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item build
early game

2 mantle
2 gg branches
1 slave
1 tango


1 ring of regen
4 gg branches

mid game

1 maelstrom
1 pt
1 yasha

1 desolator (not recommended still viable)
1 pt
1 lothar

if u got way much more farm and kills

1 maelstrom
1 pt
1 lothar
1 yasha

late game

1 maelstrom
1 pt
1 lothar
1 mkb/buriza(former is more recommended)
1 manta
1 desolator
1 manta
1 lothar
1 mkb/buriza
1 pt

skill build

early game(1-7)

go solo lane if have got imba damage early game coz of huge stats and its base damage so hit normally 4 to time if the hero is comming closer coz usually solo mids dont get imba damage early game they grow stronger till mid game.
last hit like there is no tommorow deny like hell just remeber to out lane the opponent any how.
u are a mid late game carry hero according to this build this shows that u should farm.did I say u should farm like hell.dont pay attention to ganking now get lvl 6 then we can think of it like ganking once or twice
btw u can kill ur opponent hero just by normal hits one sprout can do its job
stay super aggresive (take care of misses coz they may com to gank u coz u are super imba harraser)

mid game(8-14)

u may have got ur maelstrom by now just go empty lanes push it it will just be a matter of sec to push those lanes coz tier1 towers die fast(coz ur lane hero will also b hitting twrs sometimes)
Gank some heroes many low hp heroes die like zip zap zoom just rember to ulti before u go to kill him coz it will already make them half(how to use ulti i will show in further columns)
just push now tier 1 till u get ur yasha lothars coz going into enemy terroteris so much is harmfull and dangeroues get some defence ready
when u got lothar and yasha just go till tier 2 towers push all lanes till that much only coz u cant solo push further

late game

u have farmed enough frm twrs creeps and heroes get ur luxuries go in a team fight u will win it mostly coz u have got maelstrom which hits many targets more frequently and if they target you then thy will be punished for the same

if u win a team fight the if won just push the lane
thats all for late game rember at late game dont be a rambo and roam alone be with team coz if u die solo the other team will take advantage and go for a throne push and 1 min is enough for 3 twrs to die at late game and winning a team fight 4v5 is had without a carry

other info
comming soon
plz dont put bullshit here
i know have written in an unmannered way i am gonna edit it laters
just wanted to add som things which came into my mid
gonna complete this guide this weekend

Furion the Prophet
Author: fash.solanki
Map Vers.: 6.72f

Dps Furion

Welcome to Fash's Guide to Furion

Date Posted: 08/22/11
Last Comment:23/08/2011
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