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Compact Guide to
Pit Lord


---------->Quick Alt Tab Guide<----------

Starting Items
Soul Ring RecipeGG Branch: For cheap stats and Magic WandGG Branch: For cheap stats and Magic WandGG Branch: For cheap stats and Magic WandTangos: Cause Pit Lords are vegetariansHealing Salve
Core Items
These is the standard build when you are the team's tank and need to stand in front lines all the times. You can swap Vanguard for Vit Booster if going for Pipe and Hood for Planewalker's Cloak if going for Vanguard
Extensions Items
You will probably upgrade your Hood to Pipe at some point of game. Guinsoo is never a bad choice and allows you to buy BoT afterwards. If you wish to go semi carry road make Assault Cuirass to support your main carry and Abyssal Blade to dish out major damage your self and have a reliable disable, because you won't get Guinsoo any time soon. After 50 minutes BoT is a must have on Pit Lord

1.Pit of MaliceDeals 100 damage and traps enemy units for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. Cooldown: 24/21/18/15 seconds. Mana cost: 100/115/130/145
2.FirestormCalls down 3 waves over 3 second that deal 55/80/105/130 damage to enemies and structures and burn for additional 45 damage over 3 seconds. Cooldown: 16 seconds. Mana cost: 100/110/120/130
4.Pit of Malice
6.Dark RiftTeleports you and nearby allied heroes to target friendly unit or structure after 6/5/4 seconds. Cooldown: 130 seconds. Mana cost: 75/150/225
8.Pit of Malice
9.Pit of Malice
10.ExpulsionIgnites a corpse near you every 1.5 seconds that damages enemies and heals allies around you. Heals for 10/20/30/40 and damages for 20/40/60/80 per corpse. Cooldown 18 seconds. Mana cost: 125/135/145/155
11.Dark Rift

Max Firestorm and use it to harras and farm. Get Soul Ring and Ring of Regeneration early so you can spam it non stop.

Push towers very fast and always defend yours. Use your ultimate to save your allies and initiate ganks on lone heroes.


Hello and welcome to remastered version of my Pit Lord guide.
My old one looked pretty bad and was outdated so I decided to remake it to look like my guide to Bone Fletcher and improve it's quality

II.Basic Info

Pusher/Defender: Pit Lord is one of the strongest tower pushers and defenders in all stages of game thanks to his great aoe presence, farming speed and ability to utilize everything but pure dps items and adapt to every game

Semi Carry: If you decide to farm Jungle and lanes for a bit, and get tower kills Pit can transition into a decent semi carry and win the game by aggresive pushing, but semi carry road is not needed when you defend most of the time, in that case leave more farm for other carries


1.Pit of Malice
4.Pit of Malice
6.Dark Rift
8.Pit of Malice
9.Pit of Malice
11.Dark Rift

Max Firestorm and use it to harras and farm.
Get Soul Ring and Ring of Health/Regeneration early so you can spam it non stop.

IV.Items and Item Builds

You don't have to finish your Core before going for Extension or Luxury items. Nothing is set in stone for Pit Lord, adapt to your game

