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Alienware AsiA DotA Championship 2010
Submitted by dpm on Wed, 24/03/2010 - 09:17

Alienware and Garena presents the fourth AsiA DotA Championship with USD 5,550 cash in prizes! Anyone located in the following ten qualifer regions can join the online tournament. Registration opens on March 31! Garena recommends to register your team on the Garena Tournament System first to prepare.

10 Qualifier Regions Alienware ADC Prizes (USD)
1. Singapore Champion: $1,600
2. China Runner-up: $1,200
3. Malaysia 2nd Runner-up: $800
4. Thailand 4th Place: $400
5. Indonesia 5th Place: $350
6. Philippines 6th Place: $300
7. Vietnam 7th Place: $250
8. South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) 8th Place: $200
9. East Asia (Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea) 9th Place: $150
10 Australia & New Zealand 10th 12nd Place: $100

To qualify for the Regular Season you need to win your regional qualifier and beat the other two teams in your Regular Season Qualifier group. The four qualifying teams will the top eight teams of Razer ADC 2009 (,, Aeon, MCiTY, StarsBoba, AlienwareDigi, Mineski.PH and DTrust) for the Regular Season.

The Regular Season starts off with a Bo3 round robin group stage, with only the top two teams of three groups advancing. To decide which four of the six teams will enter the Playoffs, these six teams will play in a Bo3 round robin format. The top two directly entering the PlayOff. The other two slots will be filled by the winners of playup matches: #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5. Finally, the ultimate champion will be determined by a Bo3 double elimination format in the Playoff.

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