will wards help scourge? Yes. Surprisingly no one in scourge bothered to get obs wards despite the players behind them.

I was terribly annoyed at sentinel's side where no one got obs wards, and I got angry at ES in the game. Well, even if did end up being warded, my clashes are mostly direct in nature. One of the things with HotD is that it gives extremely important advantages in clashes.

Earlier on I made two very fatal mistakes, involving a failed microed stun against Invoker and dying a silly death in 3v1. Luckily AA made the same silly mistake and I got BKB successfully.

I was in the midst of netting hyhy and once I am certain that he dies, my next concern was Lina (who I believe is played by a female player). This time I didn't fail in stunning, and the hero dies as well.

Incidentally, I caused Invoker to die, killed Lina/AA and double killed Rhasta/Weaver a few moments later. In this regard I did a one man carry show, by utilizing HotD. Vlad will never give this sort of strength.

Well. Rhasta was an epic weak link and he left after I killed him again.

Screenshot 3

Do not panic even if you have 100 HP remaining after being nuked. Engage! Die in a glorious death if you have to!

I even regained 58 HP... and killed Lina. Remember not to get greedy like me and got that 100 HP.

Screenshot 4

Ghost scepter and dagon. That's a dagon 3 or 4, can't really recall. I activated BKB and in a matter of seconds forced both of them to activate Ghost scepter.

If you take a look, Lina still have that ethereal mode on, but I killed Invoker after his scepter went into CD. Anything else that relates to a damage base, or even getting Hex wouldn't be able to kill Invoker. You need something to burst scepter down.

Well. There we have it. Plenty of disablers and stuns from Scourge side. Weaver was really their main carry but I did a huge ton of dps instantly without Invoker/Weaver turtling much. SF was surprisingly useless with a 2:9:0 K/D/A ratio.

Can this game be tighter? Yes. With a full line-up the games will be unknown imo. A secondary Morphling instead of Rhasta might have scourge winning, but then again my team had a pretty crappy SF and a Slark who didn't have any lane presence.

You might ask why I didn't stack ancients with vanguard. That's really because I find the game does not allow me to farm away anymore as the enemies has stepped up their pressure. Ensuring the enemies dying became a stronger priority to change the flow of the game.

Vanguard is only workable if you plan to get ancients, and is always a great item for new and veteran players alike under 20 minutes. I didn't get as much farm as I liked and BKB was more of a priority above all due to the amount of disablers.

10. Conclusion


I think I have personally explained the ultimate aspects of Lycan carry. Everything is geared towards his farm, and I have done a good job of explaining the Vladmir's myth where it's better than bottle crow.

This guide isn't exactly for new players as well. There are many requirements on users being good in micro and flexible in their gameplay.

It is in my opinion that the situational items that I have constructed are 99.99 % all that you need in every single Lycanthrope game, while the core items like Midas/HotD/Vanguard (only if under 20 minutes) are universal for a carry lycan.

The guide doesn't really explain about -cm games, but you might be interested in this replay where it features lycanthrope mid with howl/wolves build.

This isn't an exhaustive list of analysis of Lycanthrope, but it's pretty thorough in explaining the basics and rationale. Watching the replays are highly recommended, then heading out to practice stacking/creeps microing is highly suggested.

Good luck in your hunting. *bows*

11. Replays

Replays are 1.24E with 6.71/6.70

Game 1 Typical pub replay.

For Playdota.w3g

Game 2 Pub game vs hard carry void.


Game 3 Pub game with pretty decent players.


Game 4

Features scythe.hyhy as invoker in a pub game. He's probably the best skilled player that I played thus far. And hey, if a pub player like me can beat someone who represented a country, I'm sure you can too (at least in a pub game).

If replays are down for some reason,


The other replays are attached in the forum version, I think.

Misc readups important for any players.

Map sense and map control

Understanding map control is important, knowing how enemy players know about your whereabouts is also important. I sometimes buy wards for my allies and ask if they know how to place them after my core items are up, if they don't, you place them.

Readup on Damage increasing items as well as game flow.

Dota: Fun to Think and Imagine - DotA Guides

Details damage as well as game flow. I will point out that demonstrating yourself as a carry is important and leads to morale boosts when you get high level with 4th tier items. Even against bad odds, one can still function well.

It is suggested if you encounter this "impossible odds" situation, take time to reassure your allies that the game isn't over.

Comprehensive guide to roles in dota

From New to Pro Players - DotA Guides

Understanding your allies heroes are important as well. In the case where your allies play badly in a pub game, take time to instruct their roles while your lycan decimates the enemy. This lead to a win-win situation where they trust in your skill and perform better overall.

There's some discussion on pushing too fast as well.

12. Credits

Thanks to bekyuubi who's really the founder of this guide. And everyone who supported this guide and made use of this.

PS: If you didn't get the parody of "Are you my mas---?" it's referring to a line in the game fate/Stay Night (it obviously doesn't happen in the spice and wolf novels). And this is my first guide, so formatting might not be great.

