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~Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Skill Handbook
III. Skill Build
IV. Item Build
V. Walkthrough
VI. Additional Strategy
VII. Conclusion & Credits
VIII. Changelog[/center]
I. Introduction

Guide Introduction

Hello guys this is my first guide and i decided to write about the nerubian weaver .i'm new to guide writing and having much trouble right now :P
(anybody help me are there programms or other thing that can help me or these [color][size][center][b] etc are making my head spin)

Hero Introdution

For complete stats, click below:

[+Extremely Agile]
[+Has a -armor spell]
[+Rly annoying2Enemys]

[-Below average MS]
[-Below average attack range]
[-Really Bad Stats(gain/base)]
[-Mana Dependant]
[-Countered Easily]
II. Skill Handbook

Skills Explanation:

The Swarm - (Active, AoE-Target, Affects Enemy Heroes)
_________________A swarm of 12 beetles will move towards the target point, each latching onto an enemy unit that it comes into contact with. Each unit will only get latched onto by one creature maximum.
 ManaCooldownC. RangeAoEDurationEffects
110036 sec3000N/A8 secDeals 15 damage per attack
210033 sec3000N/A12 secDeals 20 damage per attack
310030 sec3000N/A16 secDeals 25 damage per attack
410027 sec3000N/A20 secDeals 30 damage per attack

Justification: This skill has many uses which makes it such a great skill. One use is to kill fleeing heroes. While they are running away from you they have two choices, to either stop and attack the parasites or keep running while this skill does damage to them. Another use is stopping creep pushes, "casting" this skill on creeps will cause them to stop for a few seconds to destroy the parasites. You should max this skill early because it reduces hero armor and hero armors are low early game as well as their attack speeds are low so they will have trouble destroying them by themselves.

Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver
Author: ][nFecToR147
Map Vers.: 6.73c

how to (ab)use this bug

weave the annoyance

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