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ADC Philippines Results
Submitted by dpm on Sat, 01/08/2009 - 10:44

Out of 128 teams, one emerged as the Asia DotA Championship Philippine Champion. The final showdown was between Mineski-Dota and TheOs, both successful in previous tournaments.

Mineski-Dota was the ADC Philippine representative for past two seasons, since the start of ADC, and was the WCG Philippine DotA team in 2008. However, they lost to TheOs in the recent Battle of the Kris Tournament and was eliminated in the early stages of two local LAN tournaments. Was TheOs' performance good enough to continue Mineski's losing streak? Take a peak to see who won, their photo, winning statement, final match report and replays.

Mineski 2:0 TheOs
Final Match Report & Replays

Mineski-Dota minutes after winning the ADC Philippine Qualifier
(From left to right) rhom, ynot, battusai, bongertzz, yukiekun
(Absent), mski.mike^^

Thank you to everyone who still believed we would win ADC Philippines. I hope we can do better in the regular season this time, compared to the past two years we have played in ADC. With out our supporters, Mineski would not have the heart to win.Thank you all and wish us luck.
- mski.rhom, Team Captain

ADC is one of the numerous tournaments available to Filipino teams. A total of 163 teams signed-up, although there were only 128 slots. This required efficient management. Here is a statement from one of the administrators.
This tournament not only provided an arena for DotA teams from all over the country to prove themselves, but also gave relatively new teams the chance to play with our country's best teams. It will provide them with the proper experience and techniques. We, the staff, are proud to have met and guided such wonderful players. To all the teams that participated and to our representatives, our warmest thanks and congratulations to you all.
- Benj Dalmacio a.k.a. DOTA-Pr!nce
Now only the Vietnam qualifier remains before the regular season with 10 teams from different regions will compete. For the most recent updates, match reports and replays for all ADC qualifiers, check out our ADC Qualifiers Updates!

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