PSS: Reloaded as per instructed to launch into guides. Users are welcomed to post their -cm games if they used this strategy.


6.72 impressions.

Buriza is powerful. Basically it's a 25% chance to score a 800 damage critical while not in form and nearly 50% chance to do a critical strike in shapeshift. It might feel like it's redundant in shapeshift but killing casters in 3 critical hits or taking away half of their life makes them panic. Combined with level 16 and repeated ultis, you're just powerful. DPS > satanic. Without MKB or buriza the damage gain is not impressive enough.

Diffusal blade is marginally passable to stop ghost scepter. Basically you need to have quick reactions and pray your allies are good.

TerrorBlade is really powerful with the remake. SNY manta makes it powerful enough and it even has the option to instantly recover full HP with the enemy. It's even worse than weaver imo. Where the hell do you find a hero that instantly recovers to maximum HP and then doing 5 images to push while getting the enemy to 33% of HP? Hopefully icefrog fix this.

Additional mention to Medallion of Courage. This item boosts speed of NC-ing, +6 armor when you're not using this, and -6 armor to enemy heroes when you wish to at virtually no CD and mana cost. I believe you can squeeze this in before getting HotD. This item can be sold later when you find you can afford tier 4 items.

Special mention to Naix, you need a BKB against this hero because feast + open wounds add close to probably 400-500 damage to a full health lycanthrope at late game.

Final mention to destroyer. This is the ultimate disaster if the player is good at this hero. Force staff/destros are virtually impossible to kill and has a very powerful ultimate against you, as well as easily killing your summons. He can even prison you for way too long. Orchid doesn't work as well as one thinks because the hero can still force staff/Cylcone himself to safety. One can only hope you have powerful disabling heroes, lion/lina/puck who can damage him with spell damage.

GosuGamers DotA | Replay: SGC vs TR (PGG+4)

I was excited to see Lycanthrope in a gosugamer's replay, but this left me speechless.

- Used soul ring. Basically he paid 800 gold to get Lycan mana's flowing. If you consider bottle/crow, that's 970 gold without hurting your HP to gain mana.
- Got Vladmir's aura. And tried to roshan at level 9. He obviously got low HP and got caught by the enemies, giving away free bounty and the aegis to the enemies.
- NCed at the enemies' Ancient camp (got killed and fed to enemies). Of all the stupid things...
- Got lvl 16 after 27 minutes later. With no BKB. Went Basher/Vlad. It was terrible and pathetic to watch him screw up the hero like this. He had no level advantage, no significant HP gain, nothing much to tank about, not enough damage to offset mekansim or frost armor. Was there a point in going basher at that time?

I am literally puzzled by the number of 1/10 scores for this guide. Basically Vlad is really an item that barely passes for usage in average pub games. It gives mediocre benefits, and there's so many forum users talking about vladmir...

I think even before the justification of bottle/crow, I need to do this.

Reject Vladmir's aura (in pub games)! It's a mediocre item FFS!!!


Users' feedback/whine on lack of Vladmir's aura.....

zheang - Vlads a rejected item too? Man, that i seriously have no comment cause i can 200% for sure you are a public players... please next time see other peoples guide before you post it... your item build is simply ridiculous =]
ploikum - BKB? Situational? WTF! And you are an idiot. You never need dagon or guinsoos for this guy. I also think that vlads+treads+ armlet+ BKB is core. You never need midas.
csanzy - ERRR...
20 mins without the enemy try to gb/ wards/ watever
sure u played with noobs that let u farm for 20 mins...
btw i can 5 min vladmir and 10 min vladmir+pt.
Jazza23 - I think the Midas build was just a waste to be honest. You spent too much time farming and didn't help your team mates much. Your lucky the other team didn't have any good caries other you would have lost that game. BTW Vlads is a must.

My reply - I run the risk of sounding arrogant, but why are you even looking at this guide? Even if you are not even willing to try this out, can you stop endorsing VLADMIR'S AURA?! Holy crap, flying batman! If there's A-N-Y chance of lycanthrope being used as a late/end game carry in a pub game OR competitive game, this is still the best guide out there.

And for heaven's sake, stop "helping" your allies too much! Do you see Spectre going about like a gank hero or farming vanguard/radiance first?! This guide requests you to play wisely!

Changes as of 6.72D

BAT for Lycanthrope shapeshift has changed to 1.5.

As such the DPS for all his main damage has dropped approximately 8 %, or if your raw damage point is 300, then it is approximately 750 DPS to 690 DS (as an example).

Furthermore, the wolves are hit with another nerf stick, and is thus easier to kill them off. (625 HP to 550 HP, original HP point was 700)

Updated: Dota 2 replay based on 6.74

Btw, guide may be somewhat outdated with vanguard.

Banehallow the Lycanthrope
Author: SoLbadWolfie
Map Vers.: 6.71

Ultimate farm guide to Lycanthrope

Ultimate farm guide to Lycanthrope

Date Posted: 04/05/11
Last Comment:21/04/2012
Total Votes: 86
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