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ADC Malaysia Results
Submitted by dpm on Wed, 29/07/2009 - 02:45

The Asia DotA Championship Malaysia Qualifier ended with a battle between a famous team and a self-proclaimed underdog. The winner joins the wait for the remaining three teams for the ADC Regular season, which will start in August. Discover who the champion is and their post-match statement.
Our team is just happy to win and we are all extremely excited to be playing in the regular season . We would like to thank our sponsor, Cybertime Lan shop, and our fans who supported us and helped us both directly and indirectly. Special thanks to dpm, OwLOwL and Tobi for the great new coverage! Most of all, our awesome managers Lim and Lulu. - Ct-W|nTeR, Cybertime Captain

Download the match reports and replays here at PlayDotA. Stay tuned for the remaining live matches on Garena TV and some shoutcasts by Gamestah.

Upcoming LIVE Matches on Garena TV
30 July (Time TBC): China Final BO3 Match (cD vs
1 August (8pm, +8GMT): Philippine Final BO3 Match (Mineski vs TheOs)

Winning Teams

Remaining Qualifiers

Final @ 30 July (cD vs

Format for the top 4 teams will be BO3 Double Elimination.
Loser Bracket Round 2 (EHOME vs
Winners Bracket Round 2 (cD vs EHOME)

Losers Bracket Round 1 (CT vs
Winners Bracket Round 1 (EHOME vs CT)
Winners Bracket Round 1 ( vs cD)

Final Match (BO3): [ TheOs ] vs Mineski-Dota

Semi Final Match Report & Replays (TheOs vs BoB)
Semi Final Match Report & Replays (Mski-DotA vs DI)
Replays & Brackets

Remaining Teams: GV, Masta, G4V, A13

* The winner must play against StarsBoba to determine which team will represent Vietnam.

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