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Unlocking Meepo's Potential
An extensive guide to playing Meepo

Table of Contents

I. Foreword
II. Introduction
III. Playstyle
IV. Skill Order
V. Item Build
VI. General Gameplay Walkthrough
VII. Controlling your Meepos
VIII. In-depth Skill Usage and Strategies
i. Using Earthbind
ii. Proper Usage of Poof
iii. Using Mekansm
iv. Blink Dagger Usage

IX. Hero-specific Strategies
X. Runes and Meepo
XI. Conclusion
XII. Replays
XIII. Credits
XIV. Changelog

I. Foreword
Meepo is one of the most interesting heroes in DotA history. When he was first introduced, he was very quickly declared useless by the community. Too cumbersome, not practical, broken concept, food, useless were but some of the words and phrases used to describe him. This continued for quite a few versions until at one point he was buffed quite a bit. It was during the end of this period that I began to have an interest in Meepo. It was this that prompt me to write the original version of this guide, which (thanks to Pendragon), can no longer be found. At that time, the few people that played Meepo ignored his strongest early game skill, Poof, which I realized was actually ridiculously powerful. I wrote a guide arguing for maxing Poof and using it in battles, later entering it in the 12th Hero Guide Contest on DA (it was a time long before PlayDota) and won 2nd place. Just for fun, this is the section that I had to include in the original guide to convince people that Poof is worth leveling.

Still not convinced?
Iíll answer to some frequent arguments against Poof.

1)Meepo is SO SO SO fragile that early stats is crucial, leaving not enough skill points for Poof.
Answer: With the recent buff making Meepoís starting strength very high(imba), early survivability is no longer such a huge problem. IMO, a nuke might change the tide of a battle and in most cases is preferable over a few measly hp stats provide.

2)Earthbind is so much more better then poof, 1250 range is imba! Earthbind should take precedence before Poof.

Answer: Not true. Earthbind is incredibly powerful, but what is the use in preventing enemy movement when your combat abilities are diminished? Enemy heroes will have more time to fight you/react when you are dishing out your normal attacks, thus have more chances of defeating and killing you. At Level 6-7, Level 1 Earthbind coupled with 2 Poofs is usually enough to kill many heroes out there.

3)Poof is only good when theorycrafting, no one can micro that well, thus in reality, Poof isnít that great a spell, and is more trouble then itís worth.
Answer: This is perhaps one of the reasons I have decided to write this guide. To me, the above statement is a huge misconception by many in the DotA community. I will tell you this now, If you can micro a non-Poof dependant Meepo right now, there is at least a 99% chance you can play a Poof Meepo good enough to be more effective then a your non-Poof dependant Meepo. This guide aims to teach the surprisingly simple way to micro a Poof Meepo well. See the strategy section in guide to learn how.

Soon people were beginning to realize his potential. The bolder competitive teams were experimenting with him, and were greatly rewarded for doing so. Poof Meepos were appearing in pubs, and in most games rolling them. A while later people were beginning to argue that Meepo is too powerful.

Not too long after, Meepo was heavily nerfed (several times :/), as IceFrog realized he was imbalanced. Sadly, he was overnerfed and his status returned to that of when he was first introduced (except this time justifiably so). Again, this continued for some time.

Fortunately, after a series of buffs, Meepo is currently now viable again. As time passes by, he gradually gained the acceptance of the DotA community. Although he isn't as strong as he was so long ago, he is perfectly capable of holding his own in today's game. Despite the numerous changes in the game since his introduction, the essence of his gameplay hasn't changed too much. If played well, Meepo is still one of the best pub rollers, he is also a strong situational pick in the hands of a good player in more serious matches.
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II. Introduction
Meepo is the only hero that can asexually reproduce in DotA. His strength comes at a price. His greatest strength and weakness lies in the fact that there are 4 of him, however if one of him dies, all of him dies. This means that Meepo, although strong, is more cumbersome to control then most heroes, as it is harder to dodge spells and move around the battlefield effectively. If played well, however, he is like a small army of elite troopers, each Meepo covering for the other, making him one of the scariest heroes in DotA. That is why we call him MAT - Meepo Assault Team.
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III. Playstyle
Meepo's is the most unique hero in DotA, he can fill in for a variety of roles in game.

He is a DPSer, a disabler, a superb crowd control hero, and AoE nuker, and last but not least, a ganker. The only things he can't do is own early game, initiate, and tank.

