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ADC Round 3
Submitted by dpm on Thu, 03/09/2009 - 05:12

After an exciting two weeks, Round 3 starts today. Three games from Round 2 have yet to be played before the end of Round 4. Deejay Sharky has switched from SuP to Cybertime, under the name Ct-sharky^, replacing Ct-hihihi. SuP!Heen will step into the team captainís shoes, while SuP!March is busy with his studies back in Canada.

New changes in the rules include:
1. Matches must be set by 11:59pm +8GMT the Sunday before the start of the round.
2. Teams may apply for free reschedule cards, to play a match outside of the assigned time, if they have a lan tournament lasting three or more days within a round.
3. The registered team captain may change provided that he provides the name and contact information of the replacement.

All of the games will be streamed LIVE on Garena TV, so stay tuned for the latest news, schedules to be updated or watch the replays! Don't miss the action!

Round 3 Results (w/o spoilers)
Razer.CGC vs SB
[R]Digi vs cD
Err0R vs SuP
CT vs Mski

Round 3 Results (w/ spoilers)

Overall Ranking & Upcoming Matches

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