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ADC Vietnam Results
Submitted by dpm on Fri, 07/08/2009 - 06:21

StarsBoba and Masta were the last two standing from the 116 teams that joined the Asia DotA Championship Vietnam Qualifier. StarsBoba was seeded into the final. The other teams played in BO1 single elimination matches until only four teams were left. These four teams played BO1 double elimination matches until Masta won the right for the other Final slot.

Did StarsBoba gain yet another victory, after winning WCG AC09 and ADC08? Or, did Masta punch and surprise everyone by beating the big giant? Who will join the other nine teams in the ADC Regular Season? Look at the result, winning statement, photo, match report and replays here at PlayDotA!

ADC VN Final Match Report & Replay (Masta vs StarsBoba)
ADC VN Semi-Final Match Report (A13 vs Masta)

StarsBoba 2:0 Masta

Photo Credit: Kahuna (provided by tinykun, StarsBoba Manager)
StarsBoba after winning the ADC 2008
Top (From left to right): legendKoG, david21, icemage
Bottom (From left to right): sosoon, hamchoi, mangaecchi, bkv

PlayDotA's dpm asked them about the secret of their success. "You once mentioned that your team doesn’t train often and doesn’t use special gaming gear. How does your team manage to consistently come in first place without these two things?"

Because our teammates have been playing with each other since 2007. Since the first time we won WCG Vietnam, we haven’t changed our line-up much. Only two players left since then. We were once offered gaming gear sponsorship but we refused since we found that it was too fast for us. We use Mitsumi mouse that costs USD 5 and Logitech mousepads that cost USD 1.
- tinykun, Manager of StarsBoba

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