Meepo can still gank well at the early levels of 6-10. At level 11 with 3 Earthbinds, Meepo is a devastating crowd control hero, with the ability to keep a few heroes from moving at the same time.

With proper support and timing (or if the enemy lack spells), Meepo is one of the hardest AoE nukers around. If you manage to survive any battle, Meepo is also excellent at finishing off fleeing heroes, either by killing them himself or throwing his super long range nets for his allies. After Level 16, Meepo should try to end the game as fast as possible.
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IV. Skill Order
Everything you need to know about Meepo's skills can be found here.
Level 1 Earthbind
Level 2 Poof
Level 3 Poof
Level 4 Earthbind
Level 5 Poof
Level 6 Divided We Stand
Level 7 Poof
Level 8 Geostrike
Level 9 Earthbind
Level 10 Earthbind
Level 11 Divided We Stand
Level 12 Geostrike
Level 13 Geostrike/Stats
Level 14 Geostrike/Stats
Level 15 Geostrike/Stats
Level 16 Divided We Stand
Level 17+ Geostrike/Stats

Ultimate leveled whenever possible, max Poof early for AoE nuking (at 7 you have 4 seconds movement disable and 2 nukes). Get Earthbind to level 2 at Level 4 quick for range. You can get a level of Geostrike before maxing Earthbind if you like, if not just max Earthbind first. The slow is sometimes useful to land those last few hits.

I recommend getting Geostrike over Stats in most scenarios, especially for beginners as it helps you land kills. No matter your skill level, it is always useful, which is why I recommend getting at least 2 levels of it. You can take Stats over it however if you're having trouble surviving or if you prefer.
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V. Item Build
Starting Items

A Ring of Regeneration, because we will build Meka later and to help us farm in lane early. 2 GG branches and tangoes.

Core Items


Make a Headdress, then rush either Power Treads or Boots of Travel.

Treads are awesome because they add a ton of hp to your clones, and is the only reliable way to increase your clones hp. Attack and Movement Speed coupled with higher hp will enable you to be able to gank and fight early. I recommend Treads if you are new to Meepo.

Boots of Travel makes Meepo almost omnipresent on the map. ALL of your Meepos will be able to teleport and Poof to each other, making you almost able to appear anywhere where you have vision to. With BoT, you can appear in every fight and still farm faster. The drawbacks, however, are significantly weaker clones in both DPS and hp. Buying BoT willl make you need to be a lot more passive in fights. For advanced players, however, the faster leveling and insane pushing ability makes BoT a very good choice. Not recommended with a poor early game.

Meka is important for survivability, and should be your first item after your Boots of choice (before BoT is fine)

Bassilus is a nice little item that I like to get before getting anything else. It gives you mana regen and a nifty armor aura. Also makes it easier to identify the main Meepo for beginners.

Recommended Items after Core

With the addition of an additional clone with Aghanim's as of 6.72, it is pretty much a no brainer to get it straight after your core before anything else. Getting this early can end the game quick simply by overpowering the enemy team with 5 Meepos.

Blink Poofing is strong, but also slightly overrated. You don't NEED to Blink Poof to play a very effective Meepo, but mastering it will take your gameplay to another level.

Old school item. For it's price, it grants a lot of benefits. With this you can camp in the jungle almost indefinitely and keep your mana high enough for fights. The lifesteal might not be very helpful in battles, but it's great against creeps and lets you solo Roshan at Level 11. The armor aura gives your clones a decent survivability boost, and the damage aura adds to your DPS as well.

Another cheap item that benefits all your clones, Jango grants a 5% movement and attack speed that helps all your clones, which is always a good thing.

With Meka, Treads and Vladís, Meepo can solo roshan at Level 11 and take this almost for free, while giving your team a gold advantage over your opponents as well. Be wary of ganks though if you decide to go at Level 11. You can choose to take it at Level 16 so that it's much safer. Getting this could gives you a good opportunity to rax a lane.

Situational Items

Get these if there are problem heroes in the enemy team (carries, QoPs, etc). Guinsoo is nice as it helps defeat carries as well as casters, but against casters Orchid is generally better due to the duration.You already have net to keep them from running. Generally Guinsoo is better against DPSers (Troll, Void, Etc), while Orchid is better against tanky heroes with AoE disables (Centaur, Axe) as well as anything that relies on spells (from Earthshaker to Lina).

Get this when there are too many nukes flying about. Generally though you wanna get your Aghanim's first unless you REALLY can't handle the nukes.

Useful sometimes if you find yourself in sudden need of DPS.

