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Mogul Kahn is the primal tanker for the team.

let me show you the guide for playing Mogul Kahn.

2.Skill Builds
3.Item Builds
4.Back Door Guide
5.Heroes and Enemies

1.Introduction for Mogul Kahn:

In the war of Humans and Orcs that occured long ago many Orcish warriors were corrupted by demonic influence and became tools of blackest darkness. One such warrior was the leader of the Half-Tribe of the Bloodied Axe Clan; Mogul Kahn. Mogul was slain by human Paladins but mysteriously was seen fighting alongside the Scourge around the time Mannoroth started to command the Orcs in the war against Archimonde. The Axe has been revived by demons and uses his reflexes and powerful blows to hunt down and seek out the Sentinels' agile warriors and cut them down to size, even projecting his lust for war onto them.

The axe is to be reconsidered the tanker of the team, the one to be feared. his deadly "counter helix" will always be feared by enemies who dare to attack him.

2.Skill Build

these skill builds are always to be reconcidered as useful tactics to kill enemy heroes.

here are the skill build:

1.counter helix
2.berserker's call
3.counter helix
4.berserker's call
5.counter helix
6.culling blade
7.counter helix
8.berserker's call
9.berserker's call
11.culling blade
12-15.atribute bonuses
16.culling blade
17.atribute bonus
18.atribute bonus
19.atribute bonus
20.atribute bonus
21.atribute bonus
22.battle hunger
23.battle hunger
24.battle hunger
25.battle hunger

powerful huh?

3.Item build

Mogul Kahn is a hardened powerful badass. however,as i said to be the tanker... you must build all strong builds like vanguard,
axe is fastest when he attacks creeps.

here is the item build:

3.A. the 1st build for 1st game:

2x stout shield
ancient tango of essifaction
healing salve

3.B 2nd build:
2x ring of health and 2x stout shield

3.C the 3rd build:
2x vanguard boots of travel

3.D the final build/final touch for the axe (sell 1 vanguard 1st
2.Heart of tarrasque
3.Assault Cuirass
4.Shiva's Guard
5.Boots of Travel
6.Kelen's Dagger

this would make the axe indestructible.

4.Back Door guide:

for those who are obsessed playing axe...

considering this back door creeps guide would be a sure push against 1 lane.

the item build is:

2x stout shield
ring of health

tips for backdoor creeps:
1.avoid heroes near the tower. you will die easily. (except if u have a vanguard 2x)

2.range heroes to be considered is a nuisiance. try to go closer so they go away.

3.avoid the tower.

4. if you are low on hp, go back, eat a tree, while distract neutrals for the creeps to kill them instead of you.

5.Heroes and Enemies:

allied heroes that you must have in your lane:

Dark Seer.- importantly its vaccum and ion shield to create a devestating combo. yet dark seer will always buff the ion for you.

IDK what more heroes to add to ur lane.. feel free to give me more tips for allied heroes to be on axe's lane.

5.A. Enemies

powerful enemies want to have on ur lane and how to counter by using items.

Troll Warlord-Blademail:

the troll is always melee and have a attack speed that is fast. try to counter it by using blade mail. here is the tip:

1. let the troll attack you
2. after using Battle Trance, use the blademail immediately.
3. taunt by berserker's troll even if you are stunned by bash.
4. after that the troll has lower hp, finish it by using CULLING BLADE.

enemies that you must avoid:

Slardar- the one to be avoided is the amplify damage.
even though you have 2x vanguard you are no match against this hero. try countering this by buying this following items:
1.Assault Cuirass

Omniknight-irritating purification? yet this sample is known to you. you cant use your ultimate against him except when he is lower against mana. repel is the most nuisance for u cant use berserker's call.

hope u like my guide against mogul kahn. thanks!!!

Mogul Khan the Axe
Author: vengance21
Map Vers.: 6.60-6.61

my own guide for axe (mogul kahn)

using mogul kahn

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