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Alienware ADC 2010 Playoff
Submitted by OwL OwL on Wed, 29/12/2010 - 02:27

Alienware ADC 2010 Playoff

After months of tough battles between elites around Asia in Alienware ADC 2010 Regular Season, it is time to kick start a new battle session. Alienware ADC 2010 Playoff will be consisted of Top 10 Ranked teams in Regular Season, which are
Rank Team
1 Nirvana.MY
2 LGD.sGty
3 Aeon.MUFC
4 Nirvana.Cherry
6 Scythe.SG
7 Roccat.Trust
8 AlienwareDG
9 SB.Gigabyte

The tournament bracket for Alienware ADC 2010 Playoff will be as the following picture.

The team placing is based on results in Regular Season, it will be Single Elimination and Best of Three throughout the playoff while Grand Final will be Best of Five.

A new year always comes with a new surprise as Alienware ADC 2010 Playoff will be using Dota v6.70b (or latest) throughout the matches in year 2011.

The first match of Alienware ADC 2010 Playoff has been scheduled on tomorrow (30th December 2010, Thursday, 8pm GMT+8) and it will be a tight battle between LGD.AU and StarsBoba. However, this match will be using Dota v6.69c to ensure fair play between both teams. In addition, we are still in year 2010 .

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