Always useful as a super late game slot-filler. Given the addition of Aghanim's and a bunch of other cheap aura items there really isn't really any other situation to get it though.
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VI. General Gamplay Walkthrough
Early Game, Level 1-5
Grab your handy RoR, 2 Ironwood Branches and your set of tangos and head out to the lane of your choice. Best lane for Meepo is the long lanes closest to the forest (Top lane for Scourge and bottom lane for Sentinal).

Try to get a good lane controller as a lane partner, Meepoís early game isnít that good. Soloing is not recommended, but preferable then having another Hero that canít control his lane well sucking up your precious experience.

Your priority now should be to get to Level 6 as soon as possible. Get last hits and denies, but never endanger your life for it. Remember, the only thing that truly matters is to get to Level 6 asap! Stop last hitting and just hang around getting experience if it is too dangerous. Play safe, DO NOT endanger yourself or take unnecessary risks at this level. Money will almost never be a problem for Meepo later, donít worry about it. If you're at the long lanes (Sentinal bottom or Scourge Top), pulling creeps is a good idea to give you more experience, gold and make the creep line closer to your tower.

Do not underestimate yourself, at Level 3, youíve got a big Level 2 Aoe Nuke, at Level 5, a Level 3 Aoe Nuke, and a 2 second disable. With a good ally you might be able to grab some kills, save your ally when he needs it, but remember, Do not risk your life for anything this early.

Level 6-10
Once you click your first level ultimate, youíve just doubled your combat abilities. At level 6, look for opportunities to kill in your lane. With a good nuker/stunner ally, you can gank pretty well. Once the chance arises, quickly cast Earthbind and Poof away.

If there are no chances to kill, head to the forest. At this level, Meepo is one of the the fastest neutral creepers in the game. Destroy neutrals with Poof. Creep stack when possible. Watch the mini-map for ganks when farming. Check for chances to gank not too far from you. If there are chances to gank not too far away, do so. If not, continue creeping. Continue as before till Level 11. Help in pushing if needed, you can clear waves with 2 Poofs as well.

Participate in team battles and pushes if needed. With 2 nukes and 4 seconds of AoE disable you are very formidable already at this stage. If you went for BoT just fly around everywhere, push and help out your team mates.

Level 11-15
With 3 clones, you are now a very strong force. With 3 Poofs and Earthbind at a decent level, you should now focus on ganking. Look out for lone enemy heroes, you should be able to take most of them out. Gank with allies when possible, push when they need you, participate in team battles but don't forget to farm when there's a chance.

In team fights, donít rush in first, but donít be a coward, engage when there is a chance. If you think itís too dangerous, help with your imba range nets and enter when the time is right. You will already be a great help this way. If there are no chances to gank or push, just farm.

Itís important to note that with Vladís, you can solo Roshan at Level 11. If you choose to do so, make sure itís safe by planting an observer nearby. With the addition of Aghanim's to Meepo though, getting Vlad's this quick really isn't that good an idea.

Level 16 onwards
If youíve been a good Meepo, killing or helping out in kills, farming well, and pushing, you should be outleveling your opponents pretty well. Get the Aegis if you havenít already. If you are doing well, press the advantage, push like mad, end the game, donít give the enemy breathing space. If not, help your team to victory by defending pushes , defending or by participating in team fights. Carry your team to victory!

Summary of Walkthrough
Level 1-5 Donít die, get experience in lane.
Level 6-10 Neutral creeping, gain lots of experience fast with Poof. Gank when possible.
Level 11-15 Less creeping, more ganking, killing, pushing, team battles.
Level 16-25 End the game fast if doing well, focus less on/stop farming and carry the team to victory.
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VII. Controlling your Meepos
Group Assigning
Only 1 Control Group is truly required, that is to group all your Meeps into Ctrl Group 1. To do so, simply drag select all your Meepos, and hold down Control and press the number 1.
Another useful Control Group is one excluding the Main Meepo. This makes it easier when buying items (when a clone goes near a shop before your main Meepo you canít buy anything until you bring the clone out of range of the shops.
When pushing 2 lanes, assigning 2 groups of 2 Meeps each helps.

Using Shift
Using shift + click on a unit outside of a Control Group will add that Unit to the Group, while shift + click on a unit in the group will exclude it from it. This will proof useful when trying to escape with a low hp Meepo. Remove the injured Meepo from the Control Group, send him towards somewhere safe while tab-netting with the others.

The Tab Key
Very important key when playing Meepo. Pressing the tab key traverses through your selected units, enabling you to cast repeated Earthbinds and Poofs from different Meepos with ease.

