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ASUS Spring '11 concludes
Submitted by 3.14159 on Mon, 30/05/2011 - 11:58

Na'Vi pushes it's way to the top

Na'Vi, M5, TR and Virus.Gaming

The ASUS Spring event concluded yesterday with Na'Vi, M5 and TR taking the top spots. ASUS saw a total of 38 teams battle it out for the 150,000 Rubel prize money. A number of Russian and Ukranian teams along with French team Virus and Kazakstan team were among the participants. No huge upsets meant that Na'Vi, M5 and TR all reached the semifinals along with Virus. Thereafter, Na'Vi defeated TR and M5 defeated Virus to set up a worthy final: Na'Vi vs M5.

A lot of history between these two teams meant that the finals were more than just an ordinary DotA match between two good teams. The now defunct DTS consisted of present M5's NS, Light and Dread and Na'Vi's Dendi and Artstyle. Team DTS was one of the few teams that had, in recent times, convincingly defeated top chinese teamsEHOME and LGD.sGty at WDC 2010 using their fast push and gank strategies.

The finals are a testimony to Artstyle's captaincy and former DTS's winning playstyle against the Chinese. After losing the first game to M5, Na'Vi brought out the big guns: their signature fast-push strategies. Using trademark heroes like and and a few forgotten ones like and , they pushed their way to victory in the next two games. After a long drought at ASUS where they ended up 3rd in the last two ASUS events, they have convincingly defeated all opponents and taken home the ASUS trophy. One may say that they have perfected the art of pushing down the opponents.

Position ..TeamPrize Money
1st Na`Vi70.000 Rubel
2nd M545.000 Rubel
3rd TR25.000 Rubel
4th Virus10.000 Rubel

Links to competition replays, photos and post-match interviews can be found below.

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