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ADC Indonesia Results
Submitted by dpm on Sun, 26/07/2009 - 11:33

The Asia DotA Championship Indonesia Qualifier just ended with a close 2:1 win ratio. The former representative, dMw (formerly known as Fnatic and XcN), earlier withdrew from the tournament's semi-finals. While many will miss their fantastic skills, particularly that of their retired captain, Veleno-, the audience are eager to see even more talent coming from Indonesia.

Download the match reports and replays here at PlayDotA. Stay tuned for the remaining live matches on Garena TV and some shoutcasts by Gamestah.

Upcoming LIVE Matches on Garena TV
1. 28 July (9:30pm, +8GMT): Malaysia Final BO3 Match (Cybertime vs iNc`Excello)
*** Live Gamestah shoutcast available.
2. 1 August (8pm, +8GMT): Philippine Final BO3 Match (Mineski vs TheOs)

Winning Teams

Remaining Qualifiers

Remaining Teams: EHOME-, CN|CT, Razer.CGC China (, cD

Format for the top 4 teams will be BO3 Double Elimination.
Winners Bracket Round 1 ( lost to cD)

Final Match (BO3): Cybertime vs iNc`Excello

Prematch Statements
Semi-Final Match Report & Replays ( vs Cybertime)
Semi-Final Match Report & Replays (iNc`Excello vs Mski.MY

Final Match (BO3): [ TheOs ] vs Mineski-Dota

Semi Final Match Report & Replays (TheOs 2:0 BoB)
Semi Final Match Report & Replays (Mski-DotA 2:0 DI)
Replays & Brackets

Remaining Teams: GV, Masta, G4V, A13

* The winner must play against StarsBoba to determine which team will represent Vietnam.

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