F1 to F4 Keys
This 4 keys will directly select any of your Meepos. If you get used to it, you could use it to remove low hp Meeps fast and easily (since you can look out for their hp on the top left corner of the screen.)
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VIII. In-depth Skill Usage and Strategies
Here we will go in-depth on the usage of Earthbind, Poof as well as general tips and fighting strategies.

i. Using Earthbind
One of the games best disables. Earthbind has a whopping range of 1250 when maxed. (Almost the range of a full screen).
When Meepo casts Earthbind, there will be a brief animation and a net will fly from Meepo, when it lands, it will trap any in it for 2 seconds.

Like Light Strike Array or Split Earth, you have to aim your net AHEAD of the target, so that when the net lands, the target is caught in it. Unlike other AoE stuns, however, the time for the net to reach its target is proportional to the distance Meepo is from the target. The further you are from the target, the longer the net will travel before it lands, thus you have to aim further ahead if you are catching up to someone further away.
Note that if the target is more then 1000 range away and moving it gets pretty hard to catch due to the fact mentioned before. In most cases, you'll want to manually select the Meepo closest to the enemy to cast earthbind, after that you can easily follow up with the others.
Max range of Earthbind.

Aiming Earthbind
Red arrow indicates the Meepo throwing the net, Green arrow indicates the targets movement direction.

Multicasting/Pinning down your target
The advantage that Earthbind have over other disables is simply because you can cast it more times then other skills. The cooldown for Earthbind is very short when maxed (8 seconds).Therefore you shouldnít hesitate to use Earthbind once you have 3 or 4 clones. Cast it even if there is a slight chance of hitting the target. Don't, however, forget that you still need to aim.

Earthbind is a 2 second disable with an 8 second cooldown. With 4 Meepos, that means that you can keep people from moving indefinitely.This is one of Meepo's strongest points. Once you manage to catch your target with an Earthbind, just simply follow up with another and another and another.. Doing this is simple, and is a skill that all Meepo players must learn, after your first Earthbind, simply follow up by pressing the Tab key followed by E, then click, then after a brief pause, Tab followed by E again. Rinse and Repeat.

After your first net lands:

(Tab > E > Click > Pause) x infinity

Against Invisible and Blinking heroes. Keep the pause shorter then you normally would if you are pinning down these heroes. Earthbind will keep enemies from going invisible and Blinkers from Blinking, however should there be a pause between the nets, however brief, your prey will escape. Blinkers you might catch up by predicting where they go and continue Netting, but Invi-heroes will escape you if you donít have wards/Gem.

Escaping with Earthbind
If 1 of your Meepo is getting chased because of his low-hp, the most important thing to do is DON'T PANIC and stay calm! Don't forget that you have a 1250 range perma-disable.

First thing to do is (as you probably selected the whole group) command them to run like hell! Next thing to do is to remove the injured Meepo from the group, you can do this by holding Shift while selecting the group, and clicking on his icon.

Now you should just tab-net with the remaining 3 Meepos and let the injured one run away. Continue fighting with the other 3 or run away and continue tab-net depending on the situation. A simpler way is to send all your Meepos running, then manually selecting the high hp Meeps one by one to net, then send him running again.

Isolating an enemy, keeping 2 enemies at different places from moving
Hitting an enemy with 4 Meepos and disabling another with Earthbind is effectively keeping both of them from moving, enabling you to finish both of them, or kill 1 while the other watches helplessly, or kill 1 while the other(s) watch helplessly, or kill 1 while the other(s) watch helplessly, then kill the other(s).

This can be done when you're attacking an enemy and have a high enough level of Geostrike. When you're pounding away, you can Earthbind on places where the enemy's backup are likely to appear, or where they already are, then continue pounding on your target.

Keeping Opponents at bay when pushing
When pushing, it is useful to throw nets out occasionally to prevent the enemy from getting near or give the enemy a disadvantage in battle. For example, you're pushing one of the second towers, as you are whacking the tower, throw some nets at max range to prevent the enemy from getting close/scare them off. Doing this right will
  1. Let your team pick off anybody caught in the net.
  2. Scare off the enemies making the push successful.
  3. Give your team a positional advantage should they decide to engage.

Earthbinding in team battles
In team battles, help your team by trying to net the enemy heroes from afar. If you succeed, you will give your team a huge position advantage and let your tankers/initiators and anyone else have a chance to get close and use their skills in a more efficient manner.

