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Gold is the currency used in DotA to buy several things, in most modes, except all random and normal mode, you start with an effective 625 gold after you get your hero. The game design and balance is based around this starting number. If you want to make sure you get this same number when playing with less than 5 players, set the unused player slots to computer.


Reliable/Unreliable Gold

Gold is divided between two categories:

  • "Reliable gold" - Any bounty you get from killing heroes, towers, couriers, or Roshan is added to your reliable gold pool. Additionally, Bounty Hunter's Track and Hand of Midas's Transmute give reliable gold.
  • "Unreliable gold" - Everything else (creep kills, neutrals, etc).

Your current total gold is displayed normally on the top of your screen, while your current reliable gold is displayed in yellow in the title of your scoreboard.

  • Dying can only take away gold from your unreliable gold pool and not from your Reliable Gold.
  • Buying items uses up your unreliable gold first before using your Reliable Gold.
  • Buyback uses reliable gold first.

Game Start 

At the beginning of each game each faction receives 4265 gold, which is split between all the players in that faction, resulting in:

  • 4125 gold if there's only one player on that team
  • 2062 gold if there are two players on one side
  • 1375 if there are three
  • 1031 if there are four
  • 825 if there are five


Every 0.6 seconds each player is given 1 unreliable gold (2 in easy mode) this results in 5 gold each 3 seconds.


Some skills allow you to gain gold, they are:

  • Track, if the target hero dies in a 30 second time lapse after you casted the skill on him the the game will grant you a bonus 150/200/250 gold depending on the level and 50/100/150 gold to all allied heroes having the aura buff. This bonus gold is reliable gold.
  • Hand Of Midas (Transmute), That will grant a fixed 190 gold bounty when targeted on a creep, replacing the normal creep bounty. This gold is reliable.
  • Devour, which will grant you 25/50/75/100 bonus unreliable gold after it finished devouring
  • Goblin's Greed gives 4/6/8/10 bonus unreliable gold per enemy kill (except structures and illusions) which is increased by 1/2/3/4 more for every creepkill done in the last 25 seconds and is capped at 30 bonus gold.


Every time you give the last hit to a creep, a tower or Roshan you are awarded a certain amount of unreliable gold, check the exact quantity in the guide to unit statistics.

The first time a hero is killed by a non-neutral unit it will give a bonus 200 reliable gold to the killer, this is called “First Blood”

When there is only 1 Assist to a Sentinel or Scourge kill, the kill is instead given to that hero. When there are multiple assists to a Sentinel or Scourge kill, the gold is split amongst those assisters rather than the entire team

Every time you kill an enemy hero you are awarded with 
CurrentStreakOfDyingHero+200+DyingHeroLevel*9 reliable gold
Where current streak is:

  • 0 if the hero has no kills since last respawn
  • 0 if the hero has killed another hero and not died yet
  • 0 If the hero has two kills in a row
  • 125 Killing Spree (three kills in a row)
  • 250 for Dominating (four kills in a row)
  • 375 Mega Kill! (five kills in a row)
  • 500 Unstoppable! (six kills in a row)
  • 625 Wicked Sick! (seven kills in a row)
  • 750 Monster Kill! (eight kills in a row)
  • 875 Godlike! (nine kills in a row)
  • 1000 Beyond Godlike! (ten or more kills in a row)

Heroes that are in a 1300 area and not being the killer will be granted a certain amount of reliable gold, depending on total heroes in that area (including the killer, if it is within 1300 range).

  • 1 Hero: 125+12*LevelOfDyingHero
  • 2 Heroes: 40+10*LevelOfDyingHero
  • 3 Heroes: 10+6*LevelOfDyingHero
  • 4 or 5 Heroes: 6*LevelOfDyingHero

Assists only give gold if Sentinel or Scourge gets the kill.

Towers, Roshan, and Couriers

In addition to their regular bounty, towers, Roshan, and couriers give the entire killing team bonus reliable gold when killed:

  • Level 1 Tower: 200 team gold
  • Level 2 Tower: 240 team gold
  • Level 3 Tower: 280 team gold
  • Level 4 Tower: 320 team gold
  • Roshan: 200 team gold
  • Courier: 100 team gold

Denied towers give half of the normal team gold. Couriers cannot normally be denied.


You can sell Items that you no longer use for 50% their total price.


Losing Gold

You can lose gold by:

  • Buying items. Gold is taken from your unreliable gold pool first.
  • Buying your hero (200), randoming is free when using -random command.
  • Randoming your hero using -random str/agi/int command (100).
  • Every time you die you lose 30*LevelOfYourHero unreliable gold, the only way to reduce this amount is with a Bloodstone - you'll lose 25 gold less for every Bloodstone charge.
  • Not waiting until your hero respawns and paying the buyback fee (100+Level*Level*1.5+GameTime*15, rounded up to the nearest 50). This will take away from your reliable gold pool first.