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Nerubian Weaver


Hello everybody. This is my first guide to one of my favorite heroes - the Nerubian Weaver. Even though he is not a hero I play that often, I see Weaver being played everyday. He is one of the heroes I see in a lot of competitive DotA matches lately. Most of the time, whichever team picks Weaver and has a player that can manipulate him well, will win the match. Even though it is commonly seen, I don't think people are playing her right.

Table of Contents

I. Nerubian Weaver's Skills
The Swarm
Germinate Attack
Time Lapse

II. Skill & Item Builds
Skill Builds
Item Builds

III. Gameplay
General Gameplay
Early Game
Mid Game
Late Game

IV.Friends and Enemies


Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver

Affiliation: Scourge
Attack Animation: 0.64 / 0.36
Damage: 46 - 56
Casting Animation: 0.3 / 0.51
Armor: 0.96
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Movespeed: 290
Missile Speed: 900
Attack Range: 425
Sight Range: 1800 / 800

15 + 1.5

14 + 2.5

15 + 1.8

As you can see from the section above, Nerubian Weaver's starting stats are bad, hell, even Guardian Wisp's starting stats are better than his. He has the lowest starting agility amongst all agility heroes. His starting armour is very weak. His movespeed is considered below average. His attack range is also quite bad for a ranged hero. His strength gain is pretty worse, however, you don't really rely on that attribute as your ulti will make up for it. The intelligence gain is quite decent which gives you plenty of mana to spam your shukuchi.

I: Weaver's Skills

The Swarm

A swarm of 12 beetles will move towards the target point, each latching onto an enemy unit that it comes into contact with. Each unit will only get latched onto by one creature maximum.

*Ability Type:Active
*Targeting Type:Point
*Ability Hotkey:R
*Mana Cost:100/100/100/100

Level - Effects

1 - Deals 15 damage per attack
2 - Deals 20 damage per attack
3 - Deals 25 damage per attack
4 - Deals 30 damage per attack


-*When a beetle latches on a target, it will remain there until it is killed or the duration expires.
- Beetles are magic immune, but can be killed with 4 attacks from heroes, or 8 attacks from other units.
- Every 1.5 second, the beetle will attack its target, dealing damage and reducing the target's armour by one until the beetle is killed or the duration expires.
- Beetles provide 321/321 sight but will drop off if their target becomes invisible.

Author's Comments:
Use this skill to stop pushes, carry out ganks and chase down people. When you use this skill and use it in front of a massive creep wave, it slows the creeps down to a halt, as they will only concentrate on the bugs on them, even if you start attacking them, they won't attack you. Use it at the start of a big tem fight, as your enemy will not have the time to destroy these beetles around them, providing your armour reduction and 33 bonus damage per 1.5 seconds. You can also chase down enemy heroes as the beetles provide vision and they don't have the chance to kill it while you are chasing them.



Causes the Nerubian Weaver to move so fast as to become invisible. Any units passed through will take damage. Lasts 4 seconds

*Ability Type: Active
*Targeting Type:Instant
*Ability Hotkey:C
*Mana Cost:60/60/60/60

Level - Effects

1 - Nerubian Weaver becomes invisible. 90 damage to units passed through.
2 - Nerubian Weaver becomes invisible. 100 damage to units passed through.
3 - Nerubian Weaver becomes invisible. 110 damage to units passed through.
4 - Nerubian Weaver becomes invisible. 120 damage to units passed through.


- Damage type: magical
- Can only damage a unit once per cast.
- Fade time: 0.25 seconds

Author's Comments:
Use this skill to harass, kill, chase, farm, travel faster. This skill can practically be used for anything, and synergized with radiance, works well as hell. Imagine a 120 damage nuke times 4 seconds of 40 radiance damage and do it again. How op is that? It's especially good for chasing fleeing heroes as no one can race past max move speed.

Germinate Attack

Occasionally the Nerubian Weaver attacks twice will send out two swarms, attacking an opponent twice. You must do an ordered attack to activate this.