Breaking channeling with Earthbind
Earthbind breaks channeling, So If you see any enemy heroes trying to channel anything (especially things like Sand King), quickly throw an Earthbind to break it. This should be of top priority. Due to Earthbindís range you will usually manage to break it if you cast it in time. Note that you cannot break channeling if you follow up your net before the previous one expires, this means that you shouldn't perma-net channeling heroes when you're hitting them, instead, rely on Geostrike and net only when they're escaping, this way you save your Earthbind to break their channeling if they try anything.

Revealing fog with Earthbind
Earthbind can be casted in the Fog of War, and as the net travels, will gives sight till it lands. I find this useful when farming in the opposite forests, either to scout for potential prey or to check for any sneaky attempts at assassination. Also check once in a while when you are soloing Roshan to prevent any surprises. You can also use it to check for runes without actually moving to the rune spot, saving precious time to do whatever you wish.
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ii. Proper Usage of Poof
Here are some usages of Poof that every Meepo player has to learn.

The Mass-Poof
This is one of the most important skills that a Meepo player has to learn, and it's easier then most think. If you can tab-net, you can Tab-Poof. The idea is the same, simply press F then Tab then F then Tab then F again. The difference between Mass Poofing and tab-net is that while you want to set the interval between netting at roughly 2 seconds to maximize the disable time, with Mass Poof, you wanna cast all your Poofs as fast as possible.

*with all Meepos close enough to target*

(F > Click Ground > Tab) x n

where n is the number of Meepos you have.

We click the ground because when we're Mass Poofing we want to be fast and clicking on the individual Meepos would waste precious miliseconds. Do not click on the enemy hero you're trying to Poof. Your Meepos will just stand there stupidly probably die.

This is not hard at all. Try doing it now as fast as possible, it doesn't matter if you do it more times then you have to, but with some practice, you should be able to do it well and cast all your Poofs in under a second.
Mass Poof Damage number with max level Poof:
  • With 2 Meepos 140 x 4 = 560
  • With 3 Meepos 140 x 6 = 840
  • With 4 Meepos 140 x 8 = 1120

Farming with Poof
From Level 6, Meepo is(are?) one of the the fastest neutral creeper in the game. When you hit Level 6/7, simply walk in the forest and Poof away.

For harder camps, Poof twice (or even thrice) and finish them off with normal hits, for weaker camps, Poof once. To farm fast, creep stacking is very effective on Meepo.
Mini creep stacking guide
Creep stacking is very simple, simply hit any jungle camp when the clock reaches 51-52 of every minute, and lure the creeps away a distance from the camps. This is because neutral creeps respawn every minute if there are no units in the area. With some good micro you can pull 2 or even 3 camps with Meepo at once, then clear them for some major gold and more importantly, experience.

Pushing/Defending/Farming with Poof
With Poof, Meepo has the ability to clear normal creep waves at level 7 in 2 seconds. Use this to your advantage, whether to get gold, experience, to get that tower, or to save yours.

Moblity with Poof
Poof transports any one of your Meeps to any other Meepo. With a bit of micro-management, you will never have to take 100% of your hero back to base after Level 11.

When neutralling (the recommended way to farm with Meepo in this guide) or after a gank, send any injured Meepo home. If you need to buy anything Poof your main meepo back then Poof the healed Meepo back to the battlefield, followed by the Main Meepo with items. Using Poof this way well will save you lots of time that can be spent ganking, farming or pushing.

Ganking with Poof
Once you have 2 Meeps, Meepo becomes an effective ganker.
Ganking with Poof involves Earthbind as well, and here are the basics to micro Meepo to continuously net and cast multiple Poofs.

Step 1, Secure your target.
This involves casting a good earthbind.

Step 2, Keep your target from moving.
This involves the above Tab-Net strategy. Usually this involves casting a second Earthbind or even a third. Assign your Meepos to attack the target as Geostrike will help keeping them in place as well.

Step 3, Mass-Poof
Move in close and when you're close enough Mass Poof. It doesnít matter which Meepo in the group youíre selecting. If any of the Meepos is stuned when attemping to cast Poof, donít worry about it the others will still cast Poof and it will cast after the stun time. Again, you should be able to click all those keys in about half a second. 1.5 seconds later, all your Meeps should disappear one by one and reappear instantly, damaging your target in the process. With Poofís huge AoE it is very hard to not get hit by it.

Step 4, Finish your target
Start casting Earthbind of your pathetic fleeing targets. Finish them with normal hits or Poof again if you still have a Meepo with Poof not on cooldown.

