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Dota 2 Super League
Submitted by dpm on Sun, 28/04/2013 - 09:19

Ten teams will fight for a piece of the RMB 970,000 (≈ USD 157, 398) prize pool in the Dota 2 Super League. Gamefy and Perfect World and will launch this two-month tournament in May. Both Chinese and non-Chinese teams will be invited.

Prize Distribution
Place RMB USD (Approx)
1st 500,000 81, 131
2nd 200,000 32,452
3rd 100,000 16,226
4th 50,000 8,113
Participation Award RMB 20,000 3,245
Tournament Format
  1. Regular Season (Two Groups of five, BO3 Round Robin)
    There will be a group stage with two groups of five teams in a BO3 round Robin format. First place of each group will move onto the Semi-Finals. Teams placed 2nd and 3rd will move onto the Playoffs. Teams placed 4th and 5th will play relegation matches in a BO1 double elimination format and the loser will be evaluated for participation in the next season.

  2. Playoffs (BO3 Matches)
    The 2nd placed teams from each group will play against each other, with the winner qualifying for the semi-finals. The 3rd placed teams from each group will play against each other. The loser of this match is automatically eliminated. The winner plays against the loser of the 2nd placed teams' match, with the winner of this match moving ontoo the Semi-Finals.

  3. Semi-Finals & Finals (BO5 single elimination)

Which teams are you hoping to see invited?

Source: Perfect world

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