*Ability Type:Passive
*Ability Hotkey:K

Level - Effects

1 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks
2 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks
3 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks
4 - Nerubian Weaver sends out two attacks


- Germinate Attack is an orb effect.
- The extra attack will never trigger attack effects (orb effects, bash and critical strike.)
- Nerubian Weaver needs an attack order for this ability to activate.
- The attack in which this skill procs is considered an Orb effect Buff Placer, while the Bonus Attack is considered only an orb effect.
- Affects towers

Author's Comments:
Nerubian Weaver's op skill. Imagine having +240 damage, now double that every 2.5 seconds. That's +420 damage every 2.5 seconds. Enough said?


Time Lapse

Warps the Nerubian Weaver 5 seconds back in time, resetting the HP, mana and position. Does not effect cooldown, gold or experience.

*Ability Type:Active
*Targeting Type:Instant
*Ability Hotkey:T
*Mana Cost:150/75/0

Level - Effects

1 - Warps Nerubian Weaver 5 seconds in the past.
2 - Warps Nerubian Weaver 5 seconds in the past.
3 - Warps Nerubian Weaver 5 seconds in the past.


- Removes negative buffs from Nerubian Weaver.

Author's Comments:
Ah, Nerubian Weaver's signature skill. I find it really funny when everyone tries to kill that weaver but they fail badly. It is mostly *because of this skill. The familiar "WTF, I just laguna blade you and you no die, still full health" is enough to bring a satisfied grin onto everyone's face. If people don't have enough damage, they basically can't kill you.

II: Weaver's Skill Build

Level 1: Shukuchi
Level 2: Germinate Attack
Level 3: Shukuchi
Level 4: Germinate Attack
Level 5: Shukuchi
Level 6: Time Lapse
Level 7: Germinate Attack
Level 8: Shukuchi
Level 9: Germinate Attack
Level 10: The Swarm
Level 11: Time Lapse
Level 12: The Swarm
Level 13: The Swarm
Level 14: The Swarm

Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Time Lapse
Level 17-25: Stats

By taking a simple look at the skills, one can see that Shukuchi should be maxed out before all the other skills. This is to help you escape and farm aoe with that 120 damage nuke. Germinate attack should be maxed out second because it makes Weaver a dps monster. You can also use the double damage to farm and harass. The Swarm is just to stop pushes and chase. You don't really need it. You can also alternate between Shukuchi and Germinate Attack if you think you won't die a lot on your lane.

II: Weaver's Item Build


These should be Nerubian Weaver's starting items. One ring of protection and 2 batches of tangoes and 1 healing salve plus 2 branches. The ring of protection is to make up for your sad starting armor and the tangoes are for healing as you will get harassed a lot.

Core Items

After some minutes of farming, you should have these items. Depending on what lane you are on. You should either get a ring of health first and make your treads, or just make your vanguard then make your treads. The rig of health provides the regen for you to stay on lane and collect exp. You could also make a medallion of courage as it provides mana regen and cheap armor reduction for you to harass with. The 40 damage block on your vanguard is much needed on you as you are paper.

Core Extension

The only added extension should be radiance and that is much needed, it makes you carry and helps you get even better farm. The burn works really well with your shukuchi.


This item really helps Nerubian Weaver a lot. If you decide to keep on farming, you should definitely get this. The 30% evasion and damage boost is really useful and enemies will have an even harder time to kill you. This almost makes you unkillable.

Manta also helps you a lot by giving you the move speed, the attack speed, the nice stats and the mirror images. But the bad thing is your images do not have germinate attack. Get this late game if you want the mirror images for survival and damage boost.

This item will give you a lot of survivability, you will be even harder to kill with Butterfly. There will be no need to go back to base to heal as this item provides the regen you will need.

This is just for pure damage, watch yourself two shot a puck, two shot a nevermore. Just to be safe, go roshan and get aegis before you get this item. This will make your a hardcore carry. Just watch out for mass disablers and stunners and be wary in the jungles.


Hood is a good choice instead of vanguard if the enemy team has lots of nukers and you are getting pinned down a lot by spells. I normally don't get it because I think vanguard is much better with the 40 damage block but that's just my opinion. Same for linken's it provides you survivability and a handy spell block plus crap loads of regen but I would go for vanguard. It might delay your core and you will have much more difficulty farming. You shouldn't really get Medallion of Courage, your teammates should get it for you, as you are the carry and you have no inventory space for all these items.