This is simply to give you an idea of ganking with Meepo effectively. With some practice you will be able to do it easily and with more flexibility.
Here are some examples of ganking with Meepo:

Delaying Poof, I maximise the damage possible by hitting both targets..

In this game (was a pub), I soloed and thus was higher level then the enemies.

Here are more examples:

Look at how fast their hp goes down. Mirana's arrow hit NA, which is why I can pull this off.

Another screen showing an early gank.

These early ganks is one of the main heroes we max Poof first on Meepo.

Outnuking Lina. Oh, the irony.
Notice the multiple Poofs before the Laguna Blade animation disappears.
They were done together in less then a second.

Also, you donít need to use Poof in every gank. If you are going 1v1 with many heroes, Earthbind + hitting is often enough. You can save the Poofs when their allies arrive.

Chasing with Poof
There is a way Poof can help with chasing. This is most useful around level 6-10, when you have only 2 Meepos and Earthbind isn't at a high level yet. In the situation where both Meepos have used Earthbind and the opponent is still alive, follow your prey with the Meepo closer to it, then Poof the other Meepo to the one following your prey. This will deal a hefty 140 damage and at the same time make your Meepos closer to your target, perhaps for a cooled Earthbind or another Poof Chase.

Poofing in team battles
Never be the first to rush in a team battle. Throw some nets and try helping your team pick off some Heroes. Let your initiator/tanker enter first, after a few disgusting nukes and stuns are thrown around, dive in there. Earthbind when getting close, get as many heroes as possible once you are within range, Mass-Poof ASAP. As long as you manage to do this, you have won the battle for your team. After, donít panic and take out your injured Meeps and send them home. If you arenít very hurt, proceed to pound the shit out of any of the enemy heroes remaining.

When to enter Team Battles
  1. When most of the opponentís skills are in cooldown.
  2. When you have a great initiator that entered the battle. (Magnus, Treant, Tide etc)
  3. When someone is being focused.
  4. When you know Poof will destroy them before their allies can reach in time.
Here are some examples of Poofing in team battles:

Watch as Nagaís illusions disappear with a poof. Look at Axe's hp drop with every Poof.

Nice timing deals full Poof damage.

When an initiator goes in, you go in.
Sometimes, it doesn't matter if you don't get your enemies, as long as you make them scatter you give your team a huge advantage.

Poofing as an escape
Often, Poof is useful as an escape mechanism. Personally, this is most useful when you have got an injured Meepo walking back to base or healing, or far away from battle. Simply select the Meepo in danger, press F and click where your other Meepo is at. Note that this can be used to escape certain disables as well (Ensnare and Sprout). If you are experienced, you can even leave 1 Meepo at base or behind on purpose to escape when you're ganking or fighting. With the Poof cast time of 1.5 seconds this escape rarely fails.

Dual Lane Pushing/Defending with Poof
Simple yet effective. Sometimes you just want to push as fast as possible, or to prevent a tower loss, and continue pushing at the same time. Meepo is among the few heroes with the capability to push/defend 2 lanes at once

Simply separate your Meepos into 2 groups and Poof twice with every creepwave you see on both lanes. Should there be an emergency or you want to participate in a fight, just Poof your Meepos together.

Do not do this if it is too dangerous. It isnít worth it.
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iii. Using Mekansm

Mekansm is Meepoís most important item. To play a good Meepo you should use it well. Using it usually has something to do with common sense and strategic thinking.
Use Mekansm when
  1. A Meepo is dying.
  2. Many Meepos are quite injured.( Yellowish Hp)
  3. In fights to give you an edge.
  4. For multiple teammates in a battle, or to heal multiple teammates.
Do Not Use Mekansm when
  1. Only 1 Meepo is injured, send him home or let him lifesteal with Vladís.
  2. When a single ally wants a heal. Donít give it to him, most of the time Meka will be more useful for yourself. If it is to save a life however, consider it.
Make a judgement call.

iv. Blink Dagger Usage
Blink dagger is needed to maximize Meepo's potential. At least be able to tab-net and Mass Poof properly before trying to learn how to use Blink Dagger.

The Blink Poof
Blink Poofing is much less cumbersome then moving in with all your Meepos and Mass Poofing, and therefore is very suitable for many split-second situations, which in mid to high tier games should occur often. However, the increased speed comes at a price - significantly less damage (only half of Poof damage is dealt with the clone Meepos), therefore, it is not always optimal to Blink Poof. Just because it's more advanced, doesn't mean it's better in every situation, so bear that in mind when playing Meepo.

