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altLesale “Deathbringer”:  The Venomancer

1.1   Intro

1.2   Hero summary

1.3   Pro’s and Cons

1.4   Skill build

1.5   Item build

1.6   Gameplay

1.6.1          Early game

1.6.2          Mid game

1.6.3          Late game

1.7   Good allies

1.8   Bad enemies



Hi. This is my first guide I’ve ever done so feel  free to comment,  I’ve been playing dotA for 6 years :D, but not that long online.. There are a lot of builds for Venomancer, but personally I find this one most effective. Enjoy!

1.2 Hero summary

Range: 490 | Move Speed: 300

Primary: AGI

Str: 18 + 1.85 | Agi: 22 + 2.6 | Int: 15 + 1.75

Damage: 46 – 48 | HP: 492 | Mana: 195

HP Regen: 0.79 | Mana Regen: 0.61

Attack Speed: 1.33 | Armor: 3


altVenomous Gale (E)

Releases a Venomous Gale which poisons enemy units it comes in contact with.

Poisoned units take initial damage, damage over time, and have their movement speed slowed for a short duration.

Level 1 - 50 strike damage, 10 duration damage.

Level 2 - 70 strike damage, 20 duration damage.

Level 3 - 70 strike damage, 40 duration damage.

Level 4 - 100 strike damage, 50 duration damage.

Lasts 15 seconds, provides 50% slow

Mana Cost: 90/105/120/135

Cooldown: 22 seconds

Comment: This will be your harassing skill, in order to get kills, slow will let you chase targets and greatly improves your dps .


altPoison Sting (T)

Adds poison damage to this hero's normal attacks, slightly slowing movement speeds.

Lasts 7 seconds.

Poison Sting damages do not stack.

Level 1 - Deals 5 damage per second.

Level 2 - Deals 10 damage per second.

Level 3 - Deals 15 damage per second.

Level 4 - Deals 20 damage per second.

Mana Cost: N/A

Cooldown: N/A

Comment: Passive  ability, increases dps and is only a buff placer, orb effects stack with poison.


altPlague Ward (W)

Summons an immobile serpentine ward. The ward deals piercing damage, lasts 40 seconds, and is immune to magic.

Level 1 - 75 hit points, 11 max damage.

Level 2 - 200 hit points, 21 max damage.

Level 3 - 325 hit points, 32 max damage.

Level 4 - 450 hit points, 42 max damage.

Mana Cost: 20

Cooldown: 5

Comment: Not recommended for carry build, slightly increases dps for early games, and helps with agro towards creeps or towers. But not useful late game.


altPoison Nova (V)

Creates a ring of noxious poison of around 500 AoE that damages enemy units over a 12 second period.

Level 1 - 36 damage per second.

Level 2 - 58 damage per second.

Level 3 - 81 damage per second.

Level 4 - (with Scepter) - 108 damage per second.

Mana Cost: 200/ 300/ 400

Cooldown: 140/120/100

Comment: One of the strongest abilities in dotA, together with venomous gale, you  can kill almost every hero lvl 6 (except for magic immunity and magic reduction).

1.3 Pro’s and Cons


A lot of AOE damage

Good dps

Effective solo


Low starting HP and mana

Short range

Ultimate does not kill

1.4 Skill build

1.Venomous gale

2.Poison sting

3. Venomous gale

4. Poison sting

5. Venomous gale

6.Poison Nova

7. Venomous gale

8. Poison sting

9. Poison sting

10. Stats

11.Poison Nova

12-15. Stats

16. Poison Nova

17-21. Stats

22-25. Plague Ward

1.5 Item build

Starter items

alt  alt  alt

Survivability is crucial at early game.

RoR is all that is needed for regen at early game unless you are getting ganked a lot, which than I would suggest a Ring of Health

Mid game items

alt alt alt alt alt

Venomancer is quite vulnerable against magic, with BKB you can easily chase and avoid stuns, the damage and strength helps a lot as well.

Late game

alt alt alt alt alt alt


You are basically unstoppable with these items, you need Aghanim’s for late game ultimate, or else your ulti will be quite useless at this stage.  S&Y is great for movement speed, damage, strength and maim.


1.6.1 Early game

Basically a shot every now and than will be very effective against heroes after lvl. 2, your poison sting does dps up to 7 seconds and if you are laning with someone ranged, you can use venomous gase when a hero is at 50% HP, depending on your opponents. If you have trouble laning, just wait for lvl 6 and than engage in battle.

1.6.2 Mid game

At this stage you can easily engage in team battle, your AOE abilities could easily take out multiple heroes, along with BKB you can effectively carry. Be sure that you have at least second ulti by this stage.

1.6.3Late game

Try to get your yasha first for the extra movement and attack speed and before completing your S&Y, buy your Aghanim’s, after that you can complete you S&Y. Your strength + agility should be quite high by this stage and with your BKB, you can own. :D


1.7 Good allies

alt alt alt alt

alt alt alt alt alt alt

1.9   Bad Enemies

alt alt alt alt alt



Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer
Author: SoN_OF_OdiN
Map Vers.: 6.60b

Carry guide


Date Posted: 06/22/09
Last Comment:05/05/2012
Total Votes: 14
Current Rating: 2.72
Views: 13203

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