Sange and Yasha is not a really good choice, there are better items such as Manta Style that improves your survivability, plus, what do you need the maim for? Who can outrun max move speed?

Please don't get this, this is for retards only. This item provides no survivability, the ministun won't work on your second germinate attack, it's useless.

You won't crit on your second attack, what's the point? If you want damage, make sure you don't die and go for a rapier.

These are orb effects, orb effects don't stack.

Don't get this item, even though it may seem nice with all the nice stats and stuff, it's useless on Nerubian Weaver, the slow won't do shit as you can catch up with them anyways. You won't have space for this late game, a heart will benefit you much more better

III: Gameplay


A lot about weaver is just farming, definitely don't use her if you can't get your vanguard under 15 mins. I had a friend who asked me what to get for weaver. I told him vanguard. He got it at the 40 minute mark, I was not surprised, he couldn't even farm at all. If you don't know how to farm, you should go watch LGD's Zsmj farm. I once saw a match where he got a 20 minute relic for phantom lancer, but his courier got killed and the relic stolen. He didn't rage quit, however, after 7 minutes, her farmed up a another one. That is pretty hardcore farming. You should also learn to cooperate well with your teammates and killsteal without mercy, you are the carry, you will save your team late game and carry it to victory. Understand what's going on, in order to use Time Lapse effectively, Time Lapse is not your savior skill. You can still die if there are enough disables. Good map awareness is extremely important.

Early Game

1-9 Pick a lane, a side lane mostly, cause you need the lane shops to be able to purchase your items. Remember to farm well and harass too. Weaver is kind of hard to farm early game because of his weird attack animation, but Shukuchi and germinate attack helps him a lot. You should harass if you can by using Shukuchi or germinate attack. If you are getting ganked of about to be ganked, use Shukuchi to run away. If the opponent is already half health by your harassing, then you should try a gank with your teammates but never gank outside of your lane.

Mid Game

9-15 You should already be able to get your Vanguard and treads by now. If there are nukers on the other team, you can improvise and buy Hood of Defiance instead. It really helps a lot. Still try to farm to get your relic, and then your Radiance. If the other team ganks you, then you should be able to use Time Lapse or Shukuchi to run away. KEEP A TP SCROLL BY YOUR SIDE ALWAYS, IF LANES COLLAPSE YOU CAN GO TO ANOTHER LANE AND FARM.

Late Game

15-25 Participate in team ganks now. You should have your Radiance by now. If there are no players to gank ,then farm and farm. A little farming never hurt anybody. Get all the luxuries and the game should be done by now.

Special note

Weaver is one of those really hard to gank heroes, just like Anti-mage. You need a lot of stunners of disables to pin him down and finish him. If not, he will become invisible and run away with 100 health left or he will have wasted all your spells, mana and time. Just remember, it's a bit risky but try to soak up as much damage during the 5 seconds fully and then time lapsing. Don't time lapse when a lion fingers you during the first second, there may be plentiful nukes that may come in the next 4 seconds.

IV: Friends and Enemies


Her and her seducing aura gives you the mana regen to spam shukuchi, her disables are also great for you to kill off enemies or escape.

Her command aura basically gives you 36% more damage. Her swaps can also get you out of sticky situations or getting more kills. Her stun and armour reduction is also great for you.

These healers will babysit you in your lane during early game and ensure you to have a great late game.


No comment.

Silence = No time lapse = Dead bug

People with stuns and ultis that can really screw you up.

V: Replays

You can find a lot of replays with Weaver in it at The International - Dota 2 - Home
One exceptionally good game was The International - Dota 2 - Match Results
where iG's xiao8 and his weaver won

So that's it, my guide to Weaver, I hope you guys like it.
Thanks to FightF4te's and his Necrolyte guide which I took the template from.
Thanks to all the people who play DotA with me.
Please comment and rate to make this guide better.

Anub'seran the Nerubian Weaver
Author: jingxin01px2015
Map Vers.: 6.72f

Guide to Weaver

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