Step 1, Poof your non-main Meepos to your main

In the same manner that you would Poof after you net your enemy in a normal gank, Poof your non-Main Meepos to your main. This is most easily achieved using the selected icons on the bottom of the screen. Simply highlight your 2nd Meepo and f tab f until all of them has casted Poof to the main one.

Step 2, Blink your main Meepo
Before your Meepos finish casting Poof, Blink your main Meepo on your target. You should be able to do this with some practice. What will happen is your main Meepo will Blink in, and almost instantly your sub-Meepos will finish casting Poof and appear beside your main Meepo.

Step 3, Net, Poof, Finish
Now all your 4 Meepos should be surrounding your target. First thing you should do is Net using your main Meepo to prevent the enemy from escaping. After that, immediately cast Poof on your main, since it hasn't used Poof yet. Follow up/Finish by netting with your remaining Meepos and killing the target.

Protip: This requires a certain amount of practice to pull off well, but when you can do it, will immensely improve your Meepo play. If you are playing with delay you can always choose to Blink your main Meepo in first, net, then Poof the rest into your main, however, that is sub-optimal.

When to Blink Poof
  1. When moving in to Mass Poof is dangerous/impossible due to heavy nukes and disables in team battles.
  2. When you want to surprise the enemies (reduces reaction time) or deal damage as fast as possible in a team battle. (Example: Tide Blinks in and you can't reach in time)
  3. When ganking to reduce the time for enemy backup to arrive.
  4. When ganking enemies that are good at escaping like Blinkers or invisible heroes.

Blink Escape
Sometimes Blink can be used to run from dangerous situations. Simply Blink your main Meepo away and Poof the rest there. This isn't possible in a lot of situations, but keeping this in mind can save your ass sometimes.
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IX. Hero-specific Strategies
We all know that certain Heroes counter Meepo well, here we will go through some ways of dealing with them.

Bad Enemies

Heavy Nukers
Avoid them early unless youíre sure they are without their combo or their hard nukes.

Donít approach them unless you can survive their combo. If you can then you can usually kill them, in a team battle however, be wary of their nukes and be extra careful when they are around.

If you manage to survive their combo, usually youíll be able to turn the tables and take them down, just move the injured Meepo away and proceed to kill them.

Position Swappers
These heroes canít take you alone, but in a team fight, isolating one of your Meeps is one of the worst things that could happen to you. Play extra careful with them around.

Best way is to Poof your isolated Meepo back to the Group. This may not work well for Vengeful Spirit, but if you have fast fingers you can Poof back your sick Meepo from a Toss or Dismember (In Dismemberís case, a channel breaking Earthbind is required. It will be within range as Earthbindís range is further then Hookís.

Alternatively, if you think you can win the fight, you can instead, Poof your other 3 Meepos to the targetted Meepo, giving them a nasty surprise.

Donít hit them if you think it will hurt you more, and don't aim for them in team fights. Poof helps counter these tanks. Even they will feel the pain from 4 nukes. Donít go out of your way to kill them, with their high armor/health/damage reduction, sometimes it isnít worth it. Try to take them down with allied assistance. Deso, AC and Orchid will all help against this type of enemy.

Donít dive in the middle of team battles or a whole lot of creeps with this guy around. Sadly this is as much as you can do against this guy or risk killing yourselves and your teammates. Outside of team battles however, you should try to take him down. His health isnít impressive and will fall with a few Poofs and a few hits.

Invisible Ninjas are a real pain to deal with as Meepo. This is because it's hard to lookout for those low hp clones when you're microing, and they just appear beside you and nuke you, even when your single clone is trying to escape. Only real way to deal with them is to be more careful with your low hp clones, even when they appear to be walking home peacefully.

AoE nukers/disablers
AoE nukers and disablers are a real pain to deal with. It's almost impossible to dodge their spells, and you're only as tough as your lowest hp clones. Disables, in particular, screw up your Poof combo easily. Be careful when engaging them. Blink poofing is a good way to quickly attack before absorbing too much damage.

Note on counters: If you are having serious trouble against skill dependant heroes, consider farming up an Orchid and laugh at them. Against fat carries, Guinsoo is a nice item, tanks, Deso.

Good Allies

With their disabling Ultimates these heroes enable you cast your Poofs much more efficiently in battle. Earthbind can also stop any enemies from escaping after your allies ultimate duration ends.

