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David vs Goliath Results
Submitted by dpm on Sat, 25/07/2009 - 03:36

Singapore - Based on the biblical story, this competition pits the top rookie teams (Davids) against the top veteran teams (Goliaths), allowing rookie teams to gain more experience and publicity. A total of SGD 2,400 (USD 1, 655) was awarded this season! More interestingly, they used map version 6.61b, which is uncommon for recent and current major competitions. The replays have not been released yet.

Both the David and Goliath Divisions were supposed to have two groups, however the Goliath Division had ten teams in one group this season. Each group competed in BO1 single elimination format for a guaranteed slot in the Winners Showdown. The Winners Showdown comprised of the champions and 1st runner-up in each group, the winner of the season 2 qualifier and a team whose name never previously appeared in either season or just recently changed their name.

Famous teams that have been dominating the Singapore and Asian scene and are in the Goliath Division include Axis, Kingsurf (Former, Razer.CGC (Former and XtC. The former Ks.DotA used the name "Eryc Salary ++ Pls" for this tournament. XtC won third place at the WCG Asian Championship 2009. To represent Singapore, they just barely beat Axis with only 100hp left on their own ancient in the WCG Singapore Qualifier. Razer.CGC recently defeated Axis to represent Singapore in the Asia DotA Championship, although they lost to Axis in the WCG Singapore Qualifier. Kingsurf recently lost to Cybertime in a ADC Malaysia Qualifier Semi-Final. Do any of these results mean anything? Find out.

Winners Showdown
1st: Kingsurf
2nd: Axis
3rd: RoL

Goliath Division Champion: Kingsurf
David Division Group A Champion:
David Division Group B Champion: Alice in Wonderland

Winner Showndown Brackets
David Brackets
Goliath Brackets

Read a statement from Axis-Art`RSC, Captain of Axis, to gain some insight into their experience at the tournament and playing with the 6.61b map.
Using the 6.61b map gave a very different experience, as we used to win games within 25-35 minutes with good gameplay in the old map. The new map opened up many possibilities with many other heroes, making the games more tight and easier to come back even though your opponents took control early in the game. There were a lot of heart-raising games, especially the later games where we were playing 4v5 and reached the stage where buyouts would decide the winner. The game before our final with Kingsurf, we had a 102mins match against team RoL. It took a huge toll out of us, but had many funny in-game moments. Unfortunately, we only had a five-minute break before the final while Kingsurf had been resting for a few hours. Our new strategy with huskar backfired because he couldn't tank as we wanted.

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Additional Source: x|aNz, Axis player

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