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Asia DotA Championship 2009 Begins
Submitted by dpm on Sun, 21/06/2009 - 09:00

For the third year, Garena presents the Asia DotA Championship 2009. It is back with a total of USD 4,350 prize money and an expansion to Australia and New Zealand. Over 400 teams are competing to win one of the ten slots available in the regular season. It is so popular that the Singapore qualifier doubled its slots to 64 and the Philippines increased its sign-up ratio because 128 slots were not enough.

Registration has closed and all qualifiers have started this week and will end in July. The winners of the nine qualifiers and the South Asia Kings Tournament will face each other in the regular season and battle for the four positions in the Play-off. The remaining four will fight to be crowned the Champion of ADC 2009.

Some qualifier games will be available live on Garena TV. All replays will be made available by Garena.



Champion: $1,200
Runner-up: $800
2nd Runner-up: $600        
4th Place: $400
5th Place: $350
6th Place: $300
7th Place: $250
8th Place: $200
9th Place: $150
10th Place: $100        

10 Qualifier Regions

Australia & New Zealand
East Asia
South Asia (will be represented by the winner of SAKT)



Stage 1: Qualifiers
BO1, single elimination until BO3, single elimination semi-finals and final
(Except for East Asia, which will have BO3, single elimination for all rounds)


Stage 2: Regular Season
BO3, round robin

Top 2 teams entering the play-off and 2 play-up matches (#3 v #6, #4 v #5)


Stage 3: Play-off
BO3, double elimination


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