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ADC Regular Season
Submitted by dpm on Tue, 11/08/2009 - 08:29

Over 400 teams competed for one of the 10 slots available in the Asia Dota Championship Regular Season. The Regular Season will start on August 20. The qualified teams will play one BO3 match per week in a round robin format. After nine weeks, the top two teams will automatically enter the BO3 double elimination Play-offs. The 3rd and 6th team will fight for one slot in the Play-offs and the 4th and 5th the final one. Don't miss the 6.61c action!

China: cD.YY
East Asia (HK, JP, KR, TW): SuP (Previously named TOFU)
Indonesia: [R]Digi
Malaysia: Cybertime
Oceana: MCiTY
Philippines: Mineski-DotA
Singapore: Razer.CGC (Former
South Asia (BD, IN, PK, LK): Err0R
Thailand: Darksector.Trust
Vietnam: StarsBoba

Champion: USD 1,200
Runner-up: USD 800
2nd Runner-up: USD 600
4th Place: USD 400
5th Place: USD 350
6th Place: USD 300
7th Place: USD 250
8th Place: USD 200
9th Place: USD150
10th Place: USD100

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