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Alienware ADC 2010 - Regular Season
Submitted by OwL OwL on Sat, 14/08/2010 - 09:19

Alienware ADC 2010 - Regular Season

After five months of intense battles in ten qualifier regions, the champion in each regions has emerged to grab the opportunity to carry their own country flags into Alienware Asia Dota Championship 2010 Regular Season.

The ten qualified team for Alienware ADC 2010 are as below
Friends Forever.Gigabyte
East Asia ( HK, JP, KR, TW) - HoW.Korea
Team BBH.Razer
South Asia ( BD, IN, PK, LK) - Team Razer.3gp
*Arranged alphabetically by team names

Ten qualified teams will not be enough for Alienware ADC 2010, therefore another ten teams from ADC 2009 will be joining forces to make it a total of 20 teams in ADC 2010.

Here come the list for top ten teams in ADC 2009
Aeon.SG Champion in ADC 2009
Kingsurf.Nirvana 1st Runner-ups in ADC 2009
Mineski 4th place in ADC 2009
Starsboba.Gigabyte 2nd Runner-ups in ADC 2009
Team Err0r RR 
*Arranged alphabetically by team names

A new year comes with a new tournament format, these 20 teams will be playing in a a whole new "League System" where all teams will meet against each other. A Best of Two format will be used in this league system, a clean sweep of 2-0 will grant the winner team 3 points, a draw will be 1 point while losing 2 games continuously will get 0.

However, only top 10 teams from the league system will be able to continue their Alienware ADC 2010 journey in the "Final Stage".

Alienware ADC 2010 will be kick started in this coming Monday. Get ready to find out who will be the best in Asia !

For any inquiry about ADC 2010, please send an email to their support email

Update #1 : Both Qualified and Seeded team ( SuP!) from East Asia are unable to get contacted, thus Alienware ADC 2010 will go on with 18 Teams in Regular Season.

Update #2 : South Asia seeded Team, Team RR replaced Team Err0R

Update #3 : East Asia Qualifier Team, Team HoW.Korea will be waving the flag of Korea in Alienware ADC 2010, there will be a total of 19 teams in ADC 2010.

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