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Balkan League ended
Submitted by OwL OwL on Tue, 15/12/2009 - 05:38

Balkan League competition is one of the newest born children of Electronic Sports League. Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania will send their best teams and players to compete and to gain the Balkan League title. As being the first season there won’t be any prize money, but there will be gaming gear prizes, thanks to Balkan League sponsor ROCCAT.

ESL Balkan League - Dota consist of Group stage with 16 teams playing in Round Robin method, only the 2 highest scores team will emerge to Dota Relegation.

With I Got Game vs The Elder God met up in the Grand Final best of three matches, Team TEG managed to take down Team IGG with 2:0 scores. Therefore 5 x ROCCAT KONE belong to Team TEG while Team IGG returned with 5 x ROCCAT SOTA.

Lets hope for Balkan League Season 2 with more prizes and more teams. May the best team wins.

Few match reports available here:
Final (IGG vs TEG)
Semi-Final (ReT vs TeG)
Semi-Final (IGG vs sG)

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