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The Alt-Tab Guide to Every Hero


This guide is now split by primary hero attribute because of a Playdota limit on the number of images per guide. You can find the individual parts at:

  • Click on the tavern icons to find your hero.
  • Brackets [ ] mean the item(s) is(are) optional.
  • Use common sense:
    • For supports and item-independent heroes, the Extension: list is more for giving interesting possibilities than an actual build order.
    • These builds are an attempt to describe builds that will work for a variety of skill levels. As a result, they are often optimal for none.
    • All builds should be adapted to each game.

This Guide has only been made possible through the helpful contributions of many people. You can find a detailed list here

Misc guide
Author: Val
Map Vers.: 6.64>>6.67

Val's Pretty Guide to Every Hero

Val's Pretty Guide to Every Hero

Date Posted: 11/17/09
Last Comment:12/10/2012
Total Votes: 266
Current Rating: 8.88
Views: 1039406

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