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Tresdin, Ledion Commander

I. Skill Build
-Moment of Courage
-Press The Attack
-Moment of Courage
-Press The Attack
-Moment of Courage
-Moment of Courage
-Press The Attack
-Press The Attack
-stat or up to you going Overwhelming Odds( i usually go stats)

II. Item Build
(5v5 money)
-stout shield
-quelling blade
Core items
-blink dagger
-Assault Cuirass

III. How to Play Tresdin.

This hero can lvl 1 neutral creep. usually start of lvl 2/3 neutral creep spawn area either on scourge/senti side. 30sec mark go on the site kill as much as possible then pull 51-52 mark to respawn more creep more moment of courage(like counter helix) also spam press attack(regen/aspd for 4sec)
you can farm up for early vanguard but i prefer to go for dagger as early as possible. I believe this Hero doesn't need as much as possible DPS items this hero can rely on his "DUEL". You can farm up as much as you can in neutral areas that Pop-up when there are enemy hero who will die instant "+10" permanent.

If you have any Questions or like to add something please message me

Tresdin the Legion Commander
Author: haruuu
Map Vers.: 73b

haruuu's Legion Commander Guide

Understanding Legion Commander

Date Posted: 12/30/11
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