Heroes with melee AoE disables
Earthbind will keep enemies in place easily for them to aim their stuns while their disable is invaluable in helping you cast Poof. Their tankish nature also makes them a natural distraction for Meepo to do his dirty work.

AoE Nukers/Disablers
Heroes with high Damage over Time AoE skills synergize great with Meepoís Earthbind. With them around, a Netted hero is a fried Hero. I particularly like playing with a decent Invoker, with net and meteor as well as Tornado/Icewall to keep the enemies around while you pound on them or give you time to comfortably cast Poof.
Very chaotic, very fun.

AoE Silencers
Silence lets you literally able to walk in straight and cast your Poofs swiftly without much danger. Meepos number one fear in team battles are spells, and with proper timing these heroes can totally negate them long enough for you to devastate your enemies.

Supporters and Healers such as those mentioned are great as they help your individual Meepos survive. With them around you can afford a great deal more risk in battle, making you much more effective.
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X. Runes and Meepo
Only the original Meepo can pick up Runes, so most Runes will only affect him. Only exception is Double Damage which affects all your Meepos.

Meepo isnít a Rune dependant Hero, nor does he gain lots of benefits from them, but they are handy at times.

In most cases, it is better to let your ally take it rather then you, since only your main Meepo gets it.

Not as useful on Meepo then others. If your ally wants it, let him take it. Useful if you want to return to fountain fast though.

Gives you illusions. You can send the illusions to the enemiesí creep camps or use them as wards. If the enemy realizes that they are illusions and not Meepos and tries to destroy the illusions, you can Poof your real Meepos to the illusion and kill him. Walking them around with your real Meepo team also makes it really confusing for your enemies. You can send an illusion back home for a free fountain trip as well.

Double Damage
Best rune for Meepo, and one to look out for. Before picking the rune up, make sure all your clones are close to it, or else those further away will not get the buff. If you are lucky enough to get this after Level 11 with Vladimirís, go Roshan.

Greatly increases Meeps damage output, getting this before a team push will help a lot as well, letting you destroy towers and heroes really fast.

Quite useful. Send your Invisible Main Meepo to the enemy forest and scout for food. You can send your clones to your own forest to farm when during this. If you see an enemy, select all your Meeps (Including the invisible one) and Mass-Poof. Earthbind for the finish. You can do this in team battles as well, but it is more risky, do it though if you have teammates support, and tell them you are going to do it. Bear in mind that you will not deal the full damage of Poof from the Clones, only the Invisible Meepo will deal full Poof damage.
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XI. Conclusion
Hopefully with the rewrite of this guide, Meepo will once again be owning in DotA. Meepo is a great hero to play and own with at all levels. If you have any agreements, disagreements, praise or insults, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you learned something from it.
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XII. Replays
The legendary namesake of Meepo's fun name himself (yes folks, he's the real deal) showing off the power of an early Boots of Travel for Meepo.
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XIII. Credits
Shade, for doubting the idea of Poof Meepo (so much) when I first propose it so long ago, driving me to write my first guide and beginning my guide-writing career.

kidlid09, for attempting to port over my guide to PlayDota and update it (although I later requested to take over), bringing my attention back to my previous work and inspiring me to update it to suit the current game.

iKrivetko, for the tip on anchors, which I embarrassingly did not use.

Meepwn, for providing me with replays.
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XIV. Changelog
19 April 2008 - Guide first written and posted in Dota-Allstars forum.

29 June 2008 - Guide entered into the 12th Hero Guide Contest in Dota-Allstars and heavily updated and cleaned up (won 2nd place).

19 November 2009 - Guide ported over to Playdota's Draft Guides section to be updated.

22 November 2009 - Updating and cleaning up of guide completed. Guide requested to be published.

23 November 2009 - Added Boots of Travels in Situational Items and Axe Icon in counters under tanks.

23 November 2009 - Added Pit Lord in list of bad enemies.

1 December 2009 - Added a new replay.

4 May 2011 - Updated Foreword, Introduction, Playstyle. Deleted Skills section (redundant with PlayDota's improved Heroes page). Updated Skill Order and Item Build.

6 May 2011 - Tweaked a bit on the other sections. Removed way outdated replay.

9 May 2011 - Added spoiler in foreword regarding the history of Meepo. Added Meepwn BoT replay.

19 October 2011 - Rewritten Blink Poof Method from Blink -> Poof to Poof -> Blink

Meepo the Geomancer
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Unlocking Meepo's Potential

Unlocking Meepo's Potential

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