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Disables is a broad term used in DotA to refer to any ability that disables some capability of a unit or otherwise inhibits it from acting. There are several different types of disables.

The following is a list of the disables used in DotA. It is formatted as follows:

Generic name of the disable or base spell
Description of the disable

  • Several examples of the disable
  • Several examples of the disable
  • Several examples of the disable

This is the most basic type of disable, it completely prevents all action during its duration.

  • Vengeful Spirit - Magic Missile
  • Earthshaker - Fissure
  • Enigma - Malefice

Entangle is similar to being stunned, but the affected unit can still turn and cast spells.

  • Crystal Maiden - Frostbite
  • Treant Protector - Overgrowth

Ensnare only prevents the affected unit from moving.

  • Naga Siren - Ensnare
  • Pit Lord - Pit of Malice
  • Syllabear's Bear - Entangle

Silence only prevents the affected unit from casting spells, the affected unit is still able to use items.

  • Stealth Assassin - Smoke Screen
  • Silencer - Global Silence
  • Faerie Dragon - Waning Rift

Movement/Attack speed slows
Slows decrease the rate at which movements move and/or attack.

  • Enchantress - Enchant
  • Gorgon - Stone Gaze
  • Necro'lic - Grave Chill

Hex turns the affected unit into a sheep for the duration. The affected unit retains all its stats such as health/armor, but can only move around during the duration.

  • Shadow Shaman - Voodoo
  • Demon Witch - Voodoo
  • Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse - Hex

Shackle completely disables the affected unit, like a stun. However, the casting unit must channel Shackle for it to work. If the casting unit stops channeling, Shackle ends.

  • Shadow Shaman - Shackles
  • Bane Elemental - Fiend's Grip
  • Storm Spirit - Electric Vortex

Cyclone completely disables the affected unit. However, the affected unit is also invulnerable during the duration.

  • Pandaren Brewmaster's Storm - Cyclone
  • Invoker - Tornado
  • Euls Scepter of Divinity - Cyclone

Sleep completely disables the affected unit. However, if the unit is damaged, it will wake up and the disable will end. For the entire duration of Song of the Siren, and for the first second of Nightmare, the affected unit(s) are invulnerable, and thus won't wake unless you purge them.

  • Naga Siren - Song of the Siren
  • Bane Elemental - Nightmare

Being Ethereal prevents a unit from attacking or being attacked, it also slows movement speed and amplifies magic damage on the target. Units in ethereal state can cast spells normally.

  • Oblivion - Decrepify
  • Ethereal Blade - Ether Blast

Doom silences the affected unit, preventing it from casting spells. Additionally, it prevents the unit from using items, and disables some passive abilities.

  • Doom Bringer - Doom

Curse gives the affected unit a chance to miss on attacks.

  • Keeper of the Light - Blinding Light
  • Tinker - Laser
  • Troll Warlord - Whirling Axes

The following abilities have very unique effects which are created through triggers. Information about each ability is listed below it.

  • Enigma - Black Hole
    Completely disables affected units and pulls them towards the center of the spell.
  • Faceless Void - Chronosphere
    Causes all units inside to be paused, which completely disables them but also has some unique effects.
  • Prophet - Sprout
    Surrounds a unit with trees.
  • Obsidian Destroyer - Astral Imprisonment
    Hides and pauses the affected unit.
  • Shadow Demon - Disruption
    Hides and pauses the affected unit.
  • Axe - Berserker's Call
    Forces affected units to attack the caster for a period of time.
  • Admiral - Torrent
    Launches affected units into the air, pausing them until they land on the ground again, at which point they are slowed.
  • Clockwerk Goblin - Power Cog
    Surrounds the caster with several large cogs which take several attacks to destroy.
  • Faerie Dragon - Dream Coil
    Chains all affected units to the center of the AoE, units that move too far away from the center of the AoE break their chain and become stunned.
  • Disruptor - Kinetic Field
    Forms a field of energy preventing enemy units inside to go outside and the other way around.