Starting Items
GG Branch: For cheap stats and Magic WandMagic Stick: For early regen and Magic WandRing of Basilius: Great item for early pushesTangos: Cause Pit Lords are vegetariansHealing SalveCourier: Buy it instead of Magic Stick/Sobi Mask if your team doesn't have one. I buy it anyway on almost any hero, don't put your trust in other pubbersObserver Wards: Buy them if you are going to short lane, more info in strategy section.
Core Items Make Soul Ring and only 1 type of bootsContrary to popular belief, you need to make only one even though you have 4 feet
Soul Ring: You need this item to spam your spells. You can even buy it immediately after you randomed because you can farm and harras from safe distance with itArcane Boots: Combined with Soul Ring gives you all the mana you need. Later in game when you get a caster item like Schyte of Vyse or Shiva's guard dissasemble it and make Boots of TravelBoots of Travel: They give awesome mobility, but if you decide to rush them you will need a solo lane to farm them and another big caster item, otherwise you will be short on mana the whole game
Extension Items Make 1-2 of these then move onThese items suplement your Core and the needs of your team, which is usually to tank up so you can stay in teamfights as long as possible
Vitality Booster: If you decide not to make Vanguard or make Heart later you can buy it. Great in combination with Hood/PipeVanguard: Best early game tanking item that allows you to tower dive and spam soul ring as much as you want.Planewalker's Cloak: Nice item against casters. You can extend it into Hood/Pipe or leave it as it is if you have VanguardHood of Defiance: Very good tanking item against casters, but you will usually only make it to extend into Pipe. Good in combination with Vitality Booster/VanguardMekansm: Great item that increases your aoe presence, with Soul Ring + Mana Boots you have enough mana to support itNecrobook: You will make it if your team decides to stack 3+ Necrobooks on your team
Luxury Extensions
Boots of Travel: Now is a good time to upgrade your normal or mana boots into thesePipe of Insight: Great pushing item and most common luxury on Pit Lord. Turtling teams with aoe nukes prevent you from pushing and Pipe helps you and your creeps tank thatSchyte of Vyse: Provides a great disable and solves your mana needs in combination with Soul RingAssault Cuirass: You make it to push faster and support your carries. Also nice in combination with Abyssal BladeShiva's Guard: Make it when you need mana (you rushed Boots of Travel) or someone else is making Assault Cuirass (or you already have it)Veil of Discord: Cheap but not very effective early game. Amplifies magic damage and allows you and your team to deal good damage in later stages of game when your spells are maxed. Great as your 2nd or 3rd LuxuryHeart of Tarassque: Compared to your other Extension and Luxury items this item isn't very good (you have lots of HP and need armor) but it's good enough to make as a late game luxuryBlack King Bar: Not the most common luxury because you are tanky as it is, but it becomes more important later in game when Pipe doesn't provide enough survability. It also allows you to use your ultimate and escape with your allies without the fear of disables and burst damageAbyssal Blade: Semi carry item that in additon to bash provides great BKB piercing disable, recommended to buy after Assault Curiass
Utility Items
TP Scroll: To look pretty in your inventory because you will never use itObserver Wards: You farm fast enough to buy them so do so when you get your core.Sentry Wards: You farm fast enough to buy them so do so when you get your core.Gem of Truesight: You will buy this for your team, you are also a good carrierSmoke of Deceit: Awesome backdooring item. More info in strategy sectionMagic Wand : Great troughout the whole game for burst healing and manaForce Staff: great tool for landing ultimates and trapping opponents into pit of maliceBlink Dagger: In rare cases when you need to initiate and want to amuse everyone by blinking in and saving your dying ally with Dark Rift. Not too bad as a escape tool since you have 2.5 second rootVladimir's Offering: Buy it when your support doesn't have the money and you need a cheap pushing item
Rejected Items
Rod of Atos: The slow is nice but it gives no mana regeneration and 0 damage. Horrible item on Pit LordDagon: In normal games don't make it. If stomping only if you are going to troll your opponents with Dagon 5 or your whole team makes Dagon, you can farm it fast for maximum KS'ing and still push wellOrbs are not good on Pit LordRadiance: Assault Curiass is better for pushing power, and in combination with Abyssal Blade you can carry and counter carry a lot better. Your spells provide enough aoe damage.Manta Style and Agility items in general: NoLinkens: Only reason to get it would be against Doom, but you can tank everything he throws at youArmlet: YOU ARE TOO FAT. GO LOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU FAT CUNTShadow Blade/Lothar: You escape with ultimate and Dagger is better for initiationHeaven's Halberd: Doesn't give regen and it's outclassed by other tanking extensions you can easily farm


Push early

Even level 1 Firestorm does big damage to towers, and if you can hit the tower and the creeps you will take down T1 tower by level 6 easily

Gank early with Dark Rift

Once you hit level 6 you can use it to teleport you and your lane partner and gank another hero, then quickly take down the tower

Annoy your opponents

With Soul Ring and Arcane boots you can spam your spells non stop, so don't let enemies get close to your towers and don't let them farm

Adapt to your game

With so many item choices you have to decide what item is the best for your team to fill the weak spots or strenghten your strong spots. Don't be afraid to buy wards and gem too, you can farm so fast you barely notice the gold you spend on them

VII. Misc

Attachment 58359
My first game on WC3 after a long time so my map awareness and lasthitting was pretty bad, but you can see how much damage I did with fast pushing

VII. Closing Word
This is it folks, I hope you enjoyed it.

Azgalor the Pit Lord
Author: Grubi
Map Vers.: 6.72b

Simple guide to Pit Lord

You